FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 11) “Burning In Jealousy”


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Chapter 11

We were having our dinner just then Mr. Maheshwri cell phone rang and he excused. He came back smiling and turned to dad

“Uncle….” He started to say something but dad was glaring him, I found it weird

“Okay sorry ddd…dad” He addressed my dad as dad. By hearing this I cant take the bite and started coughing interrupting their conversation. Everyone gasped to see me

“Swara…here take water” Mr. Maheshwri give me glass of water and start rubbing my back

I drank water and felt better

“Swara u okay?” Mom asked

“Yeah mom I m fine” I said assuring him

“Yes son, u were telling something, anything important” dad asked him

I looked him curiously

“Actually dad, I received a call from higher buiseness authorities, they want to give award as our company has hit highest milestone in India. They have arranged award ceremony and I want u all come tomorrow please. I want my all family there” He said

“Congratulation…” Dad said with smiling. Everyone blessed him and prayed for his success. I was also happy for him. After dinner he took his leave. Everyone asked me to accompany him to car

“Now someone has to give treat” I said with a naughty smile

“Why not” He said with a smile

“Mr. Maheshwri…”

“I wish I could hear my name from you instead of my title” He said with irritation

“Still need time for it, oh leave it Congratulation” I said with a friendly hug

“Thanx for making my day memorable, I don’t know what I have done without you” She said releasing me

I smiled looking her happy. I left for home, I break this news at home

“OMG! Congratulation son. I m so proud of you. Your dad will be so happy today to see you like this” Mom blessed me and hugged me

“congratz bro” laksh hugged me. My chachi blessed me and left for my room

I entered in my room and lied on bed. I took out kavitha photo and started talking her

“Hey, I m really feeling happy today. Not just about the award I m getting tomorrow but I m happy because of Swara too. Today she shared her happiness with me first. I don’t know why but I m feeling immense pleasure.” I smiled looking at my gift, the watch she gave me

“Look today I m smiling, this what u always wished for me. I didn’t know she will accept me as her family so easily”

I really don’t know why I m feeling so strange but the fact is clear that I really care about her, and cant see her in tears. It pained when I found her crying. Is this just cause of she is my friend and fiancé

“In a day u r thinking so much Sansakt, take your time to clear all this but first sleep, tomorrow is big day” my mind snapped me


I got ready and came down because dad made us ready before time

“Why r we ready before, there is still time” I said to dad

“Shona, we should not be late. What Sanskar will think about us if we are late” He said. I could sense the excitment in his voice and eagerness to go in his eyes

A burning sensation was rising in me. I clearly remembered my graduation day when I want dad to come but he was to busy in his stuff that he just called me to bless me and give me gift in evening. I brushed these thoughts and consoled my mind to ignore these things

After everyone got ready we reached the venue, Lkash came at entrance and welcomed us

“Wow bhabhi, u r looking stunning in this outfit” he complimented me

In this one month his brother and I became good friends. We entered the hall and there he was standing talking to some men

I was nervous to hell; it was my first time I’ll be getting award from the day I stepped in this business world

I was talking to my senior and some official client and my as I turned I saw my fiancé descending the stairs staring me. She was looking stunningly beautiful in red gown with black border

I step forward to greet her and her family. I took elders blessing and she hugged my mom

She came beside and stand silently

“Hey” I started her conversation
“Nervous..?” She asked

“a bit”

“don’t be nervous, u did your best and for that u r getting award” she comforted me and I smiled

She came near and whispered me

“I think they should be nervous who will going to share stage with you” She said teasingly

“Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please” we heard host saying

“Lets start the function for what we all are here” he added

They showed my performance of the year and used good words to appreciate me and give wishes for me for my future

“So Mr. Sanksar Maheshwri can we have honour to have u on stage” host invited me on stage. I looked her and she said me to go

I step forward and they awarded me. I looked at my mom, she was in tears and then to Swara who was smiling and cheering for me. I smiled

As I got down my mom hugged me while crying

“Mom hold on, I hate tears in your eyes” I said wiping tears


He received his award and I was really happy for him. He hugged his mom and capture this moment. He came forward to dad, he hugged him

“I m proud of you my son, god bless you for your future” my dad said

These words made me upside down, as what I uttered. Did he really said proud of you my son

I remember when I gave my first salary he just said god bless u, and now he was blessing him whom he just know for one month

I was burning in jealousy, I know its weird but its truth I cant see this. My dad addressed him as his son, I was craving for this type of appreciation all my life and Mr. Maheshwri just got it in a month. I was feeling angry. Its not that I m jealous because of his success no way but looking dad and his bond, I m feeling insecure, jealous and angry

Mr. Maheshwri came forward to me but some business men gathered him all around him

For the first time in life I was feeling if I could be my dad’s son. Daughter cant son, I hurt by looking both talking so easily

“He got his son in his son in law, now his all love will be for Mr. Maheshwri” this thought was kept haunting me

I lost in my thought when I heard a familiar voice

“Hey Swara, what happened, u are standing all alone here”

I turned and it was Mr. Maheshwri

“Nothing just like that” I said looking away from him

I was feeling wired in her behavior. She never stand silently and now she was standing silent. As I could say something Ragini came

“Jiji, whats this u have been awarded and we didn’t capture this moment. Lets take selfie” She suggested

We took memorable selfies with everyone

“Hey son” Swara’s dad called me

“Wont u click pic with your father in law” He said with pouting. I chuckled. I thought to take Swara in this moment but she left looking us

We clicked some more picture and I rushed to Swara

“Swara…” I called

“Is everything okay” I asked


We took many selfie but then what I saw dad was clicking pics with him, laughing with him added more fire to my jealousy

My heart was showing his respect towards my parents but my mind was provoking me
I heard him calling me. I turned to him

“Is everything okay”

No everything isnot okay. I wanted to scream

“Nothing just feeling low that’s it” I said while looking away

“Let me” He step forward to me

“I said I m not feeling good please leave me alone” I almost yelled at him

He startled at once

“I m sorry” with that he left
My heart was cursing me badly to hurt him but I was also hurt. I felt suffocated here

But mom dragged me in ladies and start chatting with. Soon it was time to leave. I took blessing from his mom and chachi but didn’t say bye to him. I was half guilty and half angry, wasn’t ready to face him. We left

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