FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 23) “Confessions”


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Episode 22

Chapter 23


I can’t believe this is actually happening with me, his presence will make me weak that I knew but I thought I will control my stupid feeling but it’s becoming harder and harder and the reason him

You all may be confused as was it happening let me tell you


We girls were checking outfits for wedding and uttara was helping me. I was trying out every outfit but it wasn’t helping it. Girls were done choosing it, so I and uttara were left in the room. I was thinking if he cleaned the mess because it was almost two hours.

Or he picked something else and left the room unclean. I swear I’ll kill him. I can’t see messed room

Uttara picked the last outfit. It was red dress with printed blouse and red with white ghagara. This outfit I totally like the moment I lay my eyes. Uttara notice me staring it she insisted me to try it on but I was too tired but she insisted

“Please this is the last one come on go” and she literally pushed me bathroom

I changed my self and came out

“Look I m really tired now say it’s beautiful I can’t try more” I said without looking her I made myself in front of mirror but before I could see myself

“Swara..” I heard his voice our eyes met in mirror he was staring me intensely, his eyes travel down my body and a sudden realization hit me that my veil was lying on bed, his eyes weren’t ready to leave my eyes I looked away, almost closed my eyes

God this awkward no…

I heard the footsteps coming closer to me. I felt his hot breath on my neck

“Perfect..” he said husky tone. I opened my eyes and he placed the veil on my head. Our eyes locked. I felt my nerves rushing and my heart beating so fast that I fear, he will hear it

His intense stares are sending me a shiver in my body. He moved his face and kissed my cheeks and walk away leaving me blushing


You see it cannot go like this, I have to think something

Swara you cannot fall weak no, just keep this in mind he wont have feelings for you so stop feeling this way

I compose myself and went outside.


Two days have been passed, I did every possible things to convince her to make her realize what she has done but everytime when I talk she just walk away

Today is wedding I only have this evening to make her realize. I stopped her parents coming here because I know how stubborn she is, she will run away from here as well and I can’t risk this

I was thinking and time was slipping from my hands.

The wedding ritual started and she was standing talking to people. She was looking more than beautiful. Red suits her, especially her red cheeks when I got closer to her. I love my effect on her

The rituals were done and it was time to say goodbye for bride. Uttara and her parents were crying and hugging her I saw her admiring them, I thought this is the last chance to try my luck may be she realize

I walk closer to her


I was looking uttara and her parents; they were crying and hugging each other. My heart clenched remembering my parents, I can’t deny the fact I miss them like hell I felt hot tears in my eyes I want to cry more and more but I can’t make a scene here

“You know you also have parents, this scene can be altered you know. Your parents are yarning for you, please return to them, they will forget your this mistake and welcome you with open arms.” I heard him saying

He tried every possible thing to make me feel guilt. He didn’t know I m feeling remorse already but is it important to torture me and make feel more miserable. Is he the same who understands me

I hugged uttara and said my last good bye. She left and everyone was also leaving. I entered in my room

“Swara..” he called out

“No” I paused “Not a single word”

“If you are making me feel guilt then let me tell you u have done great job in this. You actually made me feel guilt and more than miserable” I added

“I didn’t meant to hurt you Swara but you need to understand your parents are worried”

“Why are you doing this?”

“What do you mean I m your best friend and this is how friend help friends” He stated

Friends? After what happened that night, he is still saying friends

“What were you expecting Swara” My subconscious asked
“That friendship ended after what happened that night”

“Really and what happened that night Swara” He said taking a step closer to me

Seriously doesn’t he know or wants to hear from me

“You know what happened” I walked away but he came in front blocking my way

“I want to hear from you”

“Please Sanskar let me go”

“No I want to hear from you why everything finished after that…” He came closer

I pushed him slightly and got out from grip

“Because you didn’t mean to do that, it was mere mistake to you and I was such a fool to realize it late. I should have realized the moment you went away without having a word with me.”

He opened his mouth to say something but I didn’t let him

“Don’t, I know you want to say something ‘I am sorry Swara it just happen you know I love my late wife’ and I completely understand you but please understand me as well leave me.”

“You said my parents are yarning for me I m yarning more, you don’t know how much I hold it not to cry I want run back to my house but you know what I cant do that. You will never understand how it feels when your parents being insulted by other just because of you and you couldn’t do anything.” I completely broke in front of him. He came forward held me by shoulder

“Swara I promise I will set everything back your parents know how much you love them and they are waiting for you, everything will be back normal we and us”

“US” I let a sad laugh “When I and you become us remember you said there is no us. And you will set everything back and we will come back on acting like loving couple right.”

I looked up to him he has no emotion on his face

“I cant fake anymore”

“You don’t need to fake anything” I got up

“You don’t understand leave me. If you get more close to me even for fraction of a second my heart will demand something I promise, I won’t. I fear if u didn’t leave this moment my stupid feeling will become harder, I will confess my love to you” I yelled to him

Shit I just said. He was looking me confused and I sighed and decide to say him and end it once n for all

“Yes Sanskar Maheshwri I LOVE YOU and I know you don’t and never will so please leave and don’t turn back” I confessed

I thought he will walk away or yell angrily but what he did was something very unexpected

He step forward and claim my lips and I was standing confused as what is happening,

Should I enjoy his soft lips against mine or push him but my body was froze to do anything he kissed me harder and I moan his name and give in. If it is last time then be it. I closed eyes to enjoy this blissful moment

“I love you” He whispered in my ear

Is this a dream….


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