FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 22) “Messing my Room”

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Episode 21

Chapter 22

Wow in a second she put the whole blame on me or she was trying to get rid of me. As she walked out of the room, I got dressed for the event and came downstairs, the lawn was decorated by colourful flower. It wasn’t too heavy but light giving soothing effect

I walked and halted when I glanced her, talking to a lady. I walked closer

“Oh my goodness u look gorgeous Swara” I heard lady complimented her. She nodded

“Where is your fiancé I heard he arrived this evening but I didn’t see him”

Before I let her say

“Here I m” I said with a smile, I glanced her she was frozen on her spot

Expecting something else…..huh

“Oh Uttara tell about you so much and I must say u look great with each other”

I smiled and she faked a smile

“Well u must be” I thought for a moment

“Uttara’s mother”

“Well I should advised you something young man. You shouldn’t let your fiancé came alone. Look people around her staring. I bet if I didn’t mention that she is engaged someone may snatch her from you” Uttara mom continued

Like hell I would let that happen

“Well in that case I owe you something for keeping her safe but give some brain to her as well doesn’t run away from me like that. For her this habit I call her Eloping bride”


“Eloping Bride” he named me again, first stubborn kid and now this. I glared him but he seemed to ignore

“Awww Swara you shouldn’t do this with your man. I bet he be also snatched”

I know she said teasingly but the thought he would be snatched from me not going good

“The thing which doesn’t even belong u r afraid of being snatched. Wow” My conscience mocked

I brushed those thoughts

“I will see you enjoy the evening and I wil pray you would have happy life when u get married”

I so wanted to say this isn’t going to happen. This all seemed so difficult to me. I cant help my heart going crazy when he stares me but I have to stop this before I almost lost my control on my heart

He doesn’t love you Swara

Stop it

The night passed out like this trying hard to ignore him but at night sharing with him was something hardest thing. I came out from bathroom and saw him on phone talking to someone. I quietly took the pillow and extra sheets which I asked from uttara and started setting my bed on floor

“You know u can sleep on bed also” I heard him from behind

“I don’t want to share bed with you” I said dryly

“Why u don’t trust me or yourself” I turned to him and saw him grinning

I gave death glare.

“Its not about trusting you or me. it just I m not good sleeping partner I hit people’s leg who sleep next to me. I don’t want u be complaing next morning that I kept you awake”

He chuckled

“How do you know u do that in your sleep does anyone told you. Did anyone sleep with you?” I frown upon when I heard him, he seemed not to realized what he said but I was too angry to think

“I don’t know what u mean and firstly I don’t give a damn about it but since u asked so let me remind you I have a sister who shared room with me sometime and of course she would told me”
I snapped with anger

He them realized his words and then open his mouth to something but never came, I was to frustrated and angry from the doing of the day. I lay down on floor. I mumbled good night and he seemed to go to the bed

Three more days for the marriage how would I stay away from him

Next morning I got up, it wasn’t easy to sleep on floor but not that bad actually. I looked around and saw him sleeping. I got up and with quick shower I headed downstair everyone was having breakfast

“Swara where is Sanskar”

“Ummm sleeping. Actually he slept late I guess” I replied she nodded and left

“Oh so you guyz slept late umm care to tell what were you doing” My eyes got widen and Uttara busted in fits of laughter

“God di look at your face its priceless. Hey let click your photo, I would see, when I miss you” She said. I held her ears

“Wait n watch your time will also come dear and will u care to tell what you were doing with Aaaron after mehndi” Her face was all red in embarrassment and I smirked

“You come for dress selection in my room” with that she literally ran away. Now it was my time to laugh

I headed upstairs to see that sleepyhead woke or not

As I reached in the room, the room was scattered with his stuff. All his things were lying on floor and there he standing all confused my fiancé

“Ex fiancé” my conscience mocked

What happened here a storm or earthquake cause this. I felt my adrenaline rushed up and I am getting red due to anger. No one dare to mess my room not even Ragini if she did, she face punishment

“What the hell is going on here” I yelled and then he noticed my presence

“Umm I m searching for my white shirt and I m not finding it” he said casually

“When you messed up the room how will you find out” I yelled again

“Cant you act rude later and first help me. It wont harm you or will it”

I sighed and looked around the room and spoted white shirt

“Is your shirt white plain without design and V-shaped front” I asked


“Is it this?”

“Of course it is, thank you. Now I will take a shower and changed” He came to grab the shirt but I pulled it away and he gave me confused look

“Don’t give me this look, first clean this mess which you created and take the shirt. I will be in the uttara’s room, take from there”

“No way I m in my night wear and you want people to look me in this. I promise I will clean the mess after taking shower”

“Not happening you should have thought about it before messing it up now first clean the mess and then take your shirt and do whatever you want”

“Can you please put the personal grudges aside. You don’t need to be rude every time and its just small thing why r u making something big Swara” He yelled back

“It not about problems we have. If the situation were reversed I would have done the same as I m doing right now because I don’t allow mess in my room” I said

“And don’t you dare pick any other shirt or else your favorite white shirt is with me and I cant assure you, I would be pleasant with it. So clean the mess, before I turn harsh to your favorite shirt” I said showing his shirt. He loves white color and this one is his favorite

I didn’t mean to threaten him but he didn’t leave me with any option. I left the room and I heard him taking breath in n out and mumbling get to work

I headed to uttara’s room

I m not liking being rude to him,

God please help me


Poor Sanskar, i pity him 😉
The next one you will find your romance just be patient
And dont forget i love u guyz
Keep reading 🙂 😉

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