FF : And then came you.. (Character Sketch)

Character sketch

Ravi Dubey as Siddharth Khurana – He’s handsome, he’s cool, he’s smart, he’s caring, he’s charming, he’s jovial and he’s kind. But all this is just one side of his. Just like a coin, one thing but has two faces, two different sides. Siddharth is like that as well. Roshini, his wife, she didn’t die alone, a part of Siddharth died with her. You see the man, dressed in trendy clothes, that s*xy haircut, that swoon worthy smile and captivating black eyes, that’s Siddharth Khurana for you. He says he’s fine, that he’s happy, he’s lying. Roshini’s death has tore him apart, he’s hollow inside, devastated and lost.

Sargun Mehta Dubey as Riddhi Kapoor – She’s beautiful, she’s gorgeous, she’s fun, she’s chirpy, she’s caring, she’s loving, she’s witty, she’s childish and she’s philosophical. Riddhi is the same inside out,she’s not one of those who can hide their emotions well, she’s quite outspoken and is a trained dancer. Her parents are dead, her grandmother was the one who took care of her and her elder brother. A year ago, her brother and his wife died in an accident leaving behind their twins in Riddhi’s custody. She loves the kids and the kids love her. Though she’s an interior designer by profession but she handles her family business of hotels along her grandmother. You see that woman, yeah the one dressed in plain blue colored short kurti and white salwar, the one with her hair tied in a messy bun, a school tie around her neck, comb struck in bun, a pair of shoes in one hand and a tray holding two glasses and one bowl of milk, that’s Riddhi Kapoor for you.

Eklavya Ahir as Sharman Kapoor – He’s one sharp, devilish, smart, intelligent and naughty kid. Though he’s just 7 years old, Sharman is far more intelligent than his age. Heard of the term evil genius? Well he’s not exactly evil but yeah he’s devil genius. He’s master in playing the I-am-innocent card whenever required. He’s close to his Bua Maa (Riddhi) and loves to annoy his twin sister.

Ananya Nayak as Shanaya Kapoor – A superstar in making, she’s a diva. Ananya wants to become a famous actress when in future. A big fan of Kareena Kapoor, Ananya even at the age of 7 talks, walks and behaves like an actress. She’s dramatic, talkative and energetic kid whose presence is like a rainbow in the clear sky. Vibrant, colourful and totally wow-able. Though how much her brother irritates her, Ananya is very protective of him and the face that she’s 15 minutes older than him, woah! she feels that she got this elder sister’s responsibility on her tiny shoulders. She loves her Bua Maa and treats her like her own mother.

I-don’t-know-who-this-beagle-dog-is as Mr. Peabody – 2 years back, when Sharman was in 1st standard, his friend told him that his dog had birthed puppies, Sharman asked him to bring one for him. And that kid did as Sharman asked him to. He packed a pup in his bag and sneakily brought it to school and handed the 10 day old pup to Sharman. All this happened without either of the parents being informed. Sharman hid the pup well for days but when his friend’s parents came knocking at Sharman’s door demanding their apparently lost pup back, something happened. For the days Sharman had been taking care of that pup, watched him open his eyes for the first time, fed him using a baby’s feeding bottle, all that had created a bond between Sharman and the pup. Both of them weren’t ready to leave each other’s side. So at the end it was decided that Sharman would keep the pup. It was Ananya, the all movies fan, who took inspiration from the movie “Sherman and Mr. Peabody” and named the pup “Mr. Peabody”. Like any other dog, he’s loyal but his loyalty is biased, more in favour towards Sharman, his adopted Dad.

Supporting Characters

Raj and Simran Khurana (Sid’s parents)

Kritika and Bunty Sharma (Sid’s sister and brother-in-law)

Savitri Kapoor (Riddhi’s grandmother and Sharman & Shanaya’s great grandmother)

Dead Characters (Just in case, so that you guys know when there name is mentioned)

Satyajeet Kapoor (Riddhi’s grandfather and Sharman & Shanaya’s great grandfather)

Samay and Sakshi Kapoor (Riddhi’s brother and sister-in-law and Sharman & Shanaya’s parents)

Credit to: Megha

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  3. Loved it . Really looking forward to read part 1 of your story.

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  5. Hi.. Megha u r really good. I just request u to be regular and continue with the story. It seems really interesting. Moreover, I luv sid . I used to also like roshani but now her transformed character is pathetic no fault of nia its a hypothetical story and she has to follow the script. But I would really love to continue with ur fan fiction and pl make sure that u don’t turn roshani into a complete evil creature trying to break riddhi and sid .let her realise the importance of sid. And pl kindly update us with ur ff…ty if u r reading.

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