FF : And then came you.. (Intro)


Hey everybody! I am Megha and I am a fan of Ravi Dubey and Siddharth Khurana (Ravi’s character in Jami Raja). Is it just me or there are others who think that Roshini does not deserve Sid? Well I do, I really think that Sid should get a girl who will love him the unconditional, all consuming way, like he deserves to be loved. As I am a die hard fan of the couple Ravi-Sargun, the cute, adorable and loveable pair, I was think of writing something about them. And as I am not liking the way Jamai Raja series is going and the way Roshini’s character has turned out to be, I was thinking of writing a fan fiction on Ravi-Sargun, a continuation to the post leap Jamai Raja series, season 2. Where Siddharth (Ravi) will slowly fall in love with a new female protagonist, Riddhi (Sargun) while Roshini/Ragini (Nia) stays hidden but will later come face to face with Sid. So if you are interested in a Ravi-Sargun/Siddharth-Riddhi fan fic, please read the prologue below and comment. I will continue only if you want me to.


Life is all about changes, the moments that change your life by giving it a new direction, a new path to walk on. Good or bad, these changes are inevitable, irreversible and irrevocable. Gone through such changes, not only my life is different now but the reflection of the man staring into the mirror contrasts with the man I was and the man I am now.

I met Roshini when I wasn’t expecting life to bestow me the love of my life. She was everything I wanted and everything that I didn’t know that I would start wanting. She was gorgeous. A beauty with a fiery temper, a princess in distress. Falling in love with her was easy, it was spontaneous and smooth but it proved to be hell lot tougher to maintain it that smooth way.

Maybe love wasn’t enough, because no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t keep her safe with me, by my side. She was snatched away from me and the thing that hurts me the most is that I wasn’t with her when she was counting her last breaths. I wasn’t were I should have been, by her side, my arms wrapped around her, trying to protect her from anything, everything.

Her death left me broken but I had to keep those broken pieces of me together for my family. Joined together by my love for my family and the need to live for them, I am still raw on edges and the cracks are well hidden. I had thought that I will be like this till the day I breathe last but then she came.

She touched the fragile cracked glass that my life had become with utmost care and love that I couldn’t fathom what was happening. She held me tight, kept me close and cracks that had damaged the mirror of my life began disappearing. She healed me but somewhere deep inside was still the man who died the day the love of his life died. So it was natural for me to think that love may again knock the door to my life but I sure wasn’t opening it and giving love a chance again. Been there, done that and was still hurting.

But I forgot a teeny tiny detail, that no matter how much I tried I would not be able to stop myself but walk on the new path that destiny had laid out for me. A path on which she walked along me.

Credit to: Megha

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  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Oh I totally agree with you from the day one I thought that Roshni cannot be pair with Sid! She claims that she love Sid but she never believe him, so carry on with your fan fic 🙂
    Wait for the chapter 1

  2. Yes continue but please do not unite sid and roshni… I hate roshni so much.

  3. Hey i also think u shud go along n i agree with all of u also i mean Nia Sharma is rele pretty i gotta admit n roshni also in jamai raja but her attitude is too much sid deserves better so yes i also love sargun n i think she’s a lucky woman don’t u?? ?? nyways looking forward for u to start

  4. Please do continue. Looking forward to read the next part .

  5. Sarayu(honey)

    Please continue, I am looking forward to read this ff

  6. Love your writing style.
    Please continue with this story. Looking forward to read the first chapter.

  7. Plz continue and add really good ravi and sargun scenes

    I don’t personally like the pair of sid and roshini it should be sargun and ravi

    Sargun is lucky to have a husband like ravi

  8. i really dont like the role given to Nia… I wish sid could fall in love with another woman in the show.

  9. die hard fan of RD

    yes sid deserves another chance
    to be frank even i don’t like the role of nia/roshni
    continue with ur fan fic

  10. Nice…continue

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