Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 7)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 7)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Swara’s pov started..,

Anyone have no idea how crazy little things popped in my head right now.

Many of u guys are probably thinking that, “Answer his question quickly with saying YES only..!!!”

Well, well, well.., let me tell you then something..!!!

Ragini would probably yell that at me right now if she were here.

But for me, this was absurd. Like, beyond ridiculous.

And to be honest, this was the only time I had trouble answering a question. Exams I could handle, but this uff..??

To even think about, it was beyond wrong.

It just didn’t make any sense. The s*x was fine for me; I was about ready to forget the whole thing anyway.

But why was he hugging me tighter now that I almost couldn’t able to breathe..??

In fact, all I could smell was his cologne and husky scent only.

Which, I could tell, wasn’t such a good thing..???

Why couldn’t he just leave me in a peace to let me live my life on my own principles and wishes…???

Just the sound of it was too much crazy.

Oh come on, having s*x with somebody without involving any emotional feelings..??? Wasn’t that weird…?? I mean is it really..??

We’re not even friends’ yaar..!!!

“Why are you doing this to me..???” Swara whispered quietly with asking

Sanky reason behind his this kind of behavior.

Swara looked up and felt his breath on her more fairy and pinkish cheeks.

Sanky’s face was so near that Swara had the urge to kiss the tip of his nose.

Of course she didn’t, that would be a stupid thing to do right now as per her perspective.

“What am I doing to you…???” With replying back to Swara, Sanky smiled teasingly and slowly planted a kiss on the corner of her juicy-petal, seductive lips very softly, lingering a hot feeling towards her hot and s*xy yet delicate body.

Swara gasped at the contact of his rough lips thrusting softly on hers.

He then looked at her in the eyes with a naughty smile of his and whispered to her ear, “So what do you say..???”

Swara sighed and closed her eyes with saying, “I don’t get it…!!”

“Don’t get what..???” Sanky asked as he lazily laid his browny eyes on Swara’s pink-petals and tempting lips.

“Why….me..??? I mean, there are plenty of girls here who would be willingly to have hard s*x with you in no hesitation. They’re probably more in….uh, how do I say this…??? More….experience perhaps, on the….uh, about s*x..????” with asking this Swara tried a lot to make her all confusion clear with Sanky.

Whereas Sanky didn’t answer Swara for a while, just lazily stepped away from her and sat on a table with a straight face.

Then Swara thought that to grasp this opportunity to made a run so that she could have stormed out of the classroom, but later on she think that it will be better to stand and stayed where she was right now.

“And your point is..???” Sanky asked Swara after a moment of silence.

Swara took a very deep breath before she braved herself to look into his browny eyes while answering his question seriously.

Then Swara replied to him back that,

“Well, to be honest…..I thought that….whatever happened between us just some half an hour before and yesterday, well, I just want that it should stayed there only. It’s like….what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas, are u getting what I really mean to say..???”

Sanky raised his eye brows at Swara and answered her innocently with serious expressions collecting on his more handsome face, “Honestly..?? No.”

Swara sighed in defeat and decided to walk over to him.

And said while made an attempt for making him understand her decision very clearly that,

“As far as I’m concerned, I thought that what happened between us was over. Wait.., what am I saying..?? Foolish me..!!! Sanky, never anything even started between us.”

“So you’re saying that today’s movements and the day we spent together was…WELL, did not I satisfy you..???” with saying this Sanky made a big frown on his more handsome face.

And after completing himself he gave Swara a lazy smile with plainly saying that, “You’re kind of hurting my pride here, Swara…!!!”

By noticing Sanky’s slight sad expressions Swara got that he misunderstood her.

So, in a thought of clearing all misunderstanding of Sanky related to her, Swara told him that,

“Sanky, I just said that I enjoyed the s*x between us which happened a quite while ago, I mean whatever happened today or yesterday, I really did enjoy it..!!”

With saying this Swara’s most fairy, pinkish cheeks felt warmer as she registered what she just murmured by losing all control from her all feelings.

She couldn’t able to make believe on what she just said in a flow..!!!

She shook her head quickly and continued from where she has been stopped.

But this time she wisely yet more clearly told him in a way that he easily can caught what she wanted to send towards him,

And Swara said to Sanky without making any confusion with her own words by choosing them carefully for using for her own well that, “My point is that you have to leave me alone. I realize that you can easily forget me…..especially when you have a brunette and college’s all girls already on your tow.”

Sanky rolled his eyes at Swara and made an attempt of making her understand his situation with telling that, ” Why can’t you get that, I actually kissed her at lunch to prove a point to my friends, it meant nothing to me. She’s not even a good kisser.”

With saying this he made a faces on which Swara would probably laugh about now if she wasn’t so confused.

Swara sternly replied Sanky back that, “I don’t care, Sanky. If she meant nothing to you, then I possibly mean nothing to you as well. So just stop acting like this and leave me and my path, okay..???”

Then he didn’t able to answer Swara back and just merely watched and staring her as she glared at him.

Whereas Swara wanted to strangle him.

She didn’t know why she was feeling very much angry at him right now,

So she just….did a little but successful try of making him stop for saying anything further not wanted to get herself trap in his any kind of words.

But after some couple of minutes, when classroom’s pin-drop silence became ready to eat Swara alive just before that she crossed her smooth arms underneath her br*ast.

And asked Sanky with cold yet lazy tone, “Are we done..?? Can I go home now..???”

But Sanky was not in a mood to listen Swara, he was just thinking on her those words which was started making him restless inside which were nothing but that, ’TO END WHICKEVER IS GOING ON BETWEEN US..!!’

His face never looked so serious who he was right now with saying Swara that, “All I’m asking is that, do you really want us to be done..???? Because I sure, I really don’t want to make it end at least not like this way.”

Then Swara answered Sanky with somewhat little bit harsh tone, “What are us..??? Is there even anything between us..?? Is it..??”

When Swara make herself with completing by asking Sanky which she was eagerly wanted to make clear with him, then Sanky said to her sunk in her head that he wanted…something to be going on between them..???

By repeating Sanky’s words in her mind Swara now started feeling nervous.

Whereas Sanky ran his hand through his tousled, black, messy hair and looked away from Swara with fighting hard between all his confusion related about his feelings, desires, thoughts and wishes.

But still in all this, he one more time made an attempt to make Swara understand what he wanna actually say to her.

Then Sanky said to Swara that, “Look, I don’t know Swara, I just…I don’t know, I think….”

Sanky got stuck in between his feelings and words.

But after taking pause of couple of minutes he sighed and said to Swara by giving up in front of his all confused feelings that, “I surely don’t know.”

But Swara intelligently held his gaze and asked him calmly yet warily that, “Then, what is it that you know..???”

Sanky looked at Swara waxily yet softly with blank expressions,

He actually made his gesture in a sort of that way, such that Swara didn’t know whether he was capable of making it or not.

Swara stayed quiet as she looked into those beautiful, browny irises of his that always seemed to hypnotize her.

His lips twitched into a sad smile as he straightened himself and continued, deciding to ignore her question and ask one of his own, “What’s so wrong about it.??”

“What is actually right in it..?? Everything is wrong about it Sanky. What would people say about this..??” With saying this Swara snapped at him in a voice that seemed harsher than she intended it to be.

He motioned his shoulders into a small shrug and said in a casual way that, “Then nobody has to know this”

Swara raised her eye brows at him and said that, “You’re kidding me, right..??”

Then Sanky shrugged his shoulder while talking in serious mood with Swara, “Why would I be joking around..?? I don’t joke around when it comes to s*x.”

s*x.., this was what he wanted all along.

He was just a typical college guy that wanted her to be his s*x toy so he could fulfill his all desire needs.

She doesn’t know now if she should feel flattered or disgusted.

As soon as Swara could react on his that disgusted words, he reached her soft hand and grabbed it, pulling herself on to his manly chest as his arms captured her delicate waist.

And all of a sudden Swara found herself standing in between his strong legs with his arms around her fragile body.

He captured her juicy-petal yet seductive lips with his rough ones and whispered to Swara quietly, “Come on, Swara. What could go wrong..??”


Swara’s pov started..,

What could go wrong..??

Well, everything supposed to be could go all wrong only.

What if somebody finds out about this..??

What if Bhai comes to know about this..?? How would he react then..?? What would he say..?? What would he think about me..??

What would People think about me..??

Well for one thing, I know Ragini would be thrilled to hear this.

Even worse, what if it gets SERIOUS..??

And what if…., I WILL FALL FOR ME..?? LIKE IN..UH..LOVE..??

Whoa, LOVE..?? What was I thinking..??

Swara’s pov ended.


When Swara was more engulfed in her thoughts only then Sanky did the thing that Swara wanted to do with him earlier, when he moved forward and kissed the tip of her well-shaped nose.

He held her closer and for some odd reason she could able to feel his heart beat going faster.

He hugged Swara tightly as she placed her so smooth hands on top of his hard chest, liking the rhythm of his heartbeat on her soft palms.

She looked up into his browny eyes and he was looking at her intensely with deep gaze.

The lust that clouded in his browny eyes somehow made Swara want him more.

Swara’s pov started..,

Ugh.., whatever my brain wanted me to do, my body always relied towards his magical yet sensuous touch.

In some way….I have a feeling that sooner or later, something will definitely bound to happen between us, if now I will ran away from him in a try of avoiding him after this,

I have a very strong feeling that s*x would always come between us. I don’t know but my mind is thinking by this way.

Even the s*xual tension between us felt even strong now.

Swara’s pov ended.


Sanky dipped his head closer to Swara and kissed her on lips much slower yet softer than he had ever done before.

Whereas Swara felt her toes curling at the sensational feeling he was giving her right now.

The moment she felt his tongue on the bottom of her pink-petal yet juicy lips, she opened her mouth for him and moaned at the feel of their tongues colliding with together.

At the same time his hands were now exploring Swara’s delicate body, roaming up and down sensuously on her back from above her top.

She moaned louder as he squeezed her hips and pulled her fragile waist closer to him.

She felt his arousal getting harder and she couldn’t help but to think how her delicate body fit into his perfectly.

He pulled away himself from her when he found difficult to breath and leaned his forehead onto hers.

Then she looked anywhere but not to at his browny eyes and decided to stare at her shoes, even though she could feel his eyes intensely fixed on her only.

Within no time he dipped his head and trailed small kisses on Swara’s jaw line.

“Did you know that s*x is a healthy exercise..??? It burns more calories than any other sports,” he whispered as he sucked on a sensitive spot on her neck.


Swara’s pov started..,

Well I didn’t know that.

By thinking this, I bite my soft yet juicy-petal bottom lip nervously.

I, Swara Bose, was about to do something that I never thought I’d be doing.

I wanted him now. I deliberately wanted him to touch me again.

I knew my delicate body was aching to feel his sensuous yet magical touch, his sweet savoring and rough lips on every spot of my so soft curves.

To be honest, I couldn’t picture myself having s*x with any other guy. Maybe this was because Sanky took my virginity,

I don’t understand, but all I know was that, I WANTED HIM INSIDE….ME AGAIN ONE MORE TIME.

OMG..!! What am I thinking…???

I didn’t have to answer him because as soon as my elegant yet big, beautiful eyes met his own browny one; he quickly pulled my smooth hand and guided me towards the parking lot.

And I couldn’t believe but I agreed to this.

Swara’s pov ended.
Precap : –
Swara : “Mumma, I love you and yes I was with my college guy but please don’t say this to Bhai, Please, plzz, I’m requesting you..!!”

Mishthi : “Ah, I see..!! Okay, don’t be pleading to me for this, but just tell me the thing, WHO’S THAT LUCKY GUY hunn..?? Who didn’t let my sweet daughter to go home early..??”

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