Fell in LOVE by mistake!!


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 2)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Swara was engulfed in remembering and understanding what was happened with her last night, where as Sanskar was more busy in feeling her whole body by his magical fingers.

While Swara found herself lost with his every touch.

She forgot to resist and started flowing with him.

They were lying in hugging position feeling each other whereas her aroma was making him hornier.

The only change could see was the rhythm of Swara’s breath started changing.

She was breathing a bit heavily.

He nuzzled his face in her shiny hairs and smelled them.

Whereas she started breathing more heavily,

She closed her eyes by feeling his closeness.

In no time, he lip locked his lips with hers,

She was also kissing him back by forgetting all,

Slowly she opened her mouth and they were madly sucking each other’s tongues.

They kept sucking, kissing and nibbling each other’s lips for more than 20 minutes.

He is not leaving her when even she tried to break the kiss.

Finally he broke the kiss when he found himself failed for breathing.

Both were looking into each other’s eyes with panting heavily.

Then he huskily said, “you are damn prettiest and hot babe..!!!”

Hearing this Swara started blushing,

Whereas seeing this he couldn’t able to make control on himself, he went wild and kissed her juicy lips more passionately,

But this time his actions were too much rough.

They were even swallowing each other’s saliva through kissing each other hungrily.

While his Excellency, his Highness has become very strong.

Immediately he could not controlled more and started touching her left boob.

She was losing her control and saying, “please do not touch me there” but he replied her with evil smirk only,

She was continuously repeating, “please don’t do anything” But he ignored her and started pressing her boobs which she was unable to stopping.

He started kissing her neck, ear lobe, back while playing with her boobs.

And smashed his rough lips with her juicy, soft ones.

Whereas she one more time lost her all control and started kissing him back the same way.

He slowly whispered in her ears “I want to making out with you once again..!!”

She immediately stopped responding him back and tried for little bit struggling.

She made an attempt of pushing him by her tiny, soft hands.

But Sanskar didn’t move by inch also moreover was tightening his grip more on her and simultaneously was rubbing her boobs.

He got more courage and occasionally kept his hand on her bare leg.

She didn’t mind or she didn’t notice was a big question..,

He was occasionally put pressure so that she comes closer to him.

Suddenly their eyes met and their face came closer.

Next moment he saw her eyes closed and considered this as a green signal for him.

He softly again touched her seductive lips with his and planted a kiss.

She also responded well.

He started to insert his tongue into her mouth.

She opened her lips and now his tongue was exploring her inner part of mouth.

She was breathing heavily.

Then he thought that if he fail today then it will be difficult to get her back.

He removed his lips from her mouth and started going towards her neck.

He was licking her neck and could able to see goose bumps on her hand.

He kept on nibbling and sucking her neck with occasional bites on her ears.

She was enjoying it and was caressing his hair.

His hands started feeling her curved, s*xy and hot, bare body.

He was caressing her back and was thinking that “what a soft and milky skin she had..!!!!”

He started biting her earlobes. His other hand reached to her bare, more white legs.

And was simultaneously thought in surprise that those were one of the best, s*xy legs he had ever seen, just like smooth silk.

He felt her back body.

He started caressing her back with his sensuous touch.

She was on heat now and he was waiting for this moment only.

He pushed her back and lay beside her.

They were kissing each other passionately and his hands were exploring her bare, fairy, soft body.

He was playing with her boobs, he was slightly pressing them and fondling them, he slid his one hand down and started rubbing his fingers on her core, she was enjoying the whole act.

He started caressing it softly and she got an electric shock.

She started moaning..,

Whereas his eyes was admiring seen in front of his sight, her nipples became erect, they were inviting his mouth and he was desperate to take it in. he started licking the tits. She was on seventh heaven.

She slightly arched her body to give his ample room and support.

The room got filled with her soft moans.

He started inserting his fingers into her where as she shivered with his touch and hugged him tight.

He once again wanted to feel her whole heartened but was in a no mood to start the final act so soon.

Now they were hugging each other’s bodies and his hard chest was touching her soft boobs, both were felt amazing feeling..,

He started sucking her tits and was licking them really hard and her moans increased, both were on the peak of s*xual excitement.

Soon she started to stopped him.

But he held her even more tightly and started kissing her ears and neck madly with pressing her boobs.

He was brushing her neck and ear lobes with his mustache.

This time she was getting lost from all her control.

He lip locked with her once again.

He rested his tool against her core then she saw in his eyes very seriously and closed her eyes.

He thought that he need make her more excited, So he started kissing her neck madly, where as she hugged his arms and was breathing heavily.

He smelled her body and found himself lost in her fragrance..,

They were hugging each other and kissing. Her br*ast were touching his hard chest. He was pressing her boobs very tightly against his chest. She also put her hands around his waist and pressing her boobs against his chest, now she started moaning heavily.

He started kissing her waist, belly madly. Now he turned her back and started sucking her back especially at waist area. Now she has become wild and completely lost her control.

He was sucking her boobs badly and was kissing her lips, he started rubbing and feeling her core. she started making big sounds while he goes more wild listening her moans, and was exploring her milky body by kissing, touching, rubbing.

Now he got spread her legs and was admiring her sensitive body parts, she looked at him and closed her eyes with her hands.

Immediately he spread her legs more and started fingering her, she is not able to control and was moaning in s*xy way.

He tried push inside and she was screaming with pain.

Now he pushed further and she cannot tolerate the pain and asked him to remove.

But he again pushed by ignoring her resistance and holds her shoulder firmly and kept kissing on her lips and simultaneously pushed hard this time, it’s almost inside and she started crying.

He saw tears in her eyes and was feeling guilty.

Then he made her relax by kissing on her neck, shoulder, lips, overall face with still inside her.

While she was repeatedly asking him to remove but he kept it.

And just few seconds and he did his final shot and next movement he was completely inside her.

She screamed loudly but he kept kissing her on her collarbone, neck, shoulder, lips and overall face.

He made her relax by kissing her madly.

Now she became slight normal and looked into his eyes.

Then he kissed on her forehead.

Now he started thirsting slowly and she started enjoying the pleasure. Slowly he increased his speed with full force.

Whereas she was moaning like anything.

He thirsted and was stroking her for about one hour and after sometime he shuddered and left out a huge moan and released all his joy inside her and laid on her.

After struggling with his uneven breath he lay beside her.

Both were gasping for breath and were got tired like anything.

Both were looking in each other’s eyes deeply.

They hugged each other.

He climbed over the bed, came closer to her and whispered in her ears “I have never seen such a beautiful and s*xy girl in my life ever..!!!”

Whereas she just listen it, was not in a condition to reply him back but let out a smile on her rosy, soft lips.

Both got tired completely, they cuddles in each other’s embrace peacefully.

They were just feeling each other by coming more closer towards one another.

And within some couple of minutes both again slept for sometime in hugging position only.


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