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Ragini sat up on the bed as she woke up from her sleep. A yawn slipped out as she stretched her arms over her head, last night was hell of its kind. Rubbing her eyes she inhaled deeply, the scent of roses and jasmine teasing her nostrils. A cynical smile came over her lips as she remembered that the first phase of her plan was successful, she was married to Laksh Maheshwari.

Though she was happy regarding her marriage, there was this feeling that kept tugging at her heart, “Was Swara okay?” she thought to herself. She never wanted to hurt Swara at first place but she wanted Laksh and Swara was getting between them so she had to do what she did. It will be wrong to justify her actions but like they say “Everything is fair in love and war”

She picked her cell phone to ring at home and check on her family but instead she got a call from her Dadi. Answering the call Ragini stood up and started dusting off the flower petals that were stuck on her clothes and some in her hair as well. “Namaste Dadi Maa.”

Paravati Gadodia felt relief wash over her as she heard the sweet voice of her precious granddaughter Ragini, her Laado. “Stay blessed my dear. How are you? Is everything alright?” Ragini had gotten married when situation was drastically complicated, nothing like Parvati had imagined it to be. She was worried if Ragini was fine or not which could also be quoted as, ‘Had Laksh treated her the right way?’

Ragini smiled, this time her smile held softness unlike her cynical, manipulative smirks, “I am fine Dadi Maa. You need not to worry.”

“Laado I wanted to ask about Laksh, did he?” She was worried about Laksh behaving badly with Ragini.

“He’s good Dadi Maa. He was just depressed after what had happened during the wedding, he even apologized to me though he wasn’t at fault at all.” Ragini placed her suitcase on the bed and took out a red color asymmetrical anarkali suit.

Paravati smiled hearing that, “It’s your first day at your sasural my Laado, I am sure that you will impress everyone and will win their hearts soon. I wish you all the luck.”

“Thank you Dadi Maa, I promise I won’t let you down.” Ragini hesitated for a moment but nevertheless continued, “Dadi Maa, is Swara okay?”

“Don’t talk about that girl!” Parvati got angry, “That girl has shamed the family, I had never been more embarrassed in my life. She’s like a black spot on our family name.”

Ragini did feel the hurt, “Don’t say like this Dadi Maa. She’s your granddaughter as well. She has done mistakes but as an elder its your duty to forgive her. Please Dadi Maa.”

“Laado please, do not talk about her. You should go and get ready, it’s your first day there, perform all your duties efficiently and stay blessed.” Before Ragini could say something Parvati had already ended the call. Ragini sighed placing her phone on the bed, as she picked the necessary items and went inside the bathroom to get ready.


Swara was sitting near the window of her room gazing at the normal hustle and bustle in the morning. She hadn’t slept even for a bit last night. She was too shattered and broken by the betrayal that Ragini gifted her on her wedding day. Sharmishta had stayed for a while but Swara forced her away, she wanted some alone time.

She was back at her Dida’s place and could hear her Dida cursing Ragini and Parvati Dadi. Unlike before, Swara didn’t want to go out and stop the Marwaran-Bangalan drama, she didn’t have the energy left in her body. She sat there emotionlessly lost in Laksh’s thoughts.

A knock on her door brought her out of her thoughts. Half heartedly Swara stood up to open the door, “It must be Maa.” she thought as she opened the door. But instead of her mother, there stood Sanskar. Dressed in black jeans, black vest and powder blue blazer, there stood Sanskar with the most apologetic face Swara had ever seen.


Sanskar pushed Swara lightly away from the door as he entered Swara’s room, “Let me in Swara, it was difficult to sneak inside with those two yelling outside.”

“Sanskar?” Swara pinned Sanskar with a questioning glare and Sanskar bolted the lock of the room.

“I am here to talk about something important.” Sanskar replied with seriousness evident on his face and in the tone of his voice.


Ragini walked downstairs and noticed that the whole family was there having tea. Once with the family, Ragini touched the feet of the elders and received blessings in response. While the Maheshwari’s were still upset about last night’s events, Annapurna and Sujata were the happiest of them all. They never liked Swara because of her being a Bengali and because Laksh and Swara’s would have been a love marriage, so against the traditions that the Maheshwari family had lived with.

Ragini helped Parineeti in making the breakfast, she made badaam halwa as per the tradition that the new daughter-in-law must make something sweet to eat. Laksh was back home, he came back when Ragini was just placing the plates and bowls on the dining table.

Nobody questioned Laksh about him being away the whole night, they knew what he was going through so they didn’t ask him too many questions.

Laksh went upstairs to his room to freshen up and rest of the family was just about to start eating the breakfast when the doorbell rang.

“Ghanshyam see who’s at the door.” RP ordered the servant.

Ghanshyam nodded in acceptance and went to open the door as the Maheshwari’s started having their breakfast unaware of what was waiting for them at the door.

The servant Ghanshyam felt shocked at what he saw as the door opened. There stood the elder Maheshwari son, Sanskar hands entwined with the girl whom the younger Maheshwari son was about to marry but married her sister instead. Not only their hands were entwined, they were wearing flower garlands and the girl, Swara was wearing mangalsutra and her hair partition was filled with vermilion. It didn’t need a genius to conclude that they were married.

“Who’s there Ghanshyam?” Annapurna asked but instead of Ghanshyam replying, she heard Sanskar’s voice.

“It’s me Badi Maa.”

It was then that the Maheshwari’s noticed Sanskar and Swara together, married. They’ll were shocked would be an understatement, they hadn’t thought that Sanskar would do something like that.

“Sanskar!” Sujata was the first one to recover, as she marched towards Sanskar-Swara taking long strides. “What’s the meaning of all this?” she asked.

“Exactly what you are thinking of.” Sanskar replied squeezing Swara’s hand as he felt her tense beside him.

“Sanskar! How could you do this? Don’t you know what this girl has done to Laksh? Your brother?” Annapurna was outraged seeing Swara.

Sanskar maintained his cool and calm composure, “And I know what Ragini had done as well. You think Swara have betrayed Laksh? But I know that Ragini have betrayed Swara, her sister.” He said looking directly at Ragini, his eyes accusing just like his words.

“Don’t forget she’s your brother’s wife now. And we all are well aware of the fact that who has betrayed whom.” DP exclaimed.

Sanskar ignored him, “You have manipulated them well Ragini. I promise you that I will bring your truth out no matter what it takes. But for the time being, why don’t you go prepare for Swara’s grahpravesh?”

Ragini clenched her fists tight letting her nails cut through her skin. She hadn’t expected this to happen. “I will not tolerate you blaming my daughter-in-law without a single proof!” Annapurna stated.

Sujata forcefully removed Swara’s hand out of Sanskar’s hold and started dragging her towards the door, “This bangalan has done black magic on my son. Leave my house and stay away from my son.”

Sanskar held Swara’s other hand, effectively stopping Sujata in the mid, “Swara is my wife and as my wife she has the right to live here with me in this house. She holds rights equal to Ragini if not more as Swara is now Ragini’s jethani.”

Ragini looked at Swara with hatred in her eyes, she wasn’t a bit happy about this and that was evident in the way het fists were clenched, her eyes being red and tense body language. Swara remained silent all this while, she herself was recovering of the shock that she was now Swara Sanskar Maheshwari, apparently.

Sanskar knew that Ragini would be affected by this move of his, he smirked looking at now speechless Ragini feeling happy that his plan was going on the right track but the pain across his chest begged to differ. “It must be the guilt because I am responsible for bringing out the villainous side in Ragini.” he thought.

“Ragini I am not only your elder sister but now I am your Bhabhi as well. Won’t you welcome me?” Swara asked feeling a bit stronger emotionally.

Before Ragini could answer back, Laksh’s angry voice could be heard from behind, “What the hell is going on here?”

The emotional stability that Swara had gained washed away in a jiffy. The moment Swara’s eyes met Laksh’s, she felt nervous all over again while he was furious. Swara could feel the anger and the accusation, the tension was palpable.

Laksh felt his already damaged heart break some more when he saw Swara standing there hand in hand with his brother. So is this what it is? Had Swara done all that just because she wanted his elder brother Sanskar and not him? He had loved her with everything he was and had, was it not enough for her.

Sanskar stared at Laksh confidently, he knew he wasn’t wrong and neither was Laksh at his place, he was just another victim of Ragini’s manipulations, “Laksh, me and Swara for married, she’s your Bhabhi now.” Both Swara and Laksh flinched at this, never had they thought that the relationships would change like this.

Instead of getting angry at them, just what Swara had expected, Laksh remained calm, “Oh! So it was you who she wanted. Huh?” Laksh walked down the rest of the stairs and stood beside Ragini and held her hand in his.

“Why are we wasting our time on talking?” Sujata yelled, she turned towards Swara and said, “Get out of my house right now!”

“This is not only your house, it’s my husband’s as well.” Swara remarked.

“And she’ll be staying here with me. We will be together, if not here then maybe somewhere else.” Sanskar commented.

“Sanskar! We will not tolerate this behaviour of yours.” DP yelled.

“Deal with it. Swara is my wife now.”

Laksh turned towards Swara, “What’s it in you that you trap men so easily? First it was me and now Sanskar. Us there someone else we don’t know about?” he taunted.

Swara was hurt, she felt tears burning her eyes. Sanskar’s reaction on the other hand was a violent one. He pulled back his hand and punched Laksh right on his face.

Ragini gasped out loud seeing Laksh on the floor, she ran towards him and checked his face for injury. “Laksh!” RP shouted and before anyone could comprehend, Laksh was back on his feet and punched Sanskar in stomach. The whole family was appalled seeing the brothers fight like this.

Sanskar was about to hit Laksh back but Ragini came between, she stood in front of Laksh, facing Sanskar. Sanskar’s hand was fisted and was close to Ragini’s face, it was good that he stopped in mid. Ragini looked at Sanskar with tears in her eyes and lines of worry on her forehead.

Sanskar didn’t know why the emotions in Ragini’s eyes were disturbing him so much, he felt as if he was the wrong one in this case. Agreed he shouldn’t have hit Laksh but what he had said about Swara enraged him, Swara was innocent, she didn’t deserve to be blamed.

But Ragini….

“Enough! You guys are brothers not enemies! Stop fighting.” Ragini yelled, she hadn’t expected this to happen. For God’s sake! It wasn’t what she had in mind.

“Then tell everybody the truth.” Sanskar whispered yelled. Ragini raised her hand, gesturing Sanskar to stop, “The truth is that I am Laksh’s wife now and apparently Swara is yours.”

“Ragini!!” Sanskar was furious.

“Do not talk to Ragini like that! She’s the daughter in law of this house.” Annapurna warned.

Sanskar turned towards her, “Swara is the daughter in law of this house as well Badi Maa. She is going to stay here, in this house with me. And that’s final. I don’t care about anything else.” Sanskar took Swara’s hand in his and dragged her upstairs to his room, ignoring the family members.

Sujata collapsed on the floor, RP, Parineeti and Adarsh rushed towards her while Annapurna ran towards Laksh. They all were so busy with themselves that they didn’t notice the drop of tear that escaped Ragini’s eye as she stared at the backs of Sanskar and Swara.

Precap : Truth behind SwaSan’s marriage, muh-dikhayi rasam and Anokhi.

Credit to: Shonali

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    1. Thank for commenting and yes, Megha is my bestie, we are writing a story at wattpad together. πŸ™‚
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    2. You are talking about the Megha who is the writer of “Rishtey” & “This Time Forever” right?!
      Yeah, we are best friends. πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah she only. Must say dat the way you two write is quit similar trust me wen i read d first part of dis ff i thought its written by megha even i wanted to ask you about dis but i didn’t..den i saw her saying in her ff dat Shonali is her bestie from dat day i’m waiting for ur ff to ask you whether u r dat shonali or not…nd u proved dat by taking so much time to update just like ur bestie(just kidding)…nd pls tell ur bestie to update rishtey soon..

      2. Oh that πŸ˜›
        Actually me and Megzie met at IF, our likes, dislikes and favourites are 99% same, the only thing different is that I am more of a designer, all that image manipulation stuff.
        And about update late, well her other ff’s keeps her busy, last time I counted she had more than 10 ff’s going on at different sites πŸ˜›
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  5. This was so good!
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    1. Glad that you liked the update.
      About the pairs I am still not sure that who’s gonna end with whom, whether there will be only one couple at the end or two, I really don’t know. The only thing I have in my mind is that Ragini should get the importance that she deserves and never got in the serial. Her character was turned and twisted so many times that it’s hard to digest it all. So for now, my focus is on developing Ragini’s character.

  6. Awww….feelng sad for ragini…bt it was an awesome episode…keep updaying…love ragini..

    1. Glad that you liked the episode and understood that what Ragini did wasn’t her fault alone, that she had her own reason and justification about it.
      Thank you for commenting. πŸ™‚

      1. Ya true i loved Ragini’s character at that phase more than Swara’s but after that everything changed they couldn’t give proper explanation and redemption to that character actually i missed this thing in each character except Sanskar who somewhat been given proper justice. but ragini was brilliant in that role.Somehow i never understand why people think Swara’s character given more importance and she been sidelined while i feel it was all about ragini in that phase and after that it was never truely about Swara though she got more screen space but her character was not as brilliant as of Ragini in that phase. That was the best part of swaragini. people may think her character made grey or something but i guess that was the best thing that ever happened in that show she was terrific in portraying that overly in love girl

      2. Exactly my point. The only fault is the direct transformation of Ragini’s character without a proper track. Unlike the real life grey characters, Ragini’s was portrayed completely black and that of Swara’s completely white. But Tejaswi portrayed the negative role efficiently, I love her soooo much!
        And what I think is that right from the start Swara was projected as the main lead and Ragini being the second, Swara always being the good doer and sacrificing (no offence meant)
        There’s no balance between the couples, unlike RagLak’s confusing love story SwaSan’s has been in limelight since the start.

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    1. Glad that you liked the episode πŸ™‚
      I know, even I am confused about who should be paired with whom and I know that at points some may feel its raglak but later it may appear that this is a ragsan story πŸ˜›
      I have the storyline in my mind but I haven’t finalized the pairs yet but Ragini is the main character here and this is her story.
      And about Sanskar liking Ragini, no he doesn’t, Sanskar is confused and is feeling guilty of being one of the major reasons that Ragini has turned villainous.

  12. wow!! just superb. i dont mind if the pairs are raglak, swalak or ragsan, as far as ragini is there as a lead. i have a doubt, is sanskar in love with ragini?

    1. I am glad that you liked the episode and enjoyed reading it as well. Ragini as in Tejaswi is my favourite as well, she has been since I saw her on life ok’s 2612 πŸ™‚
      And about Sanskar well for now he’s just confused about his feelings but majorly he’s feeling guilty (that he should feel) for sowing the seeds of revenge and manipulation in Ragini’s mind. He is confused because he doesn’t want to hurt Ragini but he has to do so to prove Swara innocent. He wants to punish Ragini but he isn’t able to see her getting punished. Just because its him who made Ragini like this as Ragini had accepted SwaLak’s relationship before Sanskar manipulated her into snatching her love back.

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