FF – Dark Before Dawn (Episode 1)


I don’t know what I am gonna write, seriously this story isn’t planned at all, I really don’t know what will happen in future but I know one thing that I really didn’t like the way Ragini’s character was turned negative and that too to such an extent that the naive and innocent girl tried to kill her own sister.

This story will start from the moment Ragini got married to Laksh for the first time. Some situations will be different in this story, a whole new angle is added to Swaragini that even makes me curious, so please forget all what happened before RagLa’s first marriage, I will tell you about it. I’ll start by telling you the ages of the characters. Ragini is 26 years old, Swara – 27, Laksh and Sanskar are 28 year old, Sanskar is elder to Laksh by 6 months. The story may confuse you at start but believe me, as the story will progress, pieces will fall into their right place.

And most important thing, do not ask me about the pairs, please. A write wants to maintain some suspense, no? So please, a) do not question me about the pairs, b)you can mention your favourite fair in your comments but it doesn’t mean that I am counting which pair has more fans, no I am not and c) pairs of the story will be decided as the story progress, believe me I have just one thing in my mind now, Ragini. The story is mainly about Ragini, that I am sure about but the pairs…nope.


She sat on the decorated bed, her eyes closed and her face covered with a veil. 2 hours ago, she was Ragini, Ragini Shekhar Gadodia, the simple, old fashioned girl for whom a modern guy like Laksh Maheshwari could never fall for. Just like any other girl she had her share of dreams about her marriage and what happened in these 2 hours was nothing she’d bargained for.

In these past 2 hours, she had “tried” to kill her sister, proved her guilty in front of so many people, their families included and got married to a guy who was heartbroken in love with her sister Swara. She so hated her. It was all because of Swara, what was the need to fall in love with Laksh? Damn! Though she had gotten married to Laksh, her plan was successful, everything went perfectly according to what she had planned.

Ragini rolled her eyes behind the veil as she saw a crestfallen Laksh entering their room. Actually it wasn’t his fault at all. The thing is that there are only few people who know how to be strong in love, strong and determined enough that they will get what they want by hook or crook. She had done that. She had planned on getting married to Laksh and look here she is now, in Laksh’s room as his wife.
Ragini clutched the sides of her lehnga tightly as Laksh came to lift her veil. As Laksh lifted her veil, he got more sad as this was not the face he was expecting. It should have been Swara here right know but look at what fate had done, fate had hooked him to Ragini instead. Dejected, he removed his hands away and turned around not wanting to face Ragini.

“I am sorry Ragini, I know this must be really hard on you but you have to understand that I cannot love you. I have loved Swara and Swara ony, no one else can take her place even after what she did. I am really sorry Ragini. I am your husband, yes and I will fulfil all the duties of a husband but do not expect me to love you. I don’t think I could even be able to love you. I am sorry…really sorry.”

Laksh picked his car keys from the shelf and walked outside the room leaving behind a teary eyed Ragini.

The moment Laksh left, Ragini collapsed on the floor. Tears flowed out of her eyes, no this was not how it should be but this is what is needs to be. She wiped every drop of tear off her face, determination shining in her expressions. Now that she had started walking on this road, she would not back off now. There are things that are needed to be done and she would make sure that everything goes as planned. She would not tolerate someone hindering her plans, now that she had achieved one of the most difficult goal she had set. Getting married to Laksh Maheswari.

Ragini pulled her suitcase on the bed and took out her comfy spongebob squarepants night-shirt and white knee length shorts and went inside the bathroom to change. After all that drama, she needed a good night rest.


Swara was in her room, back at Baadi. Her head lying in her mother’s lap, she was sobbing really hard, “Why Maa, why would Ragini do this? She could have told me that she is still in love with Laksh, I would have backed off. Why she chose the wrong way?”

Sharmishta caressed her daughter’s hard in a soothing way as she cursed Ragini in her thoughts, “I don’t know Shona, only she can answer these questions of yours. She has even surprised me, I never thought that our innocent Laado will do such heinous things to you.”

Swara sat up, “And Laksh! Maa, how could he not trust me. I loved him with all what I am, and he couldn’t even trust me?”

“I think what happened is good Shona.”

“Maa?” Swara was appalled.

Sharmishta kissed her daughter’s hand and replied, “He didn’t trust you and she broke your trust. they don’t deserve my Shona. Now don’t cry. The evil doers can’t stay happy for long. You will get justice.”


Sanskar was still in shock. What had happened! He came here for revenge, he wanted to punish Laksh for messing with his love life that resulted in Kavita’s death but now, when it really happened, why was he feeling sad and lost all over again. He was sad for Swara, yes he was. Ragini shouldn’t have done that. He had tried to put some sense in her but guess the seeds of hatred he had sown in Ragini’s mind had really made her evil.

But the pain that slashed across his chest? What was that? Was he feeling guilty of trying to hurt his family? Was he sad because he had ruined Ragini? Was he unhappy that Kavita’s killers finally got punished?

He couldn’t pin point his current emotions right now, but what stood out was that he had hurt an innocent in all this. In his craze of getting revenge, he had hurt Swara, the innocent one. The need to do it right for her burned his soul. He was determined to get justice for Swara, he will prove Swara’s innocence and Ragini’s ill-doings, and in the flow of it, he will confess to his crimes as well, after all it was him who created a devil out of another innocent being. Ragini.


Precap : SwaSan entering Maheshwari Mansion as a married couple. How will Ragini react to this?

Credit to: Shonali

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