FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 13)”Inviting Problems”


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Episode 12

Chapter 13


I got frustrated when he was not picking my calls. I need to calm down myself before I talk to him, that’s why I m here at my favorite spot. It’s little far but I always find peace here. Right now I was calming by eating ice-cream

Didn’t I tell? I love ice cream and when I m angry or upset I came here. The cold breezes, with cold ice cream give so much relaxation. Then I remember I wanted to talk to him, I saw the time it was 12. I thought for a second to call him or not. After thinking so much I dialed his number. As he received, he started yelling. I know I deserve this, I couldn’t able to speak. My eyes filled with guilt and with difficulty I called his name. He got startled to hear my cracking voice. I told him address and now waiting for him.

Suddenly I heard some voice from forest area. I got scared because I didn’t this type of sound before. The shopkeeper of the shop doesn’t seem to care much. I ignored first but then it increased, I decided to go and find out what’s going on

I went near and saw some men teasing a girl. They were surrounded by her in a circle, she was shivering and scared I could see that

“Come here baby, let spent night” I heard one of them said

“NOOOO” the girl shouted

“We didn’t ask you, we ordering come let have fun baby” one of them came behind and said. The girl protested but one of them hold her

“You girls are fit for nothing, you r only here to please us the boys, now come” He said

This was it he was insulting girl, I need to save this girl and teach those blo*dy morons good lesson. I looked here there and got a rod. I picked up and went near them

“Be brave Swara u can do it” I motivated my self

I was moving near them without their notice and started to beat the guy who came first. I didn’t stop because if I stop I will be in problem. While beating those moron I was yelling at girl to run

“Run from here, and don’t look back. Run!!”
The girl ran and I forward her my keys to escape

“But you” She shouted

“Run I ll be okay, u leave” I shouted beating them. As left one of them hold my hand tightly and throw rod from my hand. They surrounded me

“Well if not her them we will have fun with u. I think It will be great fun with u” A man said smirking

I tried to run but they stopped me showing gun. I cursed my fate, what did I do? I saved someone and now I need someone to save me

“Why do I let in problem” I thought

They were staring me with desire, I was scared and praying God to help me


As I reached the given address, there was many ice cream stalls and at this they were closing and going back to their home but my eyes were searching only for one person Swara

“ Where are u Swara” I screamed

I saw a girl running towards a car. And I sensed It was of Swara. I got immediately to enquire. I went near the car the girl was looking scared and trying to open the car.

“Hey who r u and where is Swara” I enquired and she drop keys from her hands

“Don’t u dare come near me” She asked stepping back

“Relax I won’t harm you just tell me where Swara is” I asked worriedly looking her condition I was more worried for Swara

“Who Swara” She asked

“The one whose car is this” I said

“Some boys were trying to rape me but she saved me I tried to call someone to help her but no one was ready to help, I thought If I reach home I can call for help as my mobile is dead” She explained me. I was numb she was in problem.

“Where is she” I asked. She pointed some where in forest and without wasting I ran before she could say something

“SWARA…..” I shouted as loud as I can. I was praying nothing should happen to her

“Leave me you jerk” I heard a yell. I ran in that direction

As I ran I saw four or five man taking a girl and she was protesting. I sense it was Swara

“U don’t know my dad and my fiancé, if they get to know u will be vanished from this world, leave me” She protested

“Surely but not without letting u go, we have to die one day. Why not have little fun before dieinng. What’s baby”

I was fuming in anger . I ran started beating the man. I grabbed her hand and started running. Those morons didn’t left they start chasing us. We ran sat in my car. I was angry beyond limit


I was protesting when he came and saved me. We ran and sat in car. But as he started the car, he started shouting at me

“What the hell were u doing here at this time. Eloping with someone” He yelled I looked at him

Instead of consoling me he started yelling and what type of question was he asking. Anger once again filled me

“I wish I could but everytime I collide with you” I said sarcastically

“Feeling sad for your fate” he asked

Before I could speak in my defense, those blo*dy morons stated shooting. They shot and our cars tyre burst. The car halted. We both looked each other with confusion. We got out from the car and started running but they came infront of us. I held his hand tightly. One of them held my hand and dragged me but Mr. Maheshwri pulled me towards him and pushed the guy with his legs. I saw burning anger in his eyes

He pushed me aside and fought with great power but one of them beat him with gun and held him

“SANSKAR……” I screamed his name

“Swara u leave I will handle them u leave please” he pleaded

“Noo not leaving like this” I said

“Don’t be stubborn leave” he again pleaded

The other guy pointed gun towards him

“Let finish him first then we will have our undone work” the guy said holding gun

“So be ready 10 9 8…..4 3 2”


As he start counting I closed my eyesbut then I heard her screaming

“U r missing number in between, start again” She yelled at the man. I didn’t realized that he missed number but what was the need of telling this

“Swara I said leave” I rorared

“No wait Sanskar” She said

“You, how can you miss number, u can’t let him die before his time” She yelled at him

What the…..

“What is she up to” I thought

“Hey you stop confusing me” the man said

“Shut up! u did so bad thing in your life, at least do justice in your deed at least. God has marked our death and you r killing him before his time by missing words” She explained

“Swara this is the most stupid thing u ever explained” I thought

But what shocked me is that guy started to think

“You don’t know counting right” She asked while the other one nodded in yes

“Who the hell know proper counting here” She shouted

“Swara what the hell are u doing” I asked gritting my teeth

“Help, don’t worry. I won’t let you die before time” She said stubbornly

“Great help” I snapped at her

“So who knows counting here” She asked again

The one behind me said

“Yes I know”

“Good so come and take the gun and you go behind him” She commanded

Now this girl was making me hell crazy and angry

“Swara” I called but she ignored

“No I wont give him gun he is not capable of shooting” the other said who was holding gun

“I can just give” Soon they endup in argument and started beating each other. I was looking this whole scenario like the people who just watch the show show

A felt soft hand against and looked up ward. Swara was looking them and dragging me to run

“Comon run Sanskar” She whispered and without they notice us we ran from their

We ran as fast as we could soon we dash with a car. The driver started yelling at us and we pleaded to help us. He let us in the car

“What was that” I asked when we settled down


“U know what I mean”

“Oh! that teaching maths to those blo*dy fools” She giggled

“How do u think such stupidity Swara” I asked

“Only this stupidity saved us today, not us but u” She said with attitude

“Really I was thinking u were planning to get me killed on time” I said mockingly

“So much desperation, wait u have to spent whole life with me. U better not think anything else” She threatened

“Are u threatening me” I pulled her close to me

“What if I m” She snapped me and slightly pushed herself away

“I think getting killed by them was good idea” I said while she chuckled

Soon we burst out thinking the funny moments we had just few moments before and this is what I was missing from last past week. Soon we reached to our destination and we thanked driver for the help. No matter how much angry I would be at anger but she always managed to make me normal


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    I want something interesting?? ?????

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    But as usual I love it!

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