FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 20) “Finding her”


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Episode 19


“Dear mom n dad,

When u will find out this letter, I would have gone far away from u all. All I want to say I m sorry to all especially to dad, I know what I m going to do ruin everything but trust me I didn’t try to elope out of love. I did this because I thought that I could you make proud on me, dad, I know u wished to have a son but you got two daughter, I tried to become your son by doing every possible things but I think it always get insufficient every time. I wanted to do something which makes u proud on me. I always wished to remove those emptiness from your eyes by pride. Not in a worst nightmare I want u to get insulted by other just because of me but u got insulted because of me and I cant do anything that’s why I m going so, that u cant see me and remember the insult u faced. I know I m a worst daughter. Just a request don’t hate me dad

I m sorry

Swara” I read her letter. His dad sat on couch with a thud. Her mom and Ragini consoled him. I couldn’t believe what just happened moments before I was planning to tell my feeling to her but what I found

“What have u done Shona, how can u do this to your dad” a poor defeated father sigh

“I have to find her as soon as possible” he started panic and he was continuously panting, his condition was worse. He was about to go when I held his arm

“Wait.. I will go”

“No your family has done enough damage and when everything is finish there is no point your going” His dad said sternly

“Maybe things got over but there is something which is still not over between me and your daughter, so I will go and I promise I will bring your daughter safe” I assured her. His eyes which were shooting dagger lit up with hopes

“Tell shona to come to his father” He said defeatedly while I node in agreement and headed to find her but first something should be done which cause this whole mess

“MOM….CHACHI” I shouted as I entered in house. I was boiling up with the anger

“Sanskar when did-” My chachi started to say


She looked to mom

“Mom atleast this wasn’t expected from you”

“Oh so your ex- in law filled your ears, that’s why u r here and questioning her, look jiji our son has completely fall in her spell” my chachi said. I ignored her words

“Mom atleast u could have let her explain” I said to mom who was giving me disgusting stares

“Why should we listen to her story what if she was lieing”

“What if I say I knew she was eloping infront me then” I snapped at her chachi

“Y…you knew everything and yet u accepted that she was in love with someone else” my mom asked with narrowed eyes

“Her eloping wasn’t concern with any love, she wasn’t eloping for any guy mom” My mom and chachi looked at each other

I narrated her the whole scene to her, swara’s dream, how I met her when I didn’t know her at first, how she open up to me and lastly how confused she was

“Mom she was confused that time thought I realized who she was when she mention her name, still I tried to overcome her confusion, you at least could have her explain, now she actually eloped because she cant take her parents insult because of her.” I explained and mom expression turned horrified

“Mom all I understand her was that she is too sensitive and bit impulsive, she is cursing herself for what never happened and all because of you both” I blamed them, though I know this was too much. My chachi face stick to ground and mom was about to collapse, I hold her

I cursed myself for mom’s condition. I fetched water and give to her

“I didn’t know what happened to me son, believe me when I learnt her eloping scene, I thought she betrayed you and I wont see my old sanskar ever. I m sorry, she was begging me and how can I turn so heartless” She cursed

“Mom calm down, I will bring her back. No matter how far she can go from me, I will not leave her” my mom smiled weakly

“Go and bring my daughter in law, I ll pray that wherever she is, she should be fine and u find her soon so that I apologise for what happened today” I nodded and left to find her every

Its middle of night maybe I could find her at station. I checked every station and inquired which last train gone from there and where. There was no train since evening and consequently no flight

Its been two long days I m trying to track her, her phone is off. I glanced at her pic. Its paining me but part from me was cursing her how childish she acted, how can she easily leave me her family which is the most dearest to her

“How could you, cant you just wait for me?”
I take breath

“Where are u Swara comeback. I will set everything just comeback to me. I miss you”

Just then I got a call which I was ignoring from morning

“Hello” I said irritatingly

“I m coming”


Its been two days since I eloped, I m glad now dad is not forced to see me every day. I know running from problem is not solution but I can not see my family like this.

I know I m selfish but I did this for them. I don’t know what I m going to do next but right now I m attending a wedding. Confused what wedding? Well the girl I saved that day, named Uttara. I received her marriage invitation days back, I didn’t decide where to go, the time I stepped out of my house. So I thought to come her and then plan my next move, so now I m here at jaipur, I took bus as there was no train or flight

Seeing uttara and her family, i feel ache in my heart. Its not that I envy her, no way but seeing their love, I miss my family. Dad started to leave his cold behaiviour. I want to run to my family and him. I never thought the people I love dearly, I have to leave them like this. My eloping will not affect him I know he was doing this for his mom and he can accept any one on my replacement because he wasn’t marrying out of love

“Swara di, here u are” Uttara was standing in front of me with her crossed arm. She looked adorable with that cute frown on her face. She remind me of my sister

“Is my marriage that boring, u r sitting in this room” She asked me with sad face.

She and her family made every possible to make me feel good. Poor people they don’t know my inner dilemma, I forced a smile and said

“I m really enjoying it just that I am very exhausted so thought to come in room and have a break”

“No di I know why your energy so down but don’t worry in evening u will be enjoying for sure”

I didn’t understand but I saw a naughty grin I don’t know now what she going to do. The day I came here she and her family were making me feel like chief guest even I m much honoured then her in laws. Can you I have been allotted the only room while other are sharing room with each other. I know I saved there daughter but their hospitality is making it balance. I hope they are not really planning something big to make me please. I forced my self to change so that I don’t trouble them with my pale face. I changed in to tides with yellow sleeveless frock and headed downstairs

“Hey beautiful wanna join” A boy of probably my same age asked me from behind. This is the most irritating guy I met from first day trying to flirt with me. If it isn’t any marriage I would have punch him so harder that he could remember whom he tried to flirt.

“I have a name mister” I said totally annoyed

“ Then may I know the name of this beautiful lady” He asked me

“People call me Swara” I said with a fake smile

“Then what should I call you”

God he is getting in to my nerve

“Calm down Swara, you will create a scene that will embarrass uttara’s parents. That is what you don’t want” I calmed myself

As I was thinking he asked me once again, before I could say

“Sister” I heard a familiar voice, I turned hoping it shouldn’t be him

But looks like god is ready to play I turned and saw him smiling at me. He came forward and slid his arm on my waist tightly

“Hi darling! I missed you so much” He kissed me on my cheeks. I was startled by his sudden action.

“Hey I am Sanskar, Swara’s fiancé”He stared in my eyes seems like he is angry or something else

The man irritating me stared Sanskar disbelieving.

How would I save myself from him…..

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