FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 14) “I m a Bad Girl”


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FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 13)”Inviting Problems”

Chapter 14


Everything got back to normal from that night, though I still didn’t tell him the reason of my rude behavior but everything was normal. He didn’t ask me anything. In these entire situations I started calling him by his name which was impossible for me in the past

I remember he made me realized that I called him by his name

“Wow Swara! I thought u will never call me by my name. My God seems like my dream got true” He teased me

I smiled thinking about our conversation which now ends when one of us slip under deep sleep. I felt guilty when I think I was jealous from him on the very stupid and weird things. Ten days has passed, I am going well in my job but there a lot work load but then I think it was my dream to work and earn independently. It was all possible due to him

“Swara stop thinking about him” my mind snapped me

I realized I was thinking about him from past an hour sitting in my cabin. I smiled

“Hold on Swara you r feeling something ……for him” my mind alerted me

It was true I was feeling something, what! I don’t know. Some strange feeling, thinking about him when he is not near, yarning for his company, talking whole heartedly in front of him, sometime dreaming about him

“Is this what people calls love” I asked to myself

“Hold yourself, u can’t feel that when u know it can’t be reciprocated, remember what he said and you promised him that u won’t take his love place in his life ever. So stop there” my mind reminded me

This thought horrified me
“No! This is not love. Love has some other theory. I m thinking so much no this is only friend ship, that’s it nothing else” I assured myself again n again

It was a busy day for me and some what a frustrating day too but thank god it ended now I just want peace and my bed

“God I m very tired” I whispered

I reached home and sensed something different in the wind. A silence before the storm, giving me a feeling something is gonna happen. I stepped in home and entered in the hall. I saw two different faces which was now looking to me with a smile. I passed a smile back, I saw Sanskar too there standing near dad. There was a silence which was broken by a girl she came near me

Wait I have seen her somewhere but where……

Before I could think further she hugged me tightly

“Thank you di, I don’t have words to thank you. I was so worried for you and praying nothing should happen to you.” She said still hugging me

Wait don’t tell me she is the one whom I saved that night it mean my lie came out. Yes I lied to dad when he asked me about my car. I lied his stating that it was gone for service

“Damn….” I looked at dad who was having any emotion

“Di you know I found your fiancé and he brought us here” She said releasing me I passed a smile

“Beta you I don’t have words. You not only saved my daughter but also my life. Thank you so much. God bless you with all happiness” Her probably came in front and said folding his hands. I grabbed his hand from doing so and placed it on my head

“These hands should be raised to bless not for thanking n all” I said. I witness those tears

These tears I never understand they come out when we r sad but It also came out when we r extreme happy. These tears where making me feel happy. Like I saved someone was giving me immense pleasure

“You have a brave daughter Shekhar ji. I must u r very lucky” Her dad said to my dad

I saw his smile and they bade us bye. Sanskar went with them to accompany them to outside

I was happy it removed my tiredness in a second. I turned to dad expecting some good words but what I heard next completely shocked me

“What the hell were you doing out at midnight” My dad scolded me

I tried to speak but

“Is this what girls belonging to respectable family do” Dadi yelled at me

“I was not feeling good that’s why I went out” I honestly stated the fact

“Whatever, but what was the need to invite problems for yourself.” Dad said

They were continuously scolding me but the thing surprising was that they were scolding me for saving a girl from molestation

“Have you ever thought, if Sanskar was not there, what would have happened to you. Do you have any idea Swara” Dad yelled at me

I had it enough. What wrong did I do that I m bearing this

“Enough is enough dad, you are scolding me for saving someone’s life. If in my place there was Sanskar, you would be dancing in excitement, knowing your Son in law, sorry your son’s deed right?” I said with frustration

“Swara is this way to talk to your dad, and lower down your voice what if Sanskar hears” Dadi again yelled

“This is not done dadi, this is seriously not done, Why everything get altered when it come to me” I asked dad

This is the first time I lost it in my anger bad blast at my dad and dadi whose make me silent with their anger. Now I had enough of everything

“You r over reacting Swara its not what I mean” Dad said coming towards me

“No dad I m not, u have to answer me why this partiality dad why” I shouted

Dadi held hand my hand

“Lower down your voice. I am warning you for the last time, keep quite. Sanskar is here what he will think about you” Dadi warned me

“No dadi he wont think anything, he know my in and out. He knows me better than my family” I said proudly which is very true
“Swara this is not the way girls of good family talk” Mom said with anger

“Then I m not a good girl. I m a bad girl. Listen everyone I m a bad girl” Saying that I turned to leave but look what I found him staring me worriedly

I simply ran to terrace, don’t wanna talk to anyone


When I came to know a girl was finding Swara. For finding her she came to know about me and meet me. She persuade me to let her once meet because she want to thank her and return her car. I thought Swara’s family will be very happy to know her daughter’s bravery but what I saw shocked me to hell.

I can understand Swara’s dad words as he was worried for his daughter but what shocked me more was outburst and what was that, if I was in place then situation would be something else. I couldn’t understand her statement

Everyone looked at me with embracement; I assured them and went to terrace. I need to know what is going on. I went upstair and she was standing there weeping silently

“Swara….” I called her softly

“I know you r confused but please not now, leave me alone I don’t want to talk to anyone” She said turned towards me. I tried to talk but she cut me

“Not even u” she added

“But I want to talk Swara please” I insisted because she need to talk

“Sanskar please”

“Swara…” Before I could say something she started

“Don’t u understand if I don’t want to talk, mean NO. And what was the need to take them here u could have called me at office and I meet her and her dad there only. What was the need to bring them here” She yelled

“Swara I thought everyone would feel happy and proud on you but” I tried to explain

“But what everything got messed, you know just leave or else I will say something in anger which will be not good for you and me. So please leave” She said turning back

I thought it will best if I leave. This is the first I saw her in anger. I know the reaction of family shocked her but her anger I couldn’t understand

I left leaving her alone.


As I ran upstairs he came too for consoling me but I don’t want to talk to anyone, but he was adamant. I requested him and at last I have to do what I didn’t want to do

I again behaved rudely to him, what was his mistake. He was just thinking about me. How could I be so dumb.

Anger is also powerful emotion, people say anger destroy everything but sometime anger let your inner feeling out too. Today this anger let my inner feeling out, for the first time I asked my dad why this partiality but still he didn’t give me answers.

I didn’t have dinner. Ragini came upstairs to call me but I rudely denied. After sometime Sasnakr started calling me, I smiled slightly and messaged him that I fine and go to sleep. I spent my whole night upstairs. It was a cold night. Sun rays fall on me and I open my eyes I realized I was still upstairs. I came down and got ready for office

I had breakfast silently, neither I nor anyone talk to me. But as I was about to go mom informed me

“Today Sanskar and his family will be there at dinner u should come early” I nodded and left


I was worried for her since I reached home, I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything. I was waiting if she calls by herself but no response, I had my supper and still waiting that if she call me

After a lot waiting I had it enough, I dialed her number but she didn’t respond. She messaged me that she is fine and I should sleep. I realized she don’t want to talk to me, so I decided to give her time because if I forced her, we will end up in new argument which I don’t want.

Next day mom informed that Swara’s dad invite us for dinner. When I ask her about sudden invitation she said just little get to gather

Whole day I waited for her call, I tried hard to concentrate on my meeting but my mental stress couldn’t allow me to work peace fully I cancel every meeting which was meant to be today. I came back home earlier and we headed to Swara’s home. As we reached, Swara’s family welcomed us whole heartedly. The atmosphere there was changed as if nothing had happened previous day, every one was all normal. I thought Swara sorted everything. This thought amazed me. But then I saw her descending stairs. She greeted mom and indulge with casual conversation with Lucky. I found wried but then my phone beeped and I found a message from Swara

“Come upstairs, I need to talk” I smiled finally she wants to talk

I got up by making some call excuses and went straight to terrace. As I entered I saw her kneeled infront of me holding her ears just like a child who ask apology innocently

“I m sorry for my behavior.” She apologized

“I know I m such a fool stupid, idiot and a bad girl, How could I behave like this with you” She cursed herself and what I don’t like her saying bad to herself

I walked towards her and made her sit on the chair and I sit on my knee holding her palm in mine. She had tears in her eyes

“Hey, you r not bad. Understand” I made her understand. She raised her brow

“We sometimes lost our patience in anger, even I also do that. Don’t feel bad. Its okay, forget it” I comforted her

“Which good girl feels jealous from her fiancé for getting more attention than her” She said

I looked upto her. Jealousy and that too from me

“I was jealous from you when dad giving you special attention. I started thinking dad will be loving you more than me. You will take them away from me” She explained while I just stared her

I was not able to react at the moment, if she have told this me in some anger I would have said something but what to do when someone is telling you so innocently that he was jealous from you

I felt like laughing at the moment but looking her so serious I couldn’t

“I know you must be annoyed to know all this but believe me, now I realized that I was wrong. Dad treats you like this because you r connected to me that’s why this special attention” She explained me

“Yeah Swara you r right, your dad know how stubborn you r and he also know that only I can handle you so he needs to give me that special attention so that I bear you in future” I said with mischievous grin

“Yeah u r right” She nodded without realizing

“Wait what stubborn, u called me stubborn wait let me show you how stubborn I m” She said while I burst out and start running and she chasing me

“Okay enough I can’t run more” I said in defeat

“Sanskar such an oldie” she teased me

“No way” I said

“Yes u r” she again teased


“Yes” I had it enough and pulled her towards me

She looked in my eyes trying to free her self

“I think you were saying something”


“Yes I m listening” I smiled

“Sanskar I was saying”

“Yes Swara…” I whispered in her ear

As I could say something she tickled me and I released her. She ran towards the door and said

“I was saying you oldie” She shouted smiling and ran before I chase her

I smiled at her, I was glad I made her smile. She first time shared her inner worries, no matter how weird that is but I have to assure her that nothing like that will happen


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