FF Destiny… Part 2

13 march.
Hi diary.
     It had been 1 month after his coming. You know, he become so popular in these day. Popular in girls. Obviously.. By his sweet voice he can impress anyone.
  I’m not going to lie to you. It bothers me. He become best friend with ….Laksh…you know Ragini’s bf. In these days I continuously ignore him. When everyone is eagerly wait to talk to him. I don’t know why. But it feels he wants to talk with me. May be my imagination.

       But yesterday he sat with us at lunch. Laky brought him. As usual that lovebirds totally forgot us and talking each other. I was used to it. But Sansker was not. So I started to company him. He was so shocked. Was I that mean to him. You know what he said” opps the queen of the class talking with me. I’m so great full.” Though he said it playfully but the taunt was still there. Yeah I didn’t talk with him much. But you know that was necessary. Right?

      I know it is wrong but I didn’t follow my rules yesterday. I talked with him ….talk about everything. Even we sat together in biology class. I forgot everything. I forgot he didn’t know me. I forgot I’m not supposed to be friend with him. I forgot ….and you know reality harsh me now. I have to being strong ….and I’ll do that…

Credit to: Nishi


  1. Aruhi

    Hey nishi..it’s amazing..wow superb..your writing skills are amazing..just fabulous..can you check out bella’s story..it’s “music sheet” hope you will like i.love you nishi

  2. thank you every one for your comments. and for information it’s not anyone’s POV..it’s Swara’s diary…it will be the same if anyone write it in her diary. there is a suspense …I will reveal it soon. but I’m really sorry I can’t longer it too much. people don’t write everythings in his diary.. but I will make it long as much as I could.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.