fell in love again….ss part 2


Sanskar is sleeping peacefully on his bed.suddenly a girls comes in his room and looks at him emotionally. Her eyes are filled with tears and lips are having a painful smile.she goes towards bed and sits near bed and slowly takes sanskar’s head in her lap and starts caressing his hair. Sanskar smiled in his sleep. She sees him and thinks.
“Six months…..six months sanskar we are here..I still remember when I saw you in that hospital.it still takes out my soul from my body.that scene still didn’t fade away.
The same girl is shown walking in corridor. She is having a bandage around her for-head suddenly she hears someone’s shouting and goes towards the room…a man is shouting madly the ward boys are trying hard to control him but are unable.the girl peeps inside the room and sees the person.. As soon as she sees his face gets shocked and says which comes out of a whisper’sanskar’.a nurse notices her and asks her to leave the room but she is still in the state of shock.nurse shakes her and ask her what is she doing here?
Girls looks at the nurse blankly and points towards sanskar and says..
HE Is My Husband..
(Yeah yeah as u guessed she is indeed Swara)
Her trance of thoughts was broken by tia..
Swara looks at her who is present in room along with karan..and smiles at them in b/w her tears..
Swara:look na tia he is looking soo cute while sleeping ..just like always.
Karan:swara come I wanna talk with you…
Swara nods and tiran(tia + karan)leaves the room.
Swara wipes her tears and kisses sanskar’s forehead and leaves after placing him carefully on pillow.

In hall.
Swatiran are sitting.
Karan:swara I think its high time you should come in front of sanskar.
Swara:but karan he hates his family.
Tia:we know that swara but he doesn’t remember anything. He has lost his memory.only one thing he remember is he hates his family…why??he himself doesn’t know the reason. May be you can help him out.it has been long six years you are staying with him under single roof without coming infront of his eyes…taking care of him all the time and still u can’t do this c’mon you are M.D of SB companies. And sanskar wanna meet the M.D its a golden chance may be a signal from God …plz swara I think you should grab this chance.
Swara:I don’t know tia but if you think its OK I will give a try to it…I can do anything for my sanskar.
Tiran smiles
Swara:karan you met with doctor…what did he say??
Karan:actually swara there is good news…doctor said sanskar is now handling his mentally situation by himself. He is showing +ve response.
Swara:(happily) wow karan its really a good news.
Karen:but swara….
Swara:but what??
Karan:doc said now there is no need of sleeping pills for him as his state is much better….he might be having problem firstly but than he will be OK…so…(hesitant)
Tia:so swara(squeezes her shoulder) you can’t sleep with him in his room you will have to stay in other room…as we cant disclose to him now that you are staying here…
Swara gets sad for a moment but she is happy thinking that sanskar is getting better.
Swara:arey c’mon guys em OK I m really happy…now go and sleep even I’m tired see ya in office tomorrow.
Karan:(smiles)of course and please we want sanskar to meet with miss.swara Bose not with Mrs.swara sanskar maheshwari…OK???
By listing this swara smiles and nodes but suddenly remembers something and glares him deadly… Karan gulps seeing him
Swara:(angrily) Mr.karan Roy how dare you forget my warning..
Karan makes a pour mumaring sorry…
Tia laughs seeing his situation and says “you are gone karan”…btw what’s the warning.
Swara glares karan and he pouts remembering her warning.
@SB industries office
Karan:(on a call)I’m sorry ma’m but I tried my best but sanskar maheshwari is not ready for this deal.
Swara:uffff karan stop calling me m’am and I knew it you will not get deal I know my sanskar is stubborn… But still you try to convince him its important to merge our industry to M.C as sanskar has started it on my name..
Karan:OK ma’m…but when are u coming back I mean none has seen you ever…
OS:(angrily) karan don’t call me ma’m…and I need time..plz understand. yeah don’t you dare to touch sanskar for behaving you like strangers in his office and not signing the deal with you…otherwise you will see the worse me…OK??
Karan:(makes a dirty face) OK m’am and sticks tongue …
Call ended…
Karan’s POV.
Huh….sorry swara but I’m gonna leave this chance..hmmm..(rubs his hands)its gonna fun.(so many of you are right lady Hitler is none other than our sweet swara)
Flashback ends
Tia laughs more loudly and says.
Tia:u know swara he called you lady Hitler…
Swara fumes in anger and karan gives death glare to tia who simply shrugged…
Swara:I have a very good punishment for you…so tonight karan would sleep in hall..
Tia:(shocked) arey why??what did I do its actually a punishment for me…how will I sleep without her…
She says without realizing…karan eyes got widens on listening while swara smirk….tia realises what she said and turn crimson red…
Tia blushes more and hides in karan’s embrace… Swaran laughs…after a lot of teasing and freeing karan from the punishment Swara goes to her room to her sanskar…
In Swasan room
She gets sad thinking that she will have to sleep without him…but was happy with his improvement….she goes on bed and hugs him tightly… And doses off in his arms..

Precap:sanskar: look who is there the miss.arrogant M.D swara Bose…
Swara fumes while
Tiran chuckles… But suddenly swara gets happy

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