FF – Bahu hamari rajni kant season 2 Episode 1


So the new season starting now we have too much fun.

So the preparations of the marriage has been started all the members are so happy except Surili. They are ready for haldi. Amrish say to rajni that you are not celebrating haldi with your family. Shan suddenly say she doesn’t have family. Amrish say shaan but you say that she is your friends sister. Shaan- yes I said suddenly dev say she is my sister. Shaaan- yes she is devs sister. Amrish says ok . first the shaaans haldi is there all the haldi and then rajnis turn. Shaan is worried because haldi contains water in it and rajni is not water proof. All put the haldi in rajnis face. All the things are going well for some time suddenly rajni start shivring and shaan is standing beside rajni and get shock. Shaan get worried that rajni can anytime feel dow. He tries to hold rajni but he again get shocked. Amrish say now you go and get clean up. Sharmila come and is holding rajni before that shaan stop sharmila and say stop rajni can walk herself rajni you go to bathroom. Rajni walks to bathroom. Shaan is also coming backwards rajni but Amrish stops him and said where you are going? Shaan bathroom . Amrish- but there rajni went na.now go to your bathroom and clean yourself. Shaan goes. Shaan is worried and could not think anything how to move to rajni. Whereas rajni scan and say all the people are saying that I have to clean up so I have to bath. She is going near the tap to open it. There shaan in the room thinking and got the idea. He stands near the window andclimb down to rajni room. Rajni is juat opening the tap and fell down.

Precap- sangeet function is on air.

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