FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 10) “My First Salary”

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Chapter 10


After Kavitha death, I never laughed whole heartedly but nowadays, I m laughing and even smiling like an idiot. Mom and lucky teases me for smiling without reason. Its just because of Swara, I don’t know time passes so fast with her. We usually talk at nights which extend to midnight. I must say she is chatter box

“Sir! May I come in?” I heard my PA voice

It made me come out from my thinking world

“Yeah sure”

“Sir here is your file” I took from her and started reading when my mobile rang. I checked and it displayed Swara

I wondered why is she calling me this time, she never called me when I m in office. I got worried and picked the call

“I m really sorry, I disturbed u but I need to tell u something very important that’s why couldn’t control” I heard her speaking in excitement

“Its ok Swara. U r sounding very excited”

“Yes, Mr Maheshwri but not just excited, I m feeling the most happiest person in this world right now” She replied and giggling continuously

Now she was making me more curious

“Swara r u gonna tell me that why r u so happy or you r interested in creating suspense for me”

“I got my first salary Mr. Maheshwri, my first salary” She said with much excitement

I could sense she would have been jumping right now. Well I never had an exprience of first salary as after dad’s death I took over business but listening to Swara and her excitement, I think it would be the best feeling ever

“Congratulation Swara, I want a treat from you” I congratulated

“Of course, meet me at my place in evening bye” She disconnected. I smiled at her antics

I finished my work asap and headed towards her home, as she planned. As I entered her home, the atmosphere there was suspicious. There was no feeling of excitement. I sensed different silence which I could not understand. I entered in hall and bumped to aunty, Swara’s mother

“Sanskar, How come u here” She asked blessing me

“Nothing Aunty your daughter was so excited she said to come home in evening”

“Oh Swara, she is in garden. Go and meet her there”
She said with a sad smile. I was not feeling good to see the scenario

I headed to garden and there is she, watering the flowers. Her excitement and happiness was nowhere to be found. She was silent and I wondered what happened to her. I moved forward to her without making noise

“Booo” I shouted, she startled

“Ahhh” she exclaimed

“Mr. Maheshwri were u planning to kill me” She exclaimed

“Oh please Swara, I have many important work in life rather planning to kill u” I chuckled

“What’s this, you called me with soo much excitement and now I can’t see any celebration here” As I said her expression changed
“Hey Swara what happened” I asked

She started narrating the matter


I was soo happy when I got my first salary. Can u believe I got my first salary. It made me felt that I m independent. Without wasting a second, I called the person who was the reason for it, Mr. Maheshwri. I was jumping up in excitement after talking to him. I reached to my house to see first expression of my dad. He would be happy and proud on me or will first hug me when I will tell him, these thoughts were running in my head

I reached home with so much excitement and break the news of my first salary. Mom and Ragini was first to hug me tightly but I was looking to dad continuously. He smiled , I moved towards him and placed my first salary in his palms

“Wont u say anything dad” I said with tears of happiness. He placed his another palm on my head

“God bless you” He blessed me. For a second I was disappointed no hug , no appreciation but then I was relived he was happy and smiled too

“Shekhar what r u doing” my dadi yelled . We looked up in confusion

“Maa, what happen” My dad asked

“Don’t u know in our family we don’t use daughter salary it’s a bad omen” I was shocked what she said,

“Maa but..” mom tried to argue but dadi cut her by saying

“I m talking to my son, and Shekhar I didn’t argue, when u allowed her to work but I wont tolerate this. This against our family’s custom”

“but Dadi sharing your salary with your family, when did it become against our customs” I argued

“Look Shona we given you enough freedom but if u r thinking give ur salary in home for expenses than it cant be possible. What people will think about us. Have u ever thought”

To hell with the people! I hate dadi conservative mentality

“Dadi” I tried to speak up but dad stopped me

“Shona in your room now and no more arguments , take your salary its urs and spent on ur self” He said in his usual sharp tone

I ran towards my room


“I never expect dadi declaring my salary a bad omen. I just gave my salary to dad and she created a scene. I wanted to do something special for my family from my salary and she declared it as bad omen” She burst out in crying. I immediately wrapped my arms around her. I cant believe the girl I talked in afternoon who was so happy will be crying my arms. I was feeling horrible at this moment to see her

“Sssshhh” I patted her head and tried to calm her down

“I was so happy. I thought my family will be happy but look no one is happy as me” She said releasing herself

“Swara calm down look at me” I said and looked up to me

“First listen to me, do you really believe in bad omen stuff” I asked she shook in no

“You want to do something for your family right and that to using your salary” I asked. She nodded

“Gift” I gave her idea

“Gifts???” She asked me confused

“Swara they cant accept money but gifts they can accept gifts atleast and it wont be against any custom” I explained

She smiled and hug me tightly

“Thank you.. Mr Maheshwri” She said

“Swara I hardly can breath” I said as she was hugging me tightly, she parted and looked down

“I m sorry” I smiled

He always there like an angel who have every solution of my problems. In excitement I hugged him and realized what I did. I don’t know why but I looked in mirror.

Am I really blushing, OMG!! Swara Gaddodia and blushing this should be breaking news

I felt so relieved when he is near me.

“Stop it Swara, u r thinking so much, go he is waiting for you”

I headed downstairs and went for shopping. It was not easy to take him to shopping but I convinced him

We reached shopping mall. I took two sarre for maa n dadi. No matter how much I hate her conservative thinking still I love her and care for her. After all, she is my dadi. I bought waist coat for dad. We headed to jewellery shop then

Its been almost 1 and half n hour and still we are roaming here there. If mom or lucky saw me doing shoping and that too with Swara they will surely get a new topic to tease me. We were moving towards jewellery shop and she was looking pair of ear rings. I bought a pair for Ragini and her attention was caught by a beauitful pair of ear rings

“What happened Swara if u liked something for urself take it” I suggested

“Don’t forget Mr. Maheshwri we are here to shop for my family and I liked it but I almost spent my salary so that’s why”

Wow she spent her salary in a day that’s something alarming to me. Is she that extravagant?

“Whole salary!! You could have saved some for future Swara”

“Saving for future, Mr. Maheshwri which girl will save money when she knows her fiancé is millionaire” She said smirking. I grinned
“What do u mean”

“Oh common relax I wont make u bankrupt. Its my first salary so I thought to spent it for my family. I am very closefisted but when it comes on spending money on my loved ones I spent whole heartedly so chill” She explained

I was speechless. Its true she spent a great amount on her family member but not single penny on her self

“Got a go, hurry up we r late Mr. Maheshwri” She said

I said to proceed to car and I ll come in 10 minutes and give her keys


I was waiting for him and there he comes smiling. He sat in the car we headed to home. We reached home and entered hall and all were busy in their respective works. As we entered home dad and dadi came forward to meet Mr. Maheshwri
“God I m also here” I thought but then dadi saw so many packets in my hands

“Shona have u shopped whole market” Dadi exclaimed

“Dadi u said u cant accept money from me as it is bad omen and our repution will be at stake” I spoke

“Shona we will talk about it later first let Sanskar sit atleast” Dad said

“Wait a second dad, just answer my question dadi. If I gift u something will u deny it also calling it bad omen or threat to repution” I asked Dadi

“Of course not shone have I ever denied a gift from you. Its just we cant accept your money”

“Dad you wont deny any gift from my side” I asked dad

“Of course not”

I took a saare and waist coat from the packet and showed them

“I bought it for u both from my first salary which u declared as bad omen” I said

Dadi looked at me and took sarre from me. She went to mirror

“Shona look is this looking good on me” She asked to mom” I smiled

“Its looking on my dadi after all she is as beautiful as me” I hugged her

“I loved the gift” she said

“Even I liked the gift too” My dad said smiling

I placed saare in front of mom

“For u, Hows it”

“My shona’s choice cant be wrong, its beautiful” She blessed me

“For me” Ragini jumped and looking at me curiously

“For u one second” I pretended to search in shopper

“Where is it, did I buy it” I said

“U didn’t brought anything for me” She said disappointedly

I placed ear ring in her hand

“Is it possible I bought something for everyone but not for you” She hugged me

I looked up to everyone,all were happy and I was happy to see them happy

Mom and dadi went to kitchen to prepare special, for their son in law. Dad and he were in hall chatting on official boring topics and I went to change

I got down and on going downstair I heard Daid saying to mom

“Sanskar is nice and obedient look Shekhar. He is talking to Sanskar as if he his son rather than son in law” I looked to dad and him

They were talking and laughing. I was feeling angry because I and dad never communicated like this as he was

I went to terrace. Was I really jealous from him no

“Stop it Swara he would be son in law of this house so it is clear he will get this type of treatment” I scolded myself
I was in deep thinking when someone

“BOO” he laughed when I got scared

“U know what, I am confirmed that u want to kill me”

“I said I m not interested” He said still laughing

“What happen u came her now when everyone is happy making special food you r here alone” He asked

“What should I tell him I m feeling jealous from him” I thought

“U know what your dad is very sweet whenever I talked to him it feel like talking to dad” He said emotionally

I looked him what should I say him, console him I guess. I flet bad as what I was thinking

“Are u okay”

“Nothnig just missing dad I was 17 when I lost him, he was my friend more than father”

“He would be proud on you wherever he would be” I consoled him and he passed me a sad smile

“Ok hold on I have something which will lit up your mood” I said and he raised his eyebrow

I took him with me in my room and closed his eyes

Right now she closed my eyes and ordered me to stand still

“Swara I think u r not planning any mischief right now” I said with closed eyes

“Wait Mr. Maheshwri” She said

“Here u go open up”She said

As I open my eyes she was holding a box

“Whats this” I aske taking it

“I shopped for my family how can u be left behind” She said

I unwrapped it and find a branded watch


“I bought it when u were busy on call. I don’t know which brand you like and I also don’t know about the brands of men but it caught my attention so I thought u will like it” I shut her mouth by placing my finger on her lips

“Thanks firstly its really nice, I loved it and secondly its very special” She smiled

“My pleasure”

“Well there is something for u too”


I showed her pair of ear rings, she was looking at me with joy and surprise

“Mr. Maheshwri u bought this but what was the need for it” She resisted

“I accepted your gift now accept mine and its gift from a best friend to a best friend

She hugged me and I reciprocated
“Oh my god, I m sorry” I heard Ragini said and we parted

“Come on dinner if u r done with your romance” Ragini left, leaving us in embarrassed

I don’t know about where this relation heading but one thing was conformed love is far and so our journey as well

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