FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 2) “Strange Meet”

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Chapter 2


Life is given us only for once, we should live to its fullest, make our dreams true. What is bad in it, dreaming is not a sin but this double standard society is a big hurdle. I never cared about the people but my family does. I being Swara Gadodia has dreamt to make her own identity what is bad in this desire. What is my wish?? only to make maa n pa proud on me. Is it bad to wish this??

When I told my family about my dream they sternly refused….I know ma pa would agree but because of my dadi they had to refuse me but that doesn’t mean they will force me in to a marriage. I tried to persuade them but they didn’t listen…There is no other way left but to elope. That y I m here at railway station

“Am I doing right” I muttered to my self

Its been six month I lost u Kavitha. It’s true I didn’t love u but u were my best friend when u were alive…A friend whom I can speak whole heartedly. A friend who can understand me better before I explain…Seems like mom nd chachi doing conspiracy to get me married again. I know they want my happiness but I can’t forget u and move on because I loved u a lot…..I m so stupid to realize my love so late I always regret of not realizing and made u wait a lot. I Sanskar Maheshwri being no. 1 business man of Kolkata is all alone after u. But what should I do with mom nd chachi…It seems like they have swear to make me married by the end of this month
One alliance which mom liked they handed over me photo of girl two days back nd today is engagement. It was not easy to say yes but mom is mom she always emotionally blackmail
To be honest I haven’t seen the photo. I just only know her name Swara Gadodia. Strange na I didn’t even tried to meet her but will meet her in couple of hours But before that I wanted to come here ur favourite spot “Railway station” I always teased u calling this ur favourite spot

“Hey beautiful… waiting for ur boyfriend let me be ur boy friend for some time” I heard a man saying this to a girl who was almost in bridal attire

“Senseless girl eloping with someone” I thought but my thoughts were interrupted I saw yelling her

“None of ur matter just get the hell out here” She yelled angrily

But that shameless man tried to sit closer to her I don’t know but I felt sharp anger I was just going to punch him harder but what did I see She slapped him harder

“Just get out u jerk” She shouted

That man angrily shouted nd his men came

“What a coward! cant handle a girl all alone” I thought but now I can see her little scared stepping back
I got up from my bench nd went straight to them held one of the hand, raised to touch her
After one to three punches those b****y moron were gone
She was shocked nd little scared..I went to her

“Don’t worry miss r u okay” I asked softly

Oh God I hate to see someone in tear. Tears were flowing from her eyes. I just forwarded my handkerchief she just stared then took it
We sat in utter silence neither she nor I spoke

Oh god I was disturbed by that man
“Can anyone let me live in peace” I thought. That jerk tried to get closer to me I just slapped him but then he called his men
Now I was in a trouble God why always me I eloped from my home all alone now I m in trouble. I was hell scared

“Is there anyone who could save me God please save me. I only wanted my dreams to be fulfilled what else…y r punishing me” These thoughts were running in my mind nd scaring me but then A man of my age no elder would be better, handsome, tall man came nd stand infront of me he fought with those men
I was shocked, happy nd bit relieved….Tear started to flow from my eyes. He forwarded his hanky. I being so dumb only staring his eyes
There was concern in those eyes I felt something in my heart oh god! What is happening
I took his hanky nd wiped the tears nd we sat in utter silence

“I should thank him” I thought…After calming my self

“Thank you” I said almost whispered. His gaze shift to me

“Are u eloping from ur house” He asked
I just stared him with my mouth open but then I realized I m wearing this bridal dress and having a bag sitting on a bench of station waiting for train any one can guess that I m escaping well they r rite I m indeed escaping but what should I say to him

“What” I asked as if I didn’t hear

“Where is that person?” He asked again

“Huh??” I asked surprisingly….which person whom he is talking about

“The one with whom u r escaping” He explained
What the hell is he thinking I m running with a guy…What rubbish

“I m not escaping with anyone” I answered him sternly

“Oh I got it u r running to him not with him rite” He asked again with amused expression

If he doesn’t help me few minutes before I would have shouted on him but just because I m grateful to him I have to control

“Control Swara” I calmed my self

“Listen I m very thankful to u for helping me but please leave me alone” I tried to be soft but I couldn’t help uttering those harsh words

He went in silence

I don’t know why I asked her but I wanted to know y is she escaping. Here I have helped her she is showing attitude, Why have I asked her??
I just chose to be silent

“Sorry” I heared her apologizing I glanced her her eyes were on me I can see pleading in it

“I m sorry” she said again but this time little louder

“Its okay” I said softly…nd she smiled when I utter

“U seemed to belong a noble family isn’t so? please…don’t take such stupid step which ruin ur life nd ur family dignity….whoever he is just make ur parent understand that u love him a lot nd if he really love u, he should wait until ur parents accept” I suggested her
She was looking me shocked…I just didn’t get her this expression

“Did I said anything wrong” I thought
“I M not eloping with anyone not for anyone” She said sternly looking to me I could felt her anger

“What do u mean” I asked again not getting her answer

“U heared me right I m not escaping with anyone not for anyone nd to anyone …..Got it” She said

“Not escaping with anyone not for nd to then Y is she escaping from her marriage” I thought

“There is no love story mister….I m escaping to fulfill my dreams that’s it” She further said looking me puzzled

“but u can fulfill ur dreams here rite so y escaping” I asked

“No I can’t I tried but my family wants me to get married” She said

“I always dreamt to make my own identity before changing my surname….I want the world to know what Swara Gadodia is capable of” She explained me

But what my attention caught was her name Swara Gadodia….she is the girl supposed to be my fiancé at the end of the day nd she is escaping

“Wow” The thought amused me

“Look I don’t know what u r thinking about me but let me tell u that for me, I m not doing anything wrong…I know escape plan will make my maa n paa sad but I know when I will come after being successful they will surely forgive me nd proud on me” She explained me but I was feeling that she is convincing herself more than me

I glance her, her eyes was asking to support her idea

“Fulfilling ur dream is not a bad deed but do u think u will get what u want after leaving ur parents to bear the insult” I said while tears start flowing from her eyes

“Okay please don’t cry…why don’t u discuss this with ur groom” She looked me surprised

It was evident that she didn’t see my photo but this astonishment was not expected. I wanted to know what she thinks about me

“Groom!!! Please, the guy who didn’t come with her mom nd chachi when coming to my house for the alliance because he was too busy not even didn’t tried to call me for checking that how am I for him…Do u think he would have time to listen my matter” She said

I don’t know what should I feel guilty or what, but what she thinks about me that am I arrogant??

“So u should try to talk to him may be he is shy to talk to u” I know it’s not good. I m trying to cover up by saying lie

“No I think he is not interested in the marriage” She said
Well for the first time I have to agree she is right, I m not interested but I want to know why does she thinks this about me

“But y do u think this about him” I asked dumbly

“U see….he is marrying for the second time his wife died because of some disease, just after four to five months of their marriage. It’s not his mistake probably everyone has rite to move on So I guess his mom and chachi is forcing him. U know what, I can bet he didn’t have seen my photo yet”

I was shocked how can she know me before meeting me? I know mom told about my past but her assumptions are so right. But look who is betting, the one who has not seen my photo as well. I can ignore this but can’t help admiring u Miss Swara

“U know about me so much before even talking to me” I thought

A sound interrupted me and I saw her standing I glance at the direction of sound It was sound of train. It came I should stop her she is making a mistake indeed I stand and came closer to her
I came behind and whisper in her ear

“Think once more…running from your problem is not a solution. If u became successful in future, your parents might forgive u because u r their daughter but what about the insult they will face today? Will they ever forget that??” I asked she looked me

It was evident that she was confused

“I m not saying u to get married…try to solve the problem calmly making your parent realize what their daughter actually wants….Best of luck” I said turns to walk.

It’s true that I am not interested in the marriage but I can’t let anyone play with her life so I had to make her understand. Now I just hope she decides right for her life.


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