Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 6)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 6)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Very first time, I’m giving warning, you guys might be feel uncomfortable while reading, so think before reading.., (After noticing warning all always preferred for reading at least once also for trying to search what is there to weird in reading.., hahahaaa LOL).


Sanskar’s pov started..,

I heard my friends talking at the same time but why I couldn’t able to concentrate??

What was wrong with me???

I wanted to get up and find Swara and wrap my hands around her perfect s*xy and hot, delicate body.

I missed her fragrance, I missed her scent.

I then groaned, MISSED???

I never missed a woman before, without counting my mom, but this is totally a different situation.

I didn’t just say “I MISSED SWARA..??”

I asked to myself with all of confusion, “DID I..???”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, I did.”




I got badly stuck in between fight of my heart and mind.

I shook my head…,

No wait.., of course I missed her.

I missed the s*x. YES, that was it.

Just the s*x, only the s*x, nothing more,

I assured myself.

I sighed and began to eat my lunch and laughed if any of my friends made funny jokes.

Sanskar’s pov ended.


The rest day of college, Sanky tried to find where Swara was.

He had no luck and even Ragini didn’t know where she was, or maybe she was just covering her bestiee, Sanky wasn’t sure.

It wasn’t until after college that Sanky spotted her wavy, shiny-black hair.


Sanskar’s pov started..,

I was doing warm ups for football practice when Swara walked to the tennis court.

I noticed that the tennis outfit she was wearing was different from last week.

It was shorter in a pretty white color and it fitted her curvy, hot and s*xy body perfectly while her shiny, black hair bounced around her back and shoulders.

I was aware how guys were now staring at her with desired filled eyes.

That outfit was revealing her much milkier and fairy, white skin.

The only thing that was strange about her was the scowl on her face.

It wasn’t like Swara to be angry;

She would always have a killing, grinning smile on her fairy, prettiest face anytime, anywhere.

I felt as if it was kind of my fault, but I quickly shrugged it away.

And said with a lot of attitude to myself, “SANSKAR MAHESHWARI never ever cared for a girl this much..!!!” .

But it scared the shit out off me.

It was just a mere s*xual attraction; I was reminding this to myself again and again which was becoming quite little bit difficult for me to believe.

And I started to throw a ball at Sahil for no reason.

I was walking out from the locker room after practice when I saw Swara at her locker.

I thought, “It was MY ONLY CHANCE..!!!”

I dragged her into an empty classroom, even though she was struggling in my strong grip.

Swara shouted in resistance with somewhat little bit louder “Sanky..!!”

I ignored her and closed the door behind and pressed my rough body against to hers so soft one on the now closed door.

I started to nibble her neck, giving her light kisses as I felt her arching her back towards my sensuous but magical touch.

Oh god.., she was so s*xy and hot yaar..!!!

I missed the fragrance of her and how the way she moaned every time when I tasted her so smooth and soft, more fairy skin.

“Stop it!!!” Swara tried to push me away, but I was of course was too much stronger and stubborn.

I could feel her tensing in my arms.

I kept on giving light kisses on the sensitive spot on her neck just below her ear.

Sanskar’s pov ended.


Sanky went near close her and hugged her suddenly.

She jumped in shock and moved away.

He hugged Swara even more tightly and kissed on her more fairy and pinkish, so soft cheeks…,

And then he started kissing her all over.

Here he had his chance that he took a step forward and planted a kiss on her juicy-petal, pink lips..,

Whereas Swara started to melt with his every single, sensuous touch.

And surprisingly she too started responding him back in kissing.

Their tongues met and they were literally eating away each other’s lips and saliva…,

Swara was never expected that she will lose her control and she came in her sense..,

She again tried to move back but Sanky hold her in his strong arms and kissed her about more than 20 mins..,

Both were already had a s*x that’s why Swara knew about Sanky’s fantasies…,

But she never accepted that today also she will not able to stop him..,

Then he moved his hands towards her boobs which were in shape and he had a glimpse. He started fondling them above her top with biting on her ears..,

He just pushed her towards the wall and started kissing her neck.

She was giving some resistance.

She went on shouting and telling him that, “Sanky.., You should not do this to me.., This is college..!!!”

Sanky replied her with no expressions, “so what?? You are the most s*xiest and hot girl I have ever seen in my life..!!!!”

With telling this he just undressed both, Now both were became nude.

Sanky laid her on a table desk and jumped over her.

He moved her hands away and started sucking her soft boobs.

She was moving restless trying to get away, while he took her nipple in between his teeth and nibble it, after stretching it a bit he started biting it lightly.

She screamed in pain with saying, “pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaasee.., leave me.., it’s paining much..”

She was wrestling in pain in each time when he bite them strongly.

He then kissed her neck, ears, collarbone.., Navel… and the mean time he moved his hand to her core.

As he was cherishing her fairy beauty he took her in his arms and again started sucking her boobs, he was eating them madly and was pressing the other boob roughly…,

And within no time he started licking her so soft juicy, pink-petal lips…,

He then came on her and kept his arousal on her core and gave a small stroke…

It went a little inside and then some more strokes and half of it was in.., but still also she was so tight for him.

But without giving up he again started thrusting inside her faster…,

She was moaning like hell in pain and pleasure, room filled with full of her moans and noises..,

Whereas her sounds made him go more wild and crazy too.

And as a result he was stroking into her harder..,

After some half an hour he came to know that she was reaching to Cumming..,

So he made his movements more and more faster and reached climax together.

And the next movement he dropped all his joy inside her womb..,

After that he rested on her with sucking and biting her boobs..,

Both were just laid there on desk.

Swara was too much tired whereas Sanskar had not enough yet.

After relaxing he again climbed over her and went down, stretched her legs apart and started exploring her milky, more whitish thighs.

She closed her eyes in tiredness a, pleasure and ecstasy.

He started touching and rubbing her core with his magical fingers.

Swara came to know on what he was up to now, in that thought she became terrified.

She started repeatedly telling Sanky that, “Sanky I’m tired, please not to do this again..,”

Whereas he only one time told her that, “Let me fully satisfy babe..!!!”

He again pulled out his tool and stretched her legs apart and went near her.

She tried bringing her face up and pushed his hard chest with her hands. But she couldn’t able to do that.

He began pushing him into her core.

Now also it became difficult for him to enter into her, she was very much tight.

He went back and gave a wicked smile and with all his power he gave a sudden push.

And he went fully into her tearing all her tissues and membranes of her core,

Swara gasped for breath and gave a loud scream that he have never heard and saw her before like that.

Her eyes opened wide.

She was shouting and screaming in pain,

Her body gave a big jerk and she came up and hugged his body tightly by her so smooth hands, he could see drops of blood coming out from her core, by noticing this his heart started feeling more pain, there were tears rolling from her eyes continuously, he felt more guilty for his deeds.

But he was helpless in front of his s*xual desire for her so he ignored her and started thruster into her faster, he was stroking in her core hard for a long time.

After sometime he shuddered, his body arched in pain and he released into her.

Then he had fallen on her like a dead piece.

After some 20 minutes he rolled her to the other side.

Now he could see her ass, he stretched her ass cheeks apart, Swara came to know what he was trying to do and tried to get up, but he jumped over her and lay upon her.

She was not able to get out from his weight.

He lay over her and took his erect tool and put it on the tip of her ass, while Swara told him that, “no Sanky.., don’t do it there. It’s bad.. please leeeaaaa.”
Just she was about to tell those words when he pushed his arousal with the same power he used on her core and started stroking and thrusting into her ass, then her words started became screams, “Please Sanky, stop.”

She was begging helplessly but he wanted to feel her badly, afraid that the lust for her was too big for his own good.

With a final hard push, he finally stopped, he could see her cry, but he f**ked her brutally till he came in her ass, and after that he looked into her piercing eyes, he could read her confusion, furious and desire expression in her eyes.

Now both were became too much tired, they rested for some time by lying there only for relaxing with hugging each other even more tightly.

And after sometime both were dressed up,

Whereas Sanky felt more guilty for all his actions and behavior by seeing Swara in pain,

In all his feelings towards Swara, Sanky helped Swara by seeing her too much bad condition.

But after noticing Swara’s cold response, he asked for forgiveness repeatedly and consoled her anyhow.

While coming out of classroom Sanky again pulled Swara towards him whereas she immediately strike onto his hard, stoned chest due to his sudden act,

“I’ve missed you, that’s why it all happens…!!!” He announced to her by looking into her elegant, big beautiful eyes.

Yes, he missed the s*x only. Just the s*x, nothing more.

“Well I don’t, so move.” Sway replied to Sanky by gathering all her harshness.

It wounded him a little bit but he still kept her where she was.

By noticing Sanky’s stubbornness Swara asked to him that,

“What do you want Sanky??” Swara barked roughly.

He smiled cutely and answered Swara with desire filled eyes “YOU ONLY BABE..!!!!”

Swara sneered at Sanky as the memories in the cafeteria were haunting into her mind again and again, “Oh stop it…!!! It seemed that you didn’t want me at lunch.”

“Were you jealous???” Sanky asked Swara for teasing her with holding smirk and mischievous smile on his more handsome face.

She went silent for a while before answering a “HEAVY NO”

He smiled and smashed his lips on hers roughly; whereas she could feel herself going weak.

And after breaking the long lasting kiss, he pressed her hips slightly and said with serious tone, “Well you were also talking with Sahil, Don’t you..??”

“Is that why you kissed her that too onto her LIPS???” She asked him with jealousy filled expressions by unable to make control on all her emotions..,

By listening Swara, Sanky would not able to make believe on his ears.

Then he was thinking that, “Why would Swara be jealous of her??”

But inside him, he eagerly wanted to replied Swara truly that he was just proving her brother Lucky that he didn’t have any interest in his sister.

Whereas Swara would ask why the hell he did that and that would mean he would have to explain that Lucky didn’t trust him with Swara.

Swara would probably agree and walk out on him like that, but there was something about her that he didn’t want to let go yet.

Sanky thought with himself, “MAYBE s*xUAL ATTRACTION..!!!!”

So he decided to stay in the safety zone and replied Swara that, “YES..!!!!”

She eyed him warily. “YOU ARE LYING..!!!!”

“NO,I’AM NOT..!!” With saying this he gave her a crooked grin.

Swara groaned in frustration and told Sanky that, “Well I wasn’t the one who shoved my tongue down into Sahil’s throat..!!”

“I just got carried away…!!!” With simply saying this he shrugged by bringing cute expressions on his more handsome face.

And again kissed Swara softly on her lips by collecting all his feelings for her.

Whereas she pulled away quickly and rested her hands on his chest.

She slowly looked up to meet his dark, browny eyes and sighed heavily.

“See…?? You and I will never work. It was just a fling and we have to stop this now.” Swara stated clearly to Sanky.

Sanky pressed his body closer to hers again, with very aware of the heat that was growing between their bodies urgently,

And asked Swara with simple questioning look,”Why do we have to stop this..???”

“Just…coz” She was trying to replying him back but got stuck with lack of words in an attempt of hiding her true feelings for him.

But with saying those two words she again tried to push him harder.

Of course, her attempt failed one more time as he was tightening his grip more on her.

“What?? Tell me… Damn it..!!!!” He demanded calmly with little bit impatiently yet softly.

Whereas she stared into his eyes deeply for a while, trying to figure out the guy in front of her.

She sighed a moment later and told him that,

“I…..well….you see, I don’t want to go any further than this…!!!” With stating this Swara bit her lip slightly and again gets continuing with, “And even though Bhai is (Lucky’s) not really overprotective, but I don’t want to ruin your friendship with him.”

“Well it’s not like that which you are trying to convincing me with hesitation.., it’s just that u have fear that you will again gets flow with me, coz now you started love me, Am I right..????” Sanky directly asked Swara for making himself confirm which he noticed in her big, elegant, beautiful eyes.

He said this all to Swara without any hesitation, clear with all his each and every word without any confusion.

While Swara frown deepened and answered him, “NO..!!!”

“But you did enjoy the s*x..???” He asked with solemn tone but in a straight way only.

It was a trick question, and if it wasn’t for how serious Sanky looked, she might have thought he was joking.

She hesitated for a while before replying him with a blush spread across her fairy, pinkish cheeks. “Uh…YES???”

He then lifted her chin and stared in those beautiful elegant big eyes deeply and said,

“So let me get this straight, you don’t want anything serious but you still enjoy the s*x???”

She was getting annoyed by every second that passed by,

And then she asked him with cold voice “Do I really have to explain this again???”

He then brings his gorgeous, cute smile.

And started repeating in his mind that, “He thought the very same thing and now he didn’t want to let go of what they had, even though it was just s*x.”

And then slowly whispered in her ears that,

“Do you ever heard of friends with benefits before…???” he outspoken with grasping mischievous smile attached with evil smirk.

Whereas Swara gasped on his words.


Precap :

Sanky : “Why can’t you get that, I actually kissed her at lunch to prove a point to my friends, it meant nothing to me. She’s not even a good kisser.”

Swra : “I don’t care, Sanky, if she meant nothing to you, then I possibly mean nothing to you as well. So just stop acting like this and leave me and my path…, okay???”

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