(FF) 3 – Part 1

It’s a treat for kkb fans…I agree that many are Tamilians….so you all know the movie 3 and many likers are there….and ram …janani…is the best onscreen couple….but the end
..was not satisfied….so it’s a short story…
Janani- shruti

A boy gets up …..he heard a voice….ram….ram…he says yes ma coming….he says who’s hell discovered studies ,school…If I got him..I would kill him…he heard his close friend Shiva calling. …machi ….ready ? Ram says wait I will come…Shiva asked you havnt ready ? Yet. ..hey we have to go to school da. .it’s late..ram says I know go and do breakfast
..ma had prepared…Shiva asked ha….okay I will go..

Ram gets ready and comes down..ram says ma..I am leaving..ram’s dad comes down..and asked his mom..did she cares for ram.he is studying or not.ram gets up and says Shiva let’s go…and they both left…

In evening…while leaving to home…ram sees a girl who is pretty …she is janani…she was with her friend going on cycle..ram follows her…he says to Shiva that they also have to go to that tuition. ..

Next day ram and Shiva joined that tuition. ram was continuously seeing janani..Shiva says we havnt gone to school properly but you brought me for tuition. The tuition master sees and ask Shiva to get up. .he asked some question but he doesn’t answer .the master asked ram but he says…

Ram kept on following janani.one day janani asked why are you following me..he says I love you…janani says I have no interest and leaves..but ram follows her.that tym janani’s father came…he slaps ram and warned him.janani worried for him

Next day while coming from tuition, janani sees ram and tells I want to go a ride on your bike.ram says ok .he asks whether she loves him.janani says I like you but when I get my visa I have to go.ram say ok….

Few months later….
ram and janani are in park..ram says what …you got visa …you are leaving…janani says yes.ram says ok go…don’t come before me.and ram leaves.

Janani comes home and she takes a match box and fires the visa.get mom comes and beats her.
next morning…
janani comes to meet ram…ram asked why you came..she tells everythg…and says now I left all for you…marry me…ram asked are you serious…janani says yes…

Ram comes to his dad and says I want to marry …he tells we will not attend the marriage unless ot until her parents agree. Ram says ok.

Ram and janani marriages ….in a club….both consummate their marriage….janani works in a company and ram got some shares from his dad and he is developing his business.both were really happy…

Next one part is more…I know all people know this story …but for new readers i updated…next part will be apart from the real story. .

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Credit to: jiya

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