fell in love again….ss part 1


Hi peeps….well its my first ever attempt to write any story…
No proof reading
Story will start from the leap in serial..
But the difference is laksh didn’t got disappear…sanlak were back to MM…but swasan got apart due to Swara broke sanskar’s promise….she left MM for always broken heart and went to some other city(name would disclose later) to stay…as she wants to get rid of all her pains even sanskar left the MM and went to Mumbai to comapny’s Mumbai branch…

Sanskar is a play boy types…he laughs a lot…the funniest boss ever…having a very friendly relation with his all staff….doesn’t miss swara at all…living is life happily (perhaps)… OK so coming to main story
In Mumbai
A board meeting is going on…everyone is sitting with tense faces…suddenly a man enters in room..he is a complete definition of H3(hot n handsome hunk)…his face is extra attractive…

He enters in a rush.all present in meeting room sighs…and passes a smile to Mr.H3 …he smiles back and takes his seat
Girl:hello everyone welcome to maheshwari company (M.C)…as u all know we have Mr.sanskar maheshwari in between us(pointing at Mr.H3…as u all have guessed).so I think we should proceed our meeting.. Well we have the g.m of SB companies… So I think we should proceed our meeting.up to you sanskar sir
Sanskar: (smiling cutely)thank you tia(played by aada khan)…but I don’t wanna do this meeting.. Until the M.D of SB companies himself comes here.
Karan:(G.M of SB companies)(humbly) I’m sorry Mr.maheshwari but I’m here and I myself makes deals.our M.D is not in India so you will have to sign deal with me.
Sanskar: (extra sweetly) deal cancel Mr.karan roy(played by kunal verma).
Well it was like a bomb for both Karan and tia…
Tia:but sir we have invested a lot in this deal…it will effect our market image.
Sanskar (turning his gaze from karan to tia…along with his gaze his expression also changes into serious one)miss.tia I think I’m the boss here…(to karan)and Mr.gm u can leave.

Karan:(getting up from his chair)well think again Mr.maheshwari u still have two days.saying this he passes a smile to sanskar and to tia which she returns with a sweet smile and leaves from there.
All leaves the room except for tia and sanskar.
Tia:(a lil bit anger)what the hell is this sanskar.?? Why you did so?u know na how much is this deal for us?and still you did this dare to explain?
Sanskar gets up from chair and holds her shoulders smiling.
Sanskar:(smiling)miss.tia I know what I did u don’t worry its all under control…plz don’t stress your lil brain otherwise you will get more old.
Tia:(fuming) you mean to say I’m old.??
Sanskar:(laughing) ary no no no my Jan you are most beautiful… C’mon now give me your beautiful smile.
Tia smiles and sanskar pinches her nose sweetly..

Sanskar: that’s like my lil girl..btw what’s about new project with karma industries.
Tia:(makes a tired pout)emmm sanskar meeting is tomorrow I m really tired let’s go home…
Sanskar: OK sweety but u sure na its safe for me to go home…
Tia laughs:well I can’t guarantee about that.
Sanskar:(gulps)I think I should skip home for tonight.
Tia:(making a sad pout)so I should call our office staff for you funeral too.
Sanskar gulps:no no let’s go home.
They both leaves

@SB companies’ office.
Karan:(on a call)I’m sorry ma’m but I tried my best but sanskar maheshwari is not ready for this deal.
Other side:……
Karan:OK ma’m…but when are u coming back I mean none has seen you ever…
Karan:(makes a dirty face) OK m’am and sticks tongue …
Call ended…

SK mansion (sanskar’s mansion)
Sanskar enters in the house slowly looking here n there as if hiding from someone…
Sanskar: (cursing under his breath)ufff…this tia I’m gonna kill her how can she leave me in Lion’s cave alone…and went to spa…oh God I hope lion is still not in his cave… I have to rush…run sanky run…
He was tip toed to his room suddenly attends a hard punch right on his face and fumbles back…
Sanskar: (holding his face and mumering) you are gone sanky…Hitler is back awwww….my cute & hot face..(makes a pout)
He was busy in his own words when receives another punch right on his stomach..
Sanskar: ahhhh…

In meanwhile tia enters and starts laughing on his state…
Tia:(struggling hard to control her laughter)hahaha…sanskar well served…
Sanskar looks at her pleading and runs to her and hides behind her…and mummers in her ear.
Sanskar: tia my sweety plz save me from your husband look he damaged my handsome face…plz na
Tia:(laughing) oh my God sanskar stop behaving like a baby…and karan(strictly) don’t you dare to touch him again c’mon say sorry..

(Yeah its karan Roy who served sanky with two punches and husband of hot tia Roy)
Karan:(pouts)what yr tia u are my wife na …didn’t you see what he did….just bcoz of him I have to listen a lot of scolding from my lady Hitler..ahhh my ear is paining(faking a pain)
Tia and sanskar:stop your drama and say sorry..
Sanskar and karan hugs while tia smiles….

Precap:swasan meet….

OK so this is actually a ss…its purely swasa….tia and karan are gonna play love cupids in this… Hope you guys liked it..*finger crossed…

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  1. Simin

    Awesome dear
    What about imama how is she now

    1. Haya malik

      Sorry to inform…but she is no more…
      Actually her accident damaged her kidneys and she….

      1. Mica

        whaattt ??? are you sure ? innalillahi wainnaillaihi roji’un
        my condolence for her family dear…

    2. Simin

      Are u serious plz say its nothing like that plz
      I thought she is not well but this is so shocking
      I cant believe this
      I hope allah use jannat mein jagah aata farmaye

  2. awesome…!!loved it…!!

  3. Scooby

    I think M.D is swara.. dnt knw. Anf suprb chapie

  4. nice …..i think that lady hitler is none other than swara

  5. Awesome plz continue & update soon

  6. Pooja26


  7. next part soon please…

  8. Vyshu10

    nice…hitler is swara..haha

  9. Seems interesting…Really wanna read further…First Episode was quite nice…Looking Forward for Further Episodes..

  10. Soujanya


  11. Mica

    sure i gonna love it, Haya..
    still shocking about the sad news, God,..though she still in recovery as she continued to write those time..

    1. Haya malik

      She really wanted to end her story it was like her last wish…I remember she fought with doctor to let her post her story…but seems like she was not so lucky to get fulfill her last wish

      1. Mica

        yeah,,she said about the doctor also..aahhhh
        she was so young, wish Allah accept her in jannah, forgive her

  12. Nice…………

  13. SRSL

    Nice…upload ASAP…you gave a shocking news with a awsome post…i will pray for her…

  14. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Awsm concept dear.. Plz continue… Oh God,it’s a shocking news.. May Allah accept her in Jannat…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  15. Arshaanya

    Loved it

  16. Super awesome

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