FF – Bahu hamari rajni kant season 2 Episode 2


Lets start
Rajni fell down shaan is coming from window and jumped off he fell down . abd he hear the electric sound he suddenly stan and go inside the room by window and see that rajni is lying in the floor he get tensed. He try to take rajni but cant. Then he thinks he calls dev that bring my tool box here at the room. Dev brings and shaan recovered rajni and gone to the lab there he cleaned rajni and on her. She get on. At there at rajni room all are knoking . and shaan listens it and bring rajni from main door all see this and ask from shaan. What has happened. Shaan gets confused. Surili asks that rajni is there in room so how she came here with you? Shaan is tensed. Deev answered that you know I have gone to room so shewas not there then I see she jumped over window to take fresh air and shaan also comes there. All said ok.

At evening
All are geeting ready for sangeet. Rajni had wored the beautiful cream coloured gown and shaan cream coloured kurta all came there and fun starts. Kuhu say welcome every one today is my chacha and chahi sangeet is there so all of you have to dance now first of all im going to dance. She dances next dhyan sharmila and gyan Maggie danced. Then Amrish and surili danced. Shouguta has camed and she danced but in between her heels het broken. All laughs. Now its turn for shaan and rajni they have to dance on disco theme song starts and rajni and shaan start dancing rajni is so energetic she danced and pushed shaan she kept on dancing.

Precap new entry

Sorry foe mistakes my keyboard is not workink well that’s why small episode

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  1. Saasha123

    No problem for the mistakes but di its a kind request from me pls use comma’s because at some lines it is difficult to understand and I have to read 3-4 times to understand….. And coming on to the ff shoguta’s heel broken was the funny part just imagine…??? and the epi was great…..???

    1. Avishi

      Thankyou and ya I keep in mind

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