Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 8)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 8)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Swara and Sanky have caught in huge discussion in classroom, after Sanky forced Swara..,

But both didn’t find any answer for tying whatever happened between both in some definition.

They unfortunately could not able to search ‘PERFECT NAME’ for their relationship,

Because at one side, Swara was not totally sure about her feelings.

Whereas at other side, Sanky’s hidden emotions was fully alien for him except he was definitely full aware about his desired feelings towards Swara.

That’s why he was more confident on the fact that ‘HE STILL WANTED s*xUAL INTERCOURSE WITH SWARA’,

But actually it was not his fault, he was horny for s*x from long ago before Swara enter in his life, he used to habitual of using chicks for his lust.

And moreover surprise thing was that girls were dying to come into his embrace..,

Same happened with Swara, even she was not of that type at all but she could not able to make control on herself just because ‘HE WAS HER FIRST CRUSH AT THAT TIME IN COLLEGE..!!!’

That’s why Sanky’s only one deep gaze was more enough to make her trapped in his words of fulfilling his s*xual needs.

And after thinking a lot, Sanky told Swara to address their relationship as ‘FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS..!!’ with no doubt ‘BENEFIT WAS NOTHING BUT s*x ONLY’.

Swara gets totally shocked after hearing Sanky but she was helpless in front of all situations.




So that day, after having forceful s*x in classroom, Swara and Sanskar discussed all above things and both sealed their relationship on the name of ‘FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS..!!’

And after that both made their ways to their perspective homes only..,



At Swara’s home..,

“So where have you been till now..??” Swara’s Mom asked when she was stepping inside home with baby steps.

Swara turned around and stared at her Mom who was slouching on the sofa with lappy on her lap.

Swara’s Mom ‘Mishthi’ was a writer cum kindergarten teacher and her thoughts were kind of very modern and she believe on the fact to allow children to let them live the life on their own will.

And Swara was close with Mishthi.

Mishti had a hobby to write romance novels, which she loved to write, and she sure had a lot of imagination when it came to her writing.


“Ahh.. Mumma,you know na..!! college projects.” Swara replied her Mom after shrugging her shoulders.

Mishthi put down her lappy and crossed her arms with asking Swara doubtfully,

“Projects, huh..??”

“Yup Mumma..!!” Swara answered her shortly.

But Swara hated it when she had to lie to her Mom but she was not having dared to tell true things to Mishthi even though she was close to Mishthi.

When Ragini wasn’t there Swara would tell Mishthi everything whichever was going on in her life.


“Oh quit the act Shona, You think your own mother doesn’t realize when her little daughter was out with a guy only..??”

“Mumma shh..!!” Swara made Mishthi silent after dropping her bag and sat down beside Mishthi with keeping her head on Mishthi’s shoulder.

“Where have you been and what did you do..??” Mishthi demanded while tapping Swara’s head carefully.

Swara rolled her beautiful yet elegant eyes and looked here and there in an attempt of searching Lucky’s presence.

And after get confirmed that Lucky is not around, Swara agreed to Mishthi that,

“Mumma, I love you, and yes I was with my college guy but related to talk about college stuff only.., so not to mention it in front if Bhai, please, I’m requesting u Mumma plzz…”

With saying this Swara blinked her eyelashes continuously with making puppy face.

“Why..?? He’s not the over protective type of big brother, is he..?? Well if he is then I’ll tell him to stop all thi…”

Swara cut off Mishthi with telling that,

“He’s really not that Mumma, but please…don’t say anything to him that I was with my college guy, plzz..??”

Swara begged Mishthi with her pleading, elegant yet more beautiful eyes.

With unsatisfied state Mishthi went silent and nodded slightly afterwards.

With misunderstanding Mishthi’s silence, Swara thought that, “Their talk was over now..,”

So Swara stood up and was about to go to her room while feeling very bad for telling lie to Mishthi.

Whereas Mishthi’s voice echoed the hall again with asking Swara,

“Shona, you learnt to hide things from your Mumma also hunn..??”

After listening this Swara started sweating in the thought of getting caught.

And she stared at Mishthi for a while before calling Mishthi..,


With saying this, Swara threw a more nervous look towards Mishthi.

But after noticing Mishthi’s disappointment expressions, Swara told her Mom with choking voice that,

“Mumma, It.. it’s not like… whi..Which you are thinking..!!”

“Ah, I see..??” Mishthi replied with double meaning..,

With saying this Mishthi observed Swara’s sweaty condition and asked her that,

“Shona, not lie again..!! Just tell me, who’s that lucky guy with whom you are in relationship now, after getting broke up with Kyle..??”


Yes, ‘Kyle’ Swara’s ex-boyfriend..!!

Swara broke up with him when he starts to crossing the line in which Swara was feeling more uncomfortable, she didn’t liked it at all..,

And don’t know, what she saw in Sanky and gets flow with him..,

Or we can say it all happened, just because ‘SANKY WAS HER CRUSH..!!’

Swara’s and Kyle’s relationship was just like ‘Time-pass’ only, they both were not that much serious..,

But just to have ‘GF AND BF’(now-a-days fad), they used to with together at college..,

And as usual Mishthi knew everything about what’s going on between both Swara and Kyle as Swara assures her there’s nothing anything serious in between both,

So Mishthi didn’t mind much after considering the fact that they are with together for name sake of ‘GF AND BF’ only, nothing more than that..,

That’s why, Mishthi thought same for next guy also and tease Swara so that Swara herself will tell her everything after getting frustration from Mishthi’s teasingness.

But this time Swara thought to not to tell anything to Mishthi as it was very big issue,


After noticing Swara lost in her thoughts, Mishthi shakes her while calling her name..,


“haann ha, Mumma..,”, Swara said after coming from her thoughts of doing planning of not to get trapped in Mishthi’s words.

Mishthi questioned Swara that,

“My little sweetheart.., I’m asking u something and where are u lost..??”

And again being continued, asking Swara with concern..,

“Shona, anything serious beta..??”

“Naah..!! no Mumma, there.. is.. no onnnee…one… in mmmyy..my liff..life.. nna..now”

With replying this in throttle voice, Swara again starts to go in her room after grabbing her bag while avoiding Mishthi’s gaze, walking towards her room way only to find Lucky walking down from upstairs.

Lucky gave Swara a confused look, which was such a relief for Swara that he didn’t hear anything what Mishthi and Swara was talking about..,

But Mishthi became frowned at Swara after listening Swara’s answer.

And she told Swara from back with little bit louder voice in front of Lucky who was giving suspicious look to Swara and Mishiti,

“Shona, I will wait until u yourself will not tell me all..!!”

But Swara ignored Mishthi’s words and shut her bedroom’s door with more nervous and sweaty condition.

Lucky glared at Mishthi after listening louder voice of closing door from Swara’s bedroom,

“What’s wrong with her Mumma..??”

Lucky asked to Mishthi while holding confused expressions.

“Well Ojas, I was telling her your birth’s story, not else..”

Mishthi answered Lucky while avoiding main topic and keeping promise which she gave to Swara.

“Mumma, no, eww..!!! Not again yaar..!!!”

With yelling this Lucky walked towards the kitchen.


Mishthi would always tease on Lucky on his birth topic because she got pregnant with Shekhar’s child at the time of Lucky, after her engagement with Shekhar,

That means before marriage only they celebrate their wedding night..!!

But after came to know this Swara’s Grandpa immediately fixed their marriage date and made them marry soon before anyone knows about this..,


Swara always used to think that, “A FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS” sort of thing with the most popular and coolest guy of college is somewhat very different thing than any other.


At college, both Swara and Sanskar always would share wide but sweet smile with each other, stare each other from long and used to talked with each other through eyes, only when no one was looking towards them as they decided to keep their bizarre relationship “FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS” as a secret as per Swara’s insist.

That’s why they preferred to live in front of all, same as they were before that party night, just known and totally uncared about each other.


After the start of their peculiar relationship called “FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS”, Swara always found Sanky straggling around her only..,

From many days, anyone didn’t noticed Sanky with any chicks getting too much closer rather than casual touch,

He almost used to deny for drinking too much after 6-7 shots daily..,

And the most important and surprise thing was that ‘HE SUDDENLY STOPPED SPENDING HIS NIGHTS WITH ANY OTHER GIRLS THAN SWARA.’

Sanky himself didn’t have answer that why his heart and mind would not allow him to do anything which can hurt Swara.

Because his heart starts to ache and he usually felt pain from inside after seeing Swara’s sad mood..,


Whereas Sanky’s this behavior almost was giving daily 200 watt shock to all his friends mostly Lucky.

Lucky was more surprised than anyone by noticing Sanky’s sudden change behavior.

And as per awareness of Lucky knows Sanky, Lucky was more confirmed on this fact that ‘THERE MUST BE SOME GIRL BEHIND ALL THIS’..,

After taking glances of Sanky’s changed behavior from very closely Lucky made conclusion that ‘SANKY DEFINITELY IS IN LOVE WITH THAT GIRL’.

But Lucky never asked about this too Sanky, as he was hurt from inside that Sanky hide this thing from his most closest friend.

And that’s why he made a mood of waiting until Sanky will not tell him everything.


All people around Sanky were in the dilemma of most shocking phase whereas at other side Swara was more happy after noticing that ‘SANKY STARTED TO CHANGE HIS FANTASIES NOW..!!’


One night when Sanky was in a drunken state not that much too high but he was not in his senses,

Then at 3:00 am, Swara’s mobzi was continuously started ringing until it will disturbed Swara’s sleep making her irritatingly to picked up the call without noticing caller-id,

Then due to irritation when Swara was about to throwing bad words to the other side for disturbing her sleep at this late time, she heard from other side that..,

“I’m started liking you Swara..!!!”

And then suddenly thudddddddddddddd sound..,

And before Swara could react after rubbing her beautiful eyes, call gets disconnected..,

Then Swara saw caller-id clearly and she started jumping on bed and dancing with her teddy at that late night until Mishthi came to checked her by hearing noises from Swara’s bedroom and throwing shocking yet surprise look at more happie Swara..,

Yeah right..!! It was none other than Sanskar only..,


At morning when Swara asked Sanky about call then he plainly and confidently denied Swara that ‘He can’t tell this thing to any girl’

Swara made a big frown on her prettiest, more fairy face after hearing this and leave from cafeteria.

Then Swara literally takes two full days to get convinced by Sanky.

But Swara’s more beautiful face became pale after thinking that ‘HE NEVER SAID ONE SINGLE SORRY WORD TO HER UPTIL NOW..!!’

And gets more sad by reminiscing Lucky’s words that,



Likewise many days passed for Swara’s and Sanky’s that more odd relationship, but uptil now Swara hadn’t told about this to Ragini..,

But Ragini used to keep on asking Swara what actually going on between they both by noticing something weird at surrounding.

At that time Swara just used to shrugged and replied her in negative nod only making Ragini more restless for get to know about everything..,


After some days passed..,

From 2 weeks Swara didn’t saw Sanky at college not even they talk on call also and when Swara herself used to call him then it was just ringing or announcing not reachable only..,

But she wasn’t that much tensed about Sanky after seeing Lucky’s calm and soft behavior as she very well known that Lucky can’t be this much cool if something happens to Sanky.

And she was damn sure on the fact that Lucky very well aware about Sanky’s where about.

But she didn’t have dared to ask Lucky about Sanky..,


And after how much she tried but she was not able to help herself from becoming panic and worried for Sanky as now she was very much clear about her feelings that ‘SHE HAS BEEN FALLEN FOR HIM’.

And she got the fact that she started loving him from that time only when they got very close at first..,

But she decided to tell him about this at right time only..,


By misunderstanding this behavior of Sanky (from 2 week they didn’t see each other).

Swara’s mind was yelling her that,

“He just played with your true and innocent feelings and now ‘HE LEFT YOU’ as he used to do with other girls after getting bored from them.”

And actually she cried a lot of times by remembering negative thoughts of her mind that ‘HE DUMPED HER’..,

But at other side her heart was telling Swara that,



Precap : When Swara was waiting for seeing Sanky then one day she got message from unknown number that ‘SORRY – Sanky’.

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