Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 4)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 4)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Swara’s pov started

“What was that all about??” Ragini asked as she walked closer to me.

“Nothing” I replied, was trying to save myself which was now coming next to me.

Ragini shrugged it off and held my shoulders at arm’s length while she stared at me in the eye and asked seriously “Swara, what the hell happened at the party?? And don’t lie hunn??”

“This may be a long story so let’s wait until we’ll go for lunch at canteen” I said with avoiding eye-contact with Ragini.

“Swara..!!!” Ragini said after giving death glare to me.

“…and it’s not that big deal anyway…!!” with saying this I just simply ignored Ragini to explain anything which will gonna awkward for me to do,

“Damn.., tell me now!!” Ragini asked with frustration.

I pulled away from Ragini’s hands on my shoulder and leaned on my locker, watching people pass by the hallway.

“Okay, okay. Shuush” I give in with saying this and tried for wanted to make her silent as people was passing by us.

I just imagined whole incident which supposed to be happened in between both me and Ragini now..

I was imagining…

(Imagination started)

“How was I supposed to say this?? Well Rags, I actually lost my virginity the other night. You know who took it??” I started to describe everything to Ragini.

“Who??” Ragini asked curiously with impatience look.

“Yes, that guy. That arrogant jackass with a big head and no, I am not talking about his big you-know-what. And yeah, I was pretty drunk that night so he probably took advantage of my body. The worst part of it is that he’s my Bhai’s friend yaar. No wait, the worst part of it is that I want to have s*x with him again so badly that I think I could practically do it right here in the hallway” I busted out wat I was going on in my heart and mind.

(Imagination ended).

I was lost in my thoughts only..

Just imagine Swara, what the world would say if I actually said that??

Seeing as I was silence, Ragini pinched my arm.

And asked with impatiently with keeping frown on her face “Swara are you going to tell me or not??”

I shot her an annoyed look.

I said with confusion “I will, I just don’t know how to start.”

Ragini understood my confused look and tried for make me feel comfortable in explaining everything to her very clearly,

With this feelings Ragini asked me “How about after you were gone by my side at the party??”

I sighed and replied “Fine.”

I finally decided to face her.

I started to explain her in a way that I’ll not have to confront her weird, expected expressions which will become very hard for me to bear “Remember you were flirting with Ahir and you were practically ignoring me at that time??”

I saw her smile at thin air with replying me in a tone “Uh-huh.”

“Well, I went to the kitchen and this guy came up to me.” I was depicting whole incident in front of her..,

I was kept continuing with bringing slight serious look on my face which was quite difficult for me to hold for a long “I slightly remembered Sanky walking up to me before he talked about how lame the party was, even though it was his own party. Yeah, I never understood why he would have a party when he didn’t even enjoy it himself. Probably was an easy way to throw away his most rich dad’s money. Ugh, opulent people.”

I kept continuing with noticing Ragini’s each changed expressions giving background to my every little word “I was before I knew it, I was drinking too much. And…..” I said but cut off by Ragini in middle,

“And..??” Ragini asked with unable to holding her patience.

I could see that Ragini was very curious to know everything in deep.

“And….” I was gathering courage to completing my sentence.

I closed my eyes while uttering which was very awkward for me to say.

“WE HAD s*x..!!!” I blurted out as fast as possible with holding my breath.

I swear my cheeks were burning.

“I’m sorry, what??” Ragini asked once again, in a thought that she heard something wrong.

I opened my eyes and looked at Ragini.

I glanced around the hallway and stepped closer, in case somebody heard us.

I leaned closer to her ears and whispered the words I thought I would never ever have to say. “WE HAD….S-S-s*x.”

I wish I had to took my mobzi and record everything which coming in my view..!!!!

The look on Ragini’s face was priceless.

With the way she was gawking at me, I was sure I could fit in my fist in her mouth.

“Oh my god…how the hell did it happen….???” Ragini asked with collecting all her shocking expressions very cleanly.

“Well you see..!!! if two people happen to have s*xual desires….” I replied with lame excuse.

“Swara, you know what I mean..???” Ragini asked for wanted to make she confirm.

I broke her surprised gaze and looked away.

“Unfortunately, yeah…!!” I assured her with all my feelings

“Oh god I’m so happy for you!!!” Ragini said with busted out in happiness.

She hugged me tightly that I almost forgot how to breathe.

I pushed her away and gave her my best ‘what-the-hell-look’.

Was she high??

“What??” I screeched.

Yes, screeched. I couldn’t even believe it myself.

“I’m glad that I dragged you to the party.” She beamed at me and clapped her hands shamelessly.

“Finally, my twenty one year old best friend lost her virginity..!!!!” Ragini said with louder in her amused feelings.

“Rags..!! Shh…..!!!” I looked around anxiously.

“Didn’t you just hear me?? This guy practically shoved me alcohol so he could sleep with me…!!! He might have even given me drugs! He maybe even raped me!!!” I said by throwing all blame on Sanky only.

I saw rolling her eyes and clicked her tongue and she said

“You really think someone would do that??”

“Yes!” I was sure on my sentences.

She gave me a look and ignored me.

“Whatever. Now, now, tell me everything..!!! Did you like it???” She wiggled her eyebrows with asking this.

Ragini was the bubbly girl at our college, the enthusiastic person with black hair and hazel eyes. She was accepted in any cliques at college but she didn’t belong to any one of them. But you know, as a great friend of hers sometimes I wish she could stop with the enthusiastic self and listen to me for just once.

“It was…okay??” I, of course, lied.

I enjoyed it very much that I was even surprised with me.

She grinned at me and gave me funny look.

“So okay, if you think you were ‘drugged’ then are you saying that you actually enjoyed being raped?? Oh my god, don’t tell me you did some bondage things too…!!! I didn’t know you had that in you.” Ragini said this as she very well known about me.

“What..??? No…!!!” with saying this I blushed again.

I thought with myself…

I knew Sanky didn’t put drugs because…well, I would’ve said he was a nice person but I knew I’d be lying.

Sanky could make any girl want him badly enough by just his deep gaze;

I was pretty sure that he would never need any type of drugs.

And to be honest…as drunk as I was that night I was pretty sure I felt a little sober by the mutual feeling of having s*x for the first time.

I know I was very sober when I had s*x with him the next day.

So yeah, no drugs, just a very big amount of alcohol for my liking.

Ragini shake me for dragging me out of my thoughts..,

And I came to sense..,

“So you weren’t drunk that night?” Ragini asked with raising her one eyebrow up.

I sighed again for the umpteenth time. She wasn’t going to stop, was she??

“I was pretty drunk, yeah. But then the next morning I was pretty sober that we did it again, and again. And…..” I was answering her truly.

I saw her jaw drop again.

“…AGAIN.” But finally I completed my sentence

“Whoa…!!!!” Ragini expressed her feelings in surprised plus shocked expressions with making cool sound.

She nodded her head at the thought of my mystery man before looking back up to me.

“Wait, wait.., who is he??? It’s a he right?” Ragini asked..,

Her questionnaire..!!!! ufff..!! Not going to stop until she fully satisfied..,

Hey god, plzz…,plzz save me, I fixed with lots of question bank.

I rolled my eyes. Then again….I was dreading that question. I looked anywhere but her suspicious eyes.

“Oh it’s nobody.” I replied Ragini.

Ragini eyed me and again asked “It’s somebody I know, isn’t it? He goes to our college, doesn’t he???”

“Nope” With saying this I glanced at my sporty shoes.

“Oh come on, Swara. You’re such a bad liar…”!! Ragini said.

“Rags, he’s no….” I was making her understand with my lie but suddenly stopped with completing my sentence.

“Oh my god, Sanky is coming this way…!!!” I heard Ragini whisper slash screamed and I saw her fixing her short blonde hair. I froze. What the hell??? What was I supposed to do now?? I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths before I opened them and bravely turned around.

Relax, he’s just going to pass by and forget that you exist. Calm down, Swara, chill..!!! Just glare at him.

Yeah, like that. Forget that he’s a gorgeous piece of ass. No!!! Don’t picture his nice naked ass. Swara, stop it..,

“SWARA” Sanky called me.

I looked up at him and felt my heart break into tiny little pieces.

He looked as hot as ever. I couldn’t believe I slept with him for four times in night and day as well.

He looked meaningfully at me and ignored that everybody else were staring at us.

Me??? Well I was glaring at him for no reason and felt uneasy as girls (Much a lot, seniors) were giving me death looks.

I gulped. We were still having the staring competition, me with a glare and him with a stupid smirk…or should I say s*xy smirk???

“Get a grip, Swara..!!!!”

I heard Ragini clear her throat and finally, but oh so slowly,

Sanky dragged his deep bowny eyes away from me and glanced behind me.

He nodded his head in a greeting and said “Ragini..??”

“Hey Sanky!!!” someone called Sanky

Sanky looked back at me and flashed me a smile before leaving me in confusion.

The crowd followed him and everyone else in the hallway looked at me with curiosity.

I felt my cheeks burn for no reason and I left Ragini to walk to my classroom.

She called me but I ignored her completely, though it was no use since she had the same first period as mine.

The class was about to start in five minutes but I didn’t mind to be early in class.

Just a few more steps I would arrive at the door of the classroom, but somebody grabbed my arm and dragged me to the nearest girl’s bathroom.

“Ragini..!!!” I whined as she let go of me once in the bathroom.

I walked pass her but she pulled me again.

“Oh no you don’t..!!!” She shoved the door shut and leaned on it, crossing her arms.

“What do you want???” I asked Ragini in clod tone.

She seemed even more confused.

“You…..Sanky….he….you-guys….was he….him??” Ragini asked wanted to make confirm with herself as she was still in more shocked that I slept with the Sanky who was dreaming guy of every college girl.

Yeah, if I was her, I would be speechless too.

I sighed and closed my eyes for the many times.

Was it that big of deal that I slept with the most popular guy at college???

That Ragini being a totally great friend found it crazy and shocking that I slept with the guy???

That she never thought the time would come where I would lose my virginity so fast??? To a guy who was a sl*t???

Actually, yes…!!!!

But Ragini would found out eventually, especially when she was so into gossips. It would be better if she knew this from me.

“I……yeah…!!!!!” I admitted finally with holding my breath tightly.

I heard her gasp for a second, but heard her voice became a pitch higher than earlier.

“ohhhhh god Swara..!!!! tell me details…..!!!! And don’t forget that now only I wanted to hear all from your mouth” Ragini commanded to me.

Swara’s pov ended.
Precap : Sanky kissed Kavita on her lips in front of all his friends including Lucky also, to show Lucky that he has no any kind of interest in his sister SWARA.

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