FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 18) “Confused!”

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Chapter 18


“Pack your stuff, your flight is in next four hour, get yourself ready” Laksh told me

I nodded and started my packing; I was done with it in maximum thirty minutes

“So, is the packing done?” I turned to the direction of the sound and found mom standing there

“Yes, I guess” I replied

“I think you should pay a visit to your in law before going” I raised my brow in confusion

“Don’t tell me you r going for four days and will not meet your fiancé, how will u able to stay then?” Mom asked in teasing tone

It will be last think I would do before going. Meeting her when I m actually going to stay away from her to figure out these confusing feeling of mine and lastly I can’t take that silence anymore. I know how I beard it last night

“You r the first mom I believe who tease her son a lot and force him to meet his fiancé, wow mom great” I sternly said

Mom laughed on my comment

“Well thank you for the great comment but I m genuinely saying u should meet them before going if u have time” Mom said

She blessed me and wished me luck and left the room

I opened my eye and heard some horns. I got up and saw Sanskar’s car leaving.

Wait that means he came here but he went before meeting me. I quickly rushed downstairs and saw everyone coming in hall

“U woke sleepy head, ur fiancé just left” dadi said going in her room

“Mom he came but y didn’t u guyz wake me up and y he came early, any problem” I asked mom

“No Swara, actually he is leaving for New York for four days, he came to meet us so sweet of him and about waking u up, Sanskar went in your room, we thought he will wake u up but he came back saying he don’t wanna disturb you and left” Mom explained

What he went to New York and that to without meeting me how would I live without talking to him. I sigh in disappointment

“Ooo Di, don’t be sad. He said he will call u before leaving just wait, he was really getting late for the flight” Ragini said

I nodded if he said he will call me then I should wait but I was sad on his sudden leaving. I turn to leave

“Swara he will return to you in the end” Dad said in teasing tone

Wait dad teasing, am I day dreaming. I turned and saw dad standing

“Oh my god Ragini look at your sister, how will she live without him” dad added I was looking him with my mouth open dad and teasing me

“Wait dad let me guess, listening to some lambi juddaai song (sad songs) or how about writing letter see its still trending nowadays as well” Ragini joined hand in teasing me

“Stop it dad and Ragini u guyz r making fun of me” I said making faces

They burst out in fits of laughter

Am I really looking funny?

Dad came forward and side hugged me

“Thought to cheer u up, geez how do u make such faces Swara”

“Not every day my father teases me having fun with his daughter, its normal to make faces dad” I said with a smile

“Well in that case I also not get this oppurnity to tease you” my dad said

We talked on random things and did our breakfast but in between I was glancing my cell phone. He didn’t call me

“Maybe he forget to call me” I thought

I brushed those thought and had positive hope on my love he will call me


I visited her house, I was nervous after last night incident what will she say or ask me but thankfully she was still sleeping

“Sanskar, If u want to meet Swara she is upstairs still sleeping I guess, u wake her up” her mom said smiling

I want to say no but then I give her fake smile and walked upstairs. As I entered room I saw her sleeping cuddling her pillow so tightly. For a moment I dreamt myself instead of that pillow but wait what I m thinking

“You better brush those dirty dreams from your mind Sanskar” my mind snapped me

It was really not bad decision to come in her room, u see not any other day u see an angel sleeping. She was looking so calm and serene. I moved towards her and stare her face keenly. For the first time I m staring her openly without any awkwardness or embarrassment. Her big dark orbs which are right now shut but when they r open they make me loose myself sometimes and her nose is worth watching when she is angry, it goes all red and her soft cheeks when blush makes me go crazy around her, but her lips, I don’t wanna say but they always instigate me and now also they r instigating me to just capture those once again. Gosh I sound so cheesy right now and also cheap

“Get a hold yourself Sanskar” my mind snapped me

I turned to leave but I heard a faint whisper

“Sanskar” it made me numb, no god please I m not ready to confront her right now, please don’t make this complicated, it has gone much complicated already please. I was praying and turned to find my sleeping beauty is not waked yet but she is whispering something and then my name with a cute smile. I moved closer to hear but I couldn’t get. I saw time and now time to leave I click a pic of my sleeping beauty and pecked her forehead now don’t ask why

With that I left the room. I bade bye to all and left from there. I wish when I meet her again I will be able to answer her every question

I was sitting at airport ready to leave when I remember I had to call her, maybe she would be waiting for my call. I dialed her number and it was ringing

“Thank god you called I was thinking u would have left” I heard her just picking up the call

“Hi Swara”

“Why u went before meeting me?”

“Swara I had to catch the flight it was important”

“Really u had thirty minutes for my family but now five minutes for me right” She angrily said

“Swara I m sorry but I saw you sleeping so peacefully I just couldn’t wake u up” I reasoned

She was silent and I don’t know what to talk. I was getting nervous and I guess she sensed this nervousness


“I m here tell me when u will come”

“Probably after four days”

“Okay just take care of yourself and don’t starve yourself. Eat on time and take rest” She sounded like a wife right now. I chuckled hearing her

“Yes maam, anything else”

“Yeah best of luck bye”

“Bye” I disconnect the call


I disconnected the call I could sense his nervousness. My mind was concluding it due to last night incident I believe. I entered my office and sit on my desk leaning back and thinking about the events happening in my life

“I don’t wanna loose you Swara” His words echoed and I felt that rising feeling once again. I was smiling like a maniac

I never believed in love type thing not because I hate this feeling it’s just I never understood it well. Well there are many love theory but when I discover it by myself I found it really different from what I heard. Does he feel the same about me

“I can never be able to give u the place of Kavitha in my life” his words echoed in my ears

In this whole situation I totally forgot this one thing; he made me clear he won’t be able to give me place of his late wife. It means he won’t ever love me because this place belongs to his late wife and the worst part is I promised him, I won’t demand it ever in my life. These thought were haunting me to hell

I know I love him, but I fear what this love makes me demand him, his love. What will he think about me then? I always acted on my word. I made a promise and I can’t break it, because breaking it may cause losing him forever which is a horrible sight for me now on.

“But he kissed me last night” my heart said

“May be it is just a mistake nothing else” my mind snapped

I am totally confused by this now. I need to talk to him once he is back. But what if he really said it was just a mistake. I would be broken into pieces. I don’t know about him but he my first kiss and I don’t want it to be name a mistake please

“Hey Swara the boss is calling you” I heard one of my colleague said make me out of my thinking world

Oh gods please make him, come soon or else this confusion will kill me for sure. It’s really confusing…..


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