FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 1)


Hey guyz Sana is back again
Thank u for ur motivation and love
U guyz made my first OS very special thank you once again


“Mom it’s only been six months of Kavitha’s death and u r asking me to get married how could u?” I said with full annoyance.

“So what don’t people get married after their wife demise and if u r forgetting it was only wish of Kavitha which we r fulfilling” my chachi snapped me.

“God why my family can’t understand me” I thought, while my mom and chachi giving me looks to speak

“No means no, Kavitha’s wish was to see me, settle happily and I m happy alone. Is that clear” I said while my mom expression became horrified and she kept her hand on her chest. She started shivering. I ran to hold her

“She is great girl Sanskar and u will like her. I want u to see happy son” she said faintly

“Mom! No mom please hold on” I made her sit and give her medicine but she was repeating same thing again n again.

“I want u to see married and happy before dyeing” I kept hand on her mouth

“Just don’t ever say that u want me to get married fine and I promise u, I’ll marry but please take care of ur health” I said in assuring tone but to my surprise in a moment the atmosphere of hall changed

Mom who was sitting weak, stand as if nothing happened. She gave me mischief smile

“What only kids can play, I m ur mother and now be ready for engagement which is after two days, we‘ll be going for your alliance. Wanna join” She said

“Wow my mom played a prank on me” I hit my head

“Uurrgh…didn’t I know my family is dramatic.” I stated sarcastically

“No go alone, tell me the day of engagement and marriage, I’ll do as per promise” I added in irritation while she smiled

I start to walk in my room

“Her name Swara, Swara Gadodia and details are there in ur room with her photo, do have a look son” My mom shouted her lung out.

God if mom can be so dramatic what about the girl she chose. Can’t I have normal life.

This is going to be hilarious……

“Swara the alliance is perfect for u” My mom suggested

Wow till now only dadi was planning to throw me out of the house. Seems like mom joined hands

“What is the hurry for my marriage, I don’t understand why r u all planning me out of the house as soon as possible” I said with frustration

“Hurry?? U know Mr. Mehta daughter last year she got marry and”

“And she has two kids as twin, why r we discussing someone alse in my matter dadi” I cut my dadi words

“Shona what is the matter we gave u time to complete your studies now what” My dad asked

“I want to do a job dad” I hesitantly said in a breath

Everyone was looking me like I have ordered alcohol in front of them
“No u cant, that’s it no more discussion. I want u to get ready as they are coming to fix the alliance” My dad announced his verdict

Now I don’t have any other option left but to elop…..


Howz it share ur comment plz
well in this ff u will find me bit crazy

Credit to: Sana

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  1. Sana! I love you!

    You have a unique style!!

    The 1st ff of yours was also awesome!

    1stly welcome back…… ??????

    And then I was sad you ended ‘I hate to love you’re but now I am beyond happy! Excited as well!

    Next part asap Pls!….. ????

    1. & Ya about the OS! It was awesome!
      Support wow!

      Trust & support is always needed in a relationship rather than love!

      Always love doesn’t work out!

      1. Thank u Jaf

        I hope U will like this ff too keep reading

  2. Very NICE

  3. awesome yr

  4. Woah! Loved it!
    I really miss I hate to love you,…
    N today also I expect season 2 of that ff!!
    Anyways, the concept is awsm dear!
    Post soon..!!
    Love uh!!????

    1. Thanks Kritika and for Swasan I hate to love u season 2
      I havent planned anything on this topic but surely if I get idea I ll surely write it

      Till then enjoy this story keep reading

    1. For sure keep reading

  5. rally nice yarrr
    waiting fr next.


    1. thanks maya

  6. Awesome

    1. Thanx keep reading

  7. its awesome sana…..dis s also swasan only right…..

    1. Of course Shan I huge fan of Swasan

      I dont think I can right on any other character

      well thanx

  8. amazng..:)

  9. Its awesome ….I really liked …nice concept
    But I have a doubt is sanskaar a widower…if yes then which parents will marry their daughter to a widower .

    1. Thank u as for Sanskar widower u will get to know everything keep reading

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