FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 12) “Feeling Of Guilt”


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Chapter 12


I was quite disturb from last week because of my fiancé, its been a week, we didn’t talk. Though she messaged me that she is having a lot of work and she is busy but I feel she is ignoring me from that day. I was frustrated, angry and worried at the same time. I couldn’t concentrate on my work, every time her upset face and rude behavior strikes me, preventing me from work.

Look at her, she even didn’t know how much restless I m from one past week. I m can’t handle anymore. I m calling her


A week passed from award ceremony and I didn’t talk to him. My heart was cursing me but I didn’t get over what happened that day. Whenever I tried to call him, the memory of dad and him flashes in my mind.

“Hey Swara” I heard Ragini entered in my room

“Hi, don’t u have exam day after tomorrow” I questioned

“Relax, I have studied just want to have break from studies. A great idea strike me to spent my precious time with my sis” She said dramatically

“Oh my god seems like I have wonderful day, the great Ragini Gadodia came to my room to spent her precious time. I m feeling so lucky” I said with same tone while we burst out in laughter

Just then my mobile rang and my smile faded seeing the caller id. It was Mr. Maheswri. I disconnected and put on silent mode

“Di what happen if u want to talk jiju I can go” she was about to leave when I stop her

“No actually just don’t feel like talking u stay please” I needed to talk someone to have my inner peace

“Di what’s going on?” she asked anxiously

“What nothing u tell” I tried to change the topic

“Di tell me what’s going on between u and jiju. I m observing something change in your behavior, is there u are hiding” She asked

“I don’t understand Ragini what u r saying” I pretended and open my laptop so that she couldn’t guess me with my facial expression

“U very well know what I m talking. What happened? Did u have any fight with him?” She asked

“Its nothing like that do u think I will have fight with him” I argued with irritation

“Exactly, he is not that type of person whom we can ever fight right” She said admiring him

“Of course” I whispered

“U know dad was so happy that day it was like Jiju is his son by looking his excitement” This was it, its true he was great and I respect him but that jealousy came back in my mind when she said those words. I cant take it anymore

“What the hell are u here to count his good qualities or how much dad loves him than us” I let my frustration out not realizing what I just said

She was kept staring me

“Ragini go in your room I want to be alone” I requested

“I m sensing jealousy in your tone, are u seriously” She said looking me with horrified expression

I kept numb. Not replying her

“Don’t tell me u r jealous because of his success” she asked me

Listening to her, I lost it. I got up from bed

“Shut up, I was never jealous from his success. I pray he get everything in life.” I yelled at her

“Yes I m jealous but not because of his success but because of dad extra attention towards him” I explained her

“You know di he is son in law of this house so it is clear he will get such type of attention. I never thought u will jealous on this little thing” She said giving me disgusting look

“Shut up little thing? This will be nothing to u but for me it is something big. U know from childhood I craved for dad’s attention, his love”

“Di he loves us but he is not that expressive u know that”

“Not expressive for us but for him” I stubbournly said

“Swara u r thinking too much calm down”

“What calm down, I have seen emptiness in his eyes from childhood, the unspoken desire of having a son. But these are vanished because he got his son in name of Mr. Maheshwri. All my life I wanted to replace this emptiness from proud. That’s why I set my goals to life. I never gave him any disappointment but now I realized it’s still less for him” I let my heart out in front of my sister

“Okay relax take a deep breath in and then let it go”
She suggested me

I did according to her

“Now listen to me. How is he as a person?” She asked. I stared her a while

“He is a nice person, intelligent and naughty sometime” I said with a sad smile

“Now remember what he did for he u till now” I closed my eyes and remember our cute moments from railway station till that day she open with her eyes with beautiful smile

“Don’t need to say anything I can sense from your smile, now listen to me di, he has done a lot for you, can’t he get some love from our parents” She explained me. I stared her with confusion

“You said he is very nice person, he helped you and look he even respect our parents especially dad right” I nodded

“Now tell me which son in law gives so much respect to his in laws, and as for as dad he gives that type of attention to him as his son in law because he is connected to you so obviously he is doing this. We are very precious to him and you say that its not necessary to express your love everytime. Dad has expressed his love by his deed so please stop living in prejudicial thoughts” She explained me. Her every word touched my heart she was right

“And what is his mistake? Why are u ignoring him for your stupid jeolusy” She scolded me

Feeling of guilt was engulfing me. Though this guilt was there in this whole week but my anger didn’t let it increase. I hugged her

“What should I do now, I was ignoring him” I sobbed on her shoulder

“God please give some brain to my sister, now this will also be suggested by me. Grow up my sis. I have used enough brain to use higher words to explain you, now let me use my remaining part of brain in studies, I have exam. You think how to make up things. Good night sis” She said dramatically and left the room

I saw my mobile that had 62 missed calls from his side. I dialed his number but he wasn’t picking up the call

“Revenge Mr. Maheshwri” I whispered

I was also adamant if he is not picking up my call I won’t stop either. I tried a lot but all in vain. I was getting frustrated and guilty for ignoring him. I took my keys and with baby steps and I got in car and drove to a place where I can get my peace


Now this is making me angry beyond limits. First I called her and she disconnected. Now I m calling continuously and madam is not picking up. I resumed to my work. If she doesn’t care about me so simple I also not care about her. What does she think only she is busy. Now she will only call me I m not gonna call her, that’s final

I was trying hard to work but after a lot struggle, I completed my work and glance at phone, yet no call from her side. I lied on the bed. After ten minutes my mobile rang, I got hurriedly to see the caller id and saw Swara calling me

“Not that easy, Miss Gadodia, I m angry” I didn’t switch off or put it on silent. I was enjoying this ringing. It rang for almost half n hour and then stopped

“I think she got tired, better luck next time” I smiled and tried to sleep. At almost midnight my phone again rang. I got up rubbing my eyes to see the caller id. It was Swara, I got startled why is she calling at this time. It’s almost 12. I received the call

“Hello” she said. It was a great feeling hearing her voice after a long week but I remember that I was angry

“Swara, r u mad. U didn’t had time to call me for the past week and now calling me at night almost disturbing me. If u r free that doesn’t mean everyone has time for you” I said sarcastically

“Mr… maheshwri” she said in her cracking voice I got worried

“Swara, u r crying. U okay?” I asked changing my tone from harsh to soft

“No I am not okay. I need to talk to u” she said sobbing continuously

“Okay I m coming to ur house” I said

‘No wait I m not at home”
What the… she is not home at this time

“Then where are u” I asked curiously praying she is not in any problem

She told me the address and I hang up the call to reach, her cracking voice was making me hell scared as what happened to her. I knew something wrong with but what. I got in car and left


I hope u like it

A special prayer for me ” pray that i get okay without medicine” because medicine sucks I hope u understand 🙂

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