FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 21) “Argument”


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Episode 20

Chapter 21


As I reached uttara’s place where her marriage should be taken place, I saw my lady love, I don’t know for how long I stared her. It felt like ages, I saw her but then I saw her talking with a guy and if I m not wrong he was flirting, his eyes were continuously staring her. I felt my blood boiling at him, I stepped forward and heard him asking what should he call her

“Sister” I said, he looked at me with confusion but she didn’t turn I know she recognized me.

My action took me in surprise what I did after, I placed my hand on her waist pulled her closer to show that she’s mine and kissed her on her cheeks. I didn’t know when I had become so possessive of her. She was startled

“Hi I m Sanskar Swara’s fiancé” I said smirking , the guy look disappointed and was called by someone and left us alone. I looked at her she was still shocked to see

What did u think I won’t ever find you? I was enjoying her expression and smiling silently

“What the hell u r doing here” She asked

“Well that supposed to be my question”

Oh I didn’t tell you how I found no problem


I received the call which was irritating me from morning

“Hello” I said irritedly

“Bro, its my marriage u didn’t come yet” Uttara asked since when Swara helped her she called me bro

“Uttara I-” I was about to say no but she didn’t let me complete

“I know u r very busy man and just arrived from New York. That’s why u sent your fiancé but she is now feeling low, cant you come for her bro” She said

“Swara is there”

“Yeah she arrived two days back, first I was also surprise but she said, she wanted to roam in Jaipur and enjoy my wedding but I guess she is now missing you. Now tell me are you coming” She asked

“I m coming”

I told you, can’t escape from me


This is how I end up finding her in Jaipur, well she was now asking me

“You forgot Uttara not only invited you, her invitation came to me as well” I replied rudely

She deserves some punishment of not having a word with me and eloped just like that. Does she not trust me enough to help her?

She was silent from my rude reply


For the first I received a rude reply from him but why is he here, cant he be away from me. The more I try to forget him, more he comes in front of me. He is looking to me as if he is affected my absence in his life

Shouldn’t he be happy from the fact he is now free that he is free from doing compromise and easily live with his wife memory without feeling guilt or any awkwardness. Though we are best friend but still there is no couple thing between us.

I released myself from his grip, I felt suffocated the way he was staring me with anger. As I was about to go

“Caught you love birds” I heard uttara’s voice

I plastered my fake smile back and his face becomes soft

“Wow bro, I thought you really think as your sister, but no I was wrong if I wont mention that di is feeling low, you came here quickly, very bad”
Really he came here for me. I don’t know why but I m feeling happy and relax now.

He held her ears

“Look who is talking, the one who didn’t let me speak, I came here for you only and not for any one” He said looking to me

My heart clenched when he said those words, I feel like someone stabbed me

“Yeah like I believe” She said sarcastically

“Okay relax I was kidding, I have sent your luggage to di’s room, hope you both wont mind sharing rooms right” She said and wink at me

“Wait sharing room, why cant he adjust somewhere else”

Sharing room with him when everything is finished no…

“Sorry di you know everyone is sharing room here, even my in laws are also sharing there is no space where I can accommodate your fiancé please don’t say no” She explained

She was looking at me for answer, I cant deny she and her family did everything to make me feel comfortable, I can’t trouble them more so I nodded

She happily hugged me

“Thank you di”

As she left, we silently headed towards the room


We have to share a room, sounds great for my plan. I have to make her realize what she done is utter childish and for that I have to be with her

She needs to know that she is blaming herself for something she didn’t do. She was standing besides me and thinking deeply. I waved my hand to drag her out from her thinking world

She jerked and started looking here and there

“I agree to share room just because Uttara and her family. They are treating me politely since I came and I don’t want to trouble them more, so please a request stay away from me, there is nothing left between us” She clear her throat and walked towards bathroom

Sorry Swara your request can not be accepted, I cant stay away from my love.

Soon my phone rings and that was expected. I received

“You met Swara, how she? Is she fine, She is missing us” As I received I was shot with number of question by Swara’s dad. I heard voices of my mom

After my confrontation with mom she apologized to Swara’s family and they forgive her

“Calm down, yeah I met Swara and she is fine”

“We want to see her please. We want to talk to her” I heard her parent requesting.

I don’t know if it is a good idea, she is already sounding rude to me. I don’t know what she will do but a part of me said it will be good because I know she is missing her family a lot

I said okay and took my laptop and call them via Skype. I heard bathroom door opened and I placed laptop in a position they can see their daughter, she came out wearing purple lehenga with blue color blouse

I just stared her, a part of urged to hold her in my embrace and then never let her go from my sight but then I scolded myself it is not right time to do.

“Swara” He parents said she was starlted by their voice. I could see the shock expression


“Swara” I guess my I heard my parents voice, seems like I m missing them very badly that I m hearing their voice

“Swara di” this time I heard Ragini voice. I heard some other voices calling my name. I turned to the direction and saw my family and his on video call. I could see my parents and tears in their eyes. I saw him staring me with some other emotion

“Pity” my subconscious concluded it. Anger rose in me. I took steps and knelt down to see my family clearly. It was hard to control my emotion. I was holding it from past two days. A part of me wanted to cry but a part of me scolded from being weak this was my decision. I can’t look back, I won’t be able to live in the same roof with them ever, it will remind me they were insulted, humiliated because of me

“Swara We-” My dad said something

“I am sorry” I cut off and turned off the laptop and shut with thud

“Swara” He yelled. Shock was written on his face

“Don’t you dare do that again? What do you think huh..?” I warned

“I was trying to help-”

“I don’t need your help so keep it with you”

“They want you back”

“I don’t want to go back; my face will remind them that they were insulted because of me. Everything is finished between us so please keep your sympathy and concern to yourself, the friendship we share has ended up long back” I almost shouted on him
“If it was because of you then why you didn’t fight for them, why didn’t you tell them, explain your deeds, why were you silent, when they were insulting your parents for something you never did. Why Swara, why?”

“I tried to explain but they didn’t listen me”

“I m not convinced, I always thought you as intelligent and bold Swara. That day when you were eloping I thought you were very confused that why you were doing that but now I came on the conclusion that you are coward stubborn kid”

Coward stubborn kid? How dare him

“Shut up” I shouted tears were betraying the more I tried to hold the more they were flowing out listening his words my heart clenched. I felt the pain in my chest

“No this is truth, can’t you wait for me, you know I could have solved everything and explain them your condition but all you did eloped in darkness of night proving that u really did something bad. I m afraid to tell you this was height of immaturity of yours till now”

“I don’t want your help they refused to hear me , I don’t any third person for this do you hear that. I regret the moment I took your advise look where am I? It was because of you if I escaped that day my parents won’t be insulted it would be me who would be cursed not them.”

I don’t know what gotten me suddenly I started to blame him. My heart was cursing me from doing this but it was the best thing to keep him away, if he thinks I m coward, be it that way

He started to say but there was knock at door calling us for Sangeet function downstairs. I took my bangles and ear studs and exited from the room


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