FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 15) “Worries”


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Episode 14

Chapter 15


Everyone was dinning for dinner, I was serving them food cooked by mom. From morning I was not feeling good, my body was paining. At first I thought I didn’t have dinner last night and didn’t have proper breakfast that’s y feeling low. I was serving when suddenly my vision gone blur. I was trying my level best to hold myself but then my body accepted defeat and darkness invaded all over me. Last I heard was yelling of my name


As soon as I noticed Swara different, I thought to help her she was holding her head but after few second I saw Swara lying on floor life less. Unknown fear engulfed me. I rushed to her; I shake her but no response. All the family member cried seeing her like this.

“Ragini call dr. as soon as possible” I ordered while I picked her in my arm. I found her burning in fever.

I was shocked an hour before she was completely fine but then what happen, she got fever. Doctor came and checked her

“She’s fine normal fever; she fainted not having proper diet or maybe some stress I guess. Nothing to worry” Doctor examined her

I was getting worried, I don’t want to see her like this

“Open your eyes, see me, fight with me tease me as much as u can but open your eyes Swara” I wanted to scream but then everyone was their, I was sitting beside her holding her hand. Her mom was wet cloth so that her fever subside

I felt her finger moving and she opened her eyes. I found myself smiling at her.

“I think I m not dead” She asked

“How are you feeling Swara?” I asked with concern ignoring her question she can joke at this moment when she is having fever

I slowly came back in my senses. I felt some thing wet on my forehead and hand against mine, holding tightly as if I m running somewhere. I opened my eyes and found mom and sanskar beside me

I felt weak, I saw worried faces of all everyone was looking like I m dead. I tried to lit up the moment by my silly question

“How are you feeling” He asked ignoring me. His hand was still holding mine. I smiled

“Fine” I stated

Everyone sigh relieve

“Mom please my forehead is wet look I gain my conscious back and now stop putting it on my head” I know act childishly but it was irritating. She examined me as if fever subsided or not

“Mom from when did u become doctor” I asked

“When u became patient” She stubbornly answered

“Mom I m not patient, look its normal fever that’s it. Look I can get up” Although my body was not supporting me still I tried to get up. It is then I heard a yell on me

“Swara stop it. You are weak. Don’t u dare step from bed” I looked at the direction, I saw Sanskar

It’s the first time when I saw him shouting at me and showing care with anger

“You treat patient like this” I asked him

“No but patient like you who are stubborn I have to treat them like this” He snapped back

“You are calling me stubborn”

“No I m calling you stubborn patient”

I was angrily glaring, but then my stomach alerted me that I m hungry

“Whatever, I m hungry” I said

“Aunty I mean mom, I don’t know about your son but you and Laksh seems to be hungry come we will have dinner” I added

But when I was about to get up He hold my arm

“Mom, uncle aunty I mean mom dad, u guyz carry on I will have my dinner with my fiancé” He said

Our family smiled at our conversation and left us alone. I make me lie again on bed and holed my hands

“What stress do you have Swara” He asked

“Stress what are you talking about.”

“Swara in these days I got to know about you a lot I know when you r upset or happy or stressed, What is bothering you soo much. I want to know”

I think it was best to tell him the thing always bother me was dad’s behavior

“I don’t know, I hate dad’s silence. I tried to talk to him after apologizing you but he seems to ignore me. First his silence and then his ignorance is not going good with me. I want to talk to dad apologise for raising voice infront of him but I think I disappointed him” I explained him my worries

“I don’t know what to say but you know one thing right he loves you a lot”

I nodded

“Then don’t stress yourself with this he is your dad if he isn’t talking, maybe he would be thinking that he lost as father”

“I just want to make him smile and proud on me but I every time fails”

“Sometime we can’t express how we feel Swara. I think he is in that list” I nodded hearing him

For some reason sharing my worries was giving me relaxation. I was feeling much better by any other medicines. It’s something different feeling when he is around me, I feel myself free in front of him, sharing him everything whole heartedly

Just then our moment was broken by sister holding trey with delicious food, She gave him the ray and left us
He placed the plate in front of me but I don’t why I thought some childish deed. I act as if I m trying to hold spoon but I failed to eat. He noticed this and grab spoon from m y hand and before saying anything he placed as spoon full food in my mouth

I don’t know why I m crazy when he is around. He was feeding me and eating his food. I couldn’t help but admire his concern, his anger, his advises and his small gestures which he do for me

Soon I was finished eating he gave me medicines and then Ragini came in room

“Hey di how r u feeling now” She asked


“Jiju your mom is calling you”
“Yeah I guess we would be leaving mow” He said with a smile

“Di u took your medi or not, jiju! di is very careless in taking medi”

I gave death glare to my sister was it necessary to tell him that.

“In that case do me a favor, remind your sister to have medicines on time or else I m just a call away” He said staring me

I slightly smiled because I know I m very care less in this thing. The way he was staring me, I felt If didn’t miss a single time he will kill me right a away. He left and I doze off

I listened to her worries and tried to calm her. I make her understand may be she is taking thing in different direction. Just then our food came and I noticed she was feeling too lazy to hold spoon. Without a second I placed spoon full food in her mouth. She seems enjoying the food fed to her by me

I gave her medicines and had a jiju n Sali moment where I threatened her by glaring if she didn’t take medicines on time so she will see the worse in me

I left and we bade good bye to her parents. As I sat, I remembered I forget my cell in her room. I quickly got down from car and headed towards her room. I saw her father sitting beside her, caressing her hair and she was peacefully sleeping

I didn’t want to spoil his moment but I did disturb him to take my cellphone

He startled to see me; I told him that I forgot my cell

“Can I ask you something, it’s kind of personal” I asked

“Yes son ask after all you r our family now” He said smiling

“You love her so much so why are u giving her silent torture” My word escaped from my mouth I didn’t mean to say word torture

He stared me for a while

“Is it necessary to express love every time” He asked back

“As for as my silent torture, as you said I am feeling guilty that my daughter think I am doing partiality with her. I never knew she has these things in her mind, I was worried for her and in that I scolded her for jumping in problems. It’s not like that, that I don’t feel proud on my daughter who saved an innocent. The thought kill me if something happened to her in the process, what would I have done then” He explained

I was feeling bad because for a second I thought he doesn’t love her but now I knew he love her. How can a dad not love his daughter?

“I m really sorry uncle I didn’t mean to used word torture but I want to say something that sometime its necessary to express love or else it’s too late” I suggested him

He smiled

“You know my daughter and I am convinced now my decision of choosing you, was right”

I looked at him with confusion

“You see it’s not easy to give your daughter to a widower” He explained me

I don’t know how to react, I should be happy or I should be upset by this tag. But then what wrong did he say. For some reason I also felt why her parents so adamant to marry her with me

“I m sorry son if u felt bad about what I called you just now”

“It ok dad. I m glad that you r happy to give your daughter to me. Believe me she is in save hands” I assured her

“I know, I have full on you when u r with her everything is gonna be fine. God bless son and daughter too” He kissed her forehead and said bade him bye

I drove back to house but all the time her dad’s words were ringing my ears. I promised myself to make her happy always


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