Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 9)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 9)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Swara was worried for Sanky as full 2 weeks has been passed and till also there was no any news of him..,

At night..,

In Swara’s house..,

Swara was trying to sleep after she took a very long, bubble bath, but her eyes didn’t want to rest, she was feeling restless by thinking all negative and positive thoughts about Sanky..,

And in her own bedroom Swara started feeling suffocation as her all thoughts was making greatly impact on her emotions..,

So Swara thought to roam in house for some time for her mind refreshment so that she will be feel free from her all thoughts and emotions..,

Then Swara grabbed a bar of chocolate and put in pocket of her shorts.

And came out of her room and starts to walk in house for getting some peace..,

Then her eyes landed toward Lucky’s room and she thought that maybe his company could help her.

She entered in Lucky’s room without knocking the door and went straight to lie down on his bed.

Whereas Lucky was writing something on bunch of papers with sitting in front of his desk.

Swara rolled her eyes at Lucky.

Swara was on her stomach so she turned her head to look up at Lucky while she propped on her elbows with her head in her hand,

And she asked Lucky that,

Swara : “Aren’t you sometimes tired of learning..??”

Swara knew that Lucky listened to her but he didn’t bother to answer her question.

He just shrugged his shoulders and continued to write whatever he was writing.

Swara : “I mean, don’t you feel a little… like hunn, Come on Bhai, it’s your last year of college, don’t you want to do something unforgettable and outrages.?? I know I would if I were you..”

But Lucky ignored Swara completely by turning on the volume of his crappy rock music louder.

By noticing this, Swara sighed and got off the bed to walk towards him.

She turned music off and stood there behind him,

Swara : “aren’t you listening to me…??”

Lucky turned his chair and finally looked at Swara while he crossed his arms.

Lucky : “And you’re bugging me because you don’t getting sleep right..??”

Swara grinned sheepishly on Lucky’s words.

And stepped forward to look at papers on which he was writing something.

She picked up a paper and looked through the front and back.

Swara : “What is this.??”

Lucky : “None of your business..,”

Lucky answered Swara and quickly snapped the paper out of her hand.

She picked another paper from his desk and roamed through it quickly before picking another one and read it too.

But meantime Lucky again grabbed all papers from Swara..,

Then Swara asked to Lucky with frown on her most fairy and beautiful face,

Swara : “Why you don’t allow me to read those papers..??”

Lucky rolled his eyes and said,

Lucky : “Is that really necessary..??”

Swara : “Well dude, I’m your little sister, I’m supposed to be the one you tell stuffs to.”

Lucky : “I’m quite private about some stuff precisely.”

With saying this Lucky gave stern look to Swara to make her shut her mouth..,

That’s why Swara stopped saying anything further and keep watching his all movements quietly..,

Whereas after some couple of minutes, when Lucky realized room’s silence then he just simply smiled at Swara..,

And after some minutes passed, Lucky stood up and walked over to Swara.

He lied down on his bed and stared at the ceiling.

While after some moment of silence, Swara decided to ask Lucky something which she never thought that she would ask him.

But before asking, Swara once make confirmed with herself that,

Swara (herself) : “Wait, should I ask him like this..?? What if he could get me wrong..?? But he might give me a solution for it…or he might laugh at me, well if I’ll care for his laughing then, I’ll never get to know what I wanted to…”

Before asking Lucky something, Swara fumbled with pillow as she felt herself getting embarrassed while asking that question to her elder brother,

But she braved herself and finally asked Lucky that,

Swara : “Bhai, can I ask you something..??”

Lucky merely nodded.

Then Swara took a deep breath and continued with asking Lucky that,

Swara : “How we could able to know if a guy is serious about girl or not..??”

Lucky opened his eyes and raised an eyebrow while asking..,

Lucky : “Serious..?? But as in what..??”

Swara : “Well, in ROMANCE.”

Swara answered Lucky and looked away.

While Lucky laughed on Swara,

Whereas Swara make frown by thinking that her brother is laughing at her attempt of”Finding a solution for her and Sanky’s that weird relationship called ‘FRIENDS FOR BENEFITS’…,”

While Lucky looked at Swara after getting completed himself with laughing on Swara’s words.

And then asked Swara with amusement..,

Lucky : “Why so sudden..?? uptil now you never asked me about your ‘LOVE LIFE’…,”

Then Swara started thinking after hearing those 3 words ‘your LOVE LIFE’

Swara (herself) : “hunnn..?? My bad fate..!! I have no love life. But I do have a life of this odd relationship of me and Sanky, and I have very strong feelings for that ‘HEARTLESS JERK’ that I have never felt before for any guy.”

By thinking about her life, Swara gets sad and took out a bar of chocolate from her pocket and unwrap it while shrugging her shoulders to act nonchalant with replying back to Lucky that,

Swara : “Just curious is all…, nothing else..!!!”

By saying this, Swara remembered a reason behind asking like this question to Lucky,

Swara (herself) : “I couldn’t able to say real reason to Bhai that I’m actually asking this to him only because he is very much close with Sanky. So, he must be knowing very well that ‘How Sanky’s thinking goes with girls..??’..,”

Lucky smirked at Swara and asked her with confused look that,

Lucky : “No seriously, there has to be something.., that’s why you are asking this question to me which I never expect from you”

By listening Lucky, Swara thought that,

Swara (herself) : “How could he knows me so well..??”

But Swara lied with Lucky that,

Swara : “Well you’re a guy, that’s why I’m asking to you, or who else should I ask to for guy’s habits..??”

With saying this Swara lay beside Lucky on bed and waited for his reply..,

Whereas Lucky grabbed Swara’s chocolate from her hand and began eating it,

And still asked Swara with doubtful and pure amusement voice,

Lucky : “Are you sure it’s not because of you’re going out with any guy..??”

Swara (cold tone) : “I’m not with any guy, if u want to answer my question then tell me appropriately or else leave..,”

After noticing Swara’s harsh response, Lucky stopped for firing his questionnaire on Swara and decided to answer her question in straight way,

Lucky : “Hey Swara, don’t be angry my little kitten, okey leave it, and just tell me you want my opinion or not..??”

Whereas Swara replied Lucky by nodding her head slowly while chewing the sweet chocolate in her mouth.

Lucky shuffled beside Swara, before he turned to her while answering her question,

Lucky : “Well, in a guy’s mind there are three perspectives towards a GIRL. No wait, ‘FOUR’ I guess,

With saying this Lucky starts telling about that four perspectives,

Lucky : “The FIRST one is about :- How a guy looks at you and sees you nothing more than a friend. He respects you, but he doesn’t feel anything. Not even s*xual attraction.

Lucky kept continuing with telling about second approach that,

Lucky : “The SECOND one is :- It’s all about s*x. He sees you and all he can think about is s*x, nothing else. Usually this type of guy is a PALYER. And a player is about getting girls easy so he should be very handsome with good-looking features, charming and funny”

By listening about second perspective, Swara glanced at Lucky and after some couple of seconds she just rolled her eyes and listened lucky quietly,

Whereas Lucky again kept continued with giving information about third perspective,

Lucky : “The THIRD one is of fully ‘LOVE’ type only :- He sees you and all he thinks is how the world would be if you’re not beside him. This third type is pretty cheesy and sappy, all he could think is you and you and you and probably…you only, nothing else.”

Lucky paused for some seconds before answering for third approach..,

While Swara impatiently questioned Lucky,

Swara (curiously) : “What’s the last one..??”

Lucky took a deep breath and answered Swara for last and fourth approach,

Lucky : “Well, this FOURTH one is the toughest one :- It’s nothing but the,‘I-WANT-HER-IN-MY-LIFE-BUT-DON’T-WANT-ANY-COMMITMENT-WITH-HER’these type of thinking guys, these sort of guys are usually SELFISH. He may like you very much, wants to spend every time with you, thinking how hot and s*xy you are and how it’d be great to be YOUR GUY. Means in short, he wants you, but doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship with you. Sounds very selfish na..??”

Lucky rolled her eyes towards Swara and kept continuing with telling her in-detail about fourth approach that,

Lucky : “Well that’s what he thinks deep down about u., Usually, he doesn’t even have the guts to say how he actually feels about u or he may even actually never realize how he feels towards you because he himself is so much confused related to his feelings, literally he is too scared of COMMITMENT, he never liked the thought of this commitment word at all. And yet, he doesn’t at all like seeing you with any another guy.”
Well guys…!!! This chappy is enough…,
Let’s play one interesting game of ‘Guessing’…!!!
‘Figure out from which category SANSKAR is belonging and gets fitted in..,’
Do answer if u wants and liked to…..!!!!
And yeah.., previous chappy’s precap is going on with next one….!!!

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  1. Guess is obviously the fourth one type .but it’s too bad 2 weeks without Informing it’s not fair about boys .prologue I didn’t understood what u meant about it

    1. Sanswa

      Hey dear soany THANKS 4 taking glances of my story, bt m not getting wht u wanna ask me..?? Get 2 clr wid ur cnfusn by telling me it cleanly.., or else leave it..!!

  2. Fourth type

  3. Awesome dear.

  4. Sanky is perfectly fitted in last category

  5. Superb fourth type

  6. Awesome nd sanskar fit in 4 option…

  7. Mica

    well.. it’s not just guyz,,, nowadays even many girlz afraid on commitment as well..
    friend with benefit as long as both side agree it’s OK! (apart we talk about sin and religion)
    but still society will pointed the girlz than boyz…

  8. Superb..!!loved it..!! I feel he is 4th type only…!!

  9. 4th type…

  10. Sammykapoor

    sanskaar fits to fouth type..

  11. Dharshini

    Sanskar is of 4th category..

  12. It wz rocking dear…n i guess he lies in 4th category….

  13. Vyshu10

    Awesome…loved the sibling talk…swa-lak just hanging out and talk..it is cute.

    Well…sanky was in the first category like before the party….then in 2nd after the party, then 4th till he disappeared and now i feel like he is gonna be in 3rd one later

    1. Sanswa

      Wow how perfectly u caught me..!! ??I’m just flat on this attitude of u… Well THANKS for bearing me this much…!!!??

  14. Soujanya


  15. Awesome missing sanskar

  16. Rekha

    Sanskar is of 4th type….!!

  17. Tulina

    4th type….

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  19. Arshaanya

    Loved it…. loved swalakz sibling bond n talk…. ok n coming to which category he belong… to right nw accrdng to situatiin is category 4… he has gone tru category 1 n 2 n nw dat tym is also near wen he’l brlong to 3rd category ?

  20. Too good

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