Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 3)

Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 3)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Wanted to clear one thing urgently….,

“Ojas means Swara’s elder brother was ‘LUCKY’ only, his childhood name was ‘OJAS’, but in college everyone knows him as ‘LUCKY’. Only his mom-dad called him as Ojas, otherwise he was all time ‘LUCKY’ only (our Laksh).”

Swara’s pov started

We had s*x 3 times in a row for about 2 hours.

And what made me feel guilty about it was the fact that I was sober…the whole time.

It was fine with me for losing my virginity when I was actually quite drunk….which was probably not ALL my fault (technically)…but to do it the next morning for a few times.

And you were actually enjoying it was another thing. I didn’t know if I should feel happy that I now could finally call myself a ‘WOMAN’, or feel stupid because I let a guy use my body so easily. I hated the thought of the latter.

I blamed Sanky for everything…because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here inside his fancy, exclusive car, (Sanky’s Dad was very rich person, the famous businessman, and Sanky only knows to enjoy the life as he wanted).

He was now taking me home while the awkward silence ate up the air.

Believe me, it was awkward. It wasn’t that type of pure silence you like to enjoy.

I watched the trees and buildings pass us by and felt the wind blowing my hair as I heard the radio being turned on.

I glanced at Sanky who was fumbling with the radio while he still had his eyes fixed on the road.

His messy black hair was swept back by the wind, his wide lips was pressed into a line of concentration and even though he looked like a Calvin Klein model, he still had that boyish look.

I shook my head in wonder. How could somebody look more handsome, gorgeous and cute at the same time???

My eyes drifted towards his long body and I couldn’t help but to imagine his perfect lean torso. Oh, it was lean alright.

I liked the way his body moved against mine, or the way his lips traveled through every inch of my body…and to think that I spent the day with him was something hard to believe.

I mean come on; this was SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. Popular and coolest guy at college, loaded like crazy, my Bhai’s best friend (lucky’s bestie).

I groaned at the thought of Bhai and lost in the thoughts that how I could hardly able to manage all situation anyhow..!!!

Swara’s pov ended.


Flashback started….

Swara’s pov started

I did not want to deal with the possibilities of how Bhai would react, but to make things safe (for now), I still called mamma earlier and told her that I spent the day with Ragini and slept over at her place last night.

You know, just in case something went wrong. I was sure Ragini wouldn’t mind, but when I called her afterwards to ask her to do a favor, she was just damn curious.

“Ragini, could you do me a favor???” I asked from Sanky’s mobzi since my one died after I called mamma.

I was at Sanky’s bathroom at that time with his sheet wrapped around my body.

“Who is this??” Ragini asked on call with confusion as she saw unknown number.

“It’s me….Rags..!!!” I said.

“Ohhhh Swara..!!!!! Where the hell are you?? What happened to you at the party??? Why did you leave me alone?? I thought you hated parties. Whose number are you using?? Where’s your phone?? Swara? Hello???”
Ragini busted out all in one brath only.

OMG..!!! somebody plzz help me from the storm of this oral questions, I hate Rags can’t she asked one by one, at least..!!!!

I cringed at her voice that got louder and louder in every question.

“Rags, one question at a time darling…!!!” I calmly said by holding my all frustration at back.

“SWARA..!!!!” Ragini pressed on this word.

I sighed and continued with saying “Just do me a favor, please. I’ll tell you the rest at college, okay???”

“But…..” Ragini was eagerly wanted to know the reason, but I interrupt her.

“Rags, please..!!! I barely ask you any favors, so for the love of god, just this once!!! I’ll explain later, just…not now.” I begged desperately.

“What’s wrong with u now??” Ragini asked with frustration.

“Because I’m not sure how I got into this situation myself.” I was trying to explained her my condition.

She was quiet at first, probably debating if my mysterious situation was worth her help, but she finally sighed at the other end.

And Ragini said “Okay, fine. But you owe me an explanation.”

Good thing I didn’t have to explain now.

I replied Ragini “Of course..!!!!.”

“What do you want me to do??” Ragini asked questioningly.

“I told my mamma that I slept over at your place last night and that we’re going shopping today. If she calls you and asks you about it just say…yes, is it clear now..????” I uttered all this in one breath only.

I laughed nervously. “See?? It’s no big deal.”

Silence came next. I cleared my throat. “Rags?? Hello? You still there….”

“WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU???” I was asking for her reply in frustration.

I could understand why she was so surprised at this, because as far as she has been my best friend, she knew me pretty well.

Which, of course, meant that she was aware of how I never ever stay at any other places over night except my own house or her place.

I felt really bad for lying to her.

“I’ll tell you about it later…!!” I said Ragini with trying my best to make her understand to make hold her all questions for at least some time only.

“Swara…you’re not kidnapped, are you???” Ragini asked by sensing whole scenario through her sight.

I laughed at this. Me, being kidnapped??? That was hilarious.

“Rags, trust me I’m fine. Just do me the favor, please??” I said with ignoring her stupid question.

“Ugh.., damn it!!” I said coz I could already sense her defeat.

“But promise me you’ll tell me the first thing in the morning at college. Say it Swara, promise me.” Ragini asked who was more curious to know all things clearly.

I sighed out a little groan with saying “I promise.”

Ragini said with no expressions in her words “I’m holding onto your promise!!”

I then smiled slightly with saying “Bye,Rags..!!!”

That was how our conversation ended. Well, it actually ended with Sanky entering the bathroom and pulling me into the shower, but I really don’t have to explain that, now do I??

Swara’s pov ended.

Flashback ended.

Swara came back from repeating her and Ragini’s phone talk in her thoughts whe she heard Sanskar’s voice.

“We’re here.” Swara heard Sanky announce as the car stopped in front of her house.

she glanced at Sanky and tried to smile….which she was pretty sure looked rather awkward.

“Uh…thanks….!!!!!” Swara said.

He frowned slightly and tilted his head.

Swara thought “OMG..!!! He looked so cute just by doing that”

While he said “For what???”

“For…everything?” Swara said with avoiding her gaze from Sanskar due to feeling comfortless while uttering this.

His eyes somehow softened before his hand came to her face, and with a smooth move, he gently took a strangle of her copper hair and tucked it behind her ear. she stared at him adoringly.

Swara thought “If he did this every time after he slept with a girl, no wonder they kept crawling back to him.”

she took a deep breath and looked away from his magnifying eyes.

And Swara said “So uh, yeah…bye…!!!”

Swara was about to reach for the door but instead she found herself being pulled against his strong chest as his lips crashed onto hers.

she sighed and responded, giving him the same hunger as his. His tongue made a way in her mouth and she shivered by the taste of it.

she was so close to sit on his lap when he pulled away with a well known smirk playing on his features.

“See you tomorrow at college..!!” Sanskar said

Swara’s pov started

College…?? I didn’t even know what would happen then. Would he approach me? Or would he still sleep around? I’d say he would sleep around again.

The thing between us wasn’t a permanent thing anyway…whatever it was. It probably was just great s*x on a one, or should I say two night stands.

But I smiled anyway with replying Sanky, “Okay.”

Swara’s pov ended

she stepped out of the car with lots of thoughts in her head. As he drove away much further she couldn’t help but to think how good he was in bed. Of course he was good; he practically had many practice with all the many chicks…unlike her, he used to change a girl like his cloths, she was a mere beginner.

she was damn sure he didn’t want anything to do with beginners, and again confused with her own feelings,

she asked to herself in a confused way.., ”am I thinking right????”

In a college..,

Swara’s pov started

I walked with Bhai (Lucky) through the big doors and to the hallway of our college.

It was really normal seeing people greeting him while I walked beside him like a shadow.

He was popular; I was just the sibling of the popular. Sometimes people just greet me because being a sister of one of the popular guy at college, they just had to greet you.

I heard many of his friends saying to him..,

“Hey Lucky, meet at canteen buddy.”

“Lucky Darling, why didn’t you call me last night?”

“Yo Lucky, football practice after college, don’t forget.”

“hey Ojas I mean Lucky, great party at Sanky’s, eh??”
I stopped my pace and watched as Nick (Sanky’s and Bhai’s friend) approached us.

It was funny that his name was actually NICK and the principal was his uncle.

Talk about ironic right??? I walked towards my locker which was actually a few lockers down, and when I placed the books I didn’t need, I found Bhai and Nick still following me.

I guess Bhai decided to hang out with me for a while.

“Yeah, one of the best so far.” I heard Bhai’s reply.

“I’m guessing you got laid?” Nick said while talking with Bhai.

Nick was leaning on the locker on my right, facing me awkwardly since Bhai was at the other side of me.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure who she actually was, to be honest.” I cringed at Bhai’s reply.

Really? Just…really??

Nick chuckled. “I’m not talking to you, Lucky, you always get laid at a party.”

“Then who were you asking to??” Bhai said with harsh tone.

“Your sister” Nick said while looking towards me.

I choked on nothing and shut the locker with a big thud.

Act casual, Swara, Act casual. I turned my body to Nick and gave him, which I hoped, was a confused look with asking. “What are you talking about??”

That sounded confused right?? It was times like these I wished I took acting class like mamma wanted me to.

Nick stepped back and stared at me with an amused look. “I don’t know…you just have the aura.”

“The what?” I asked Nick wanted to confirm whether I heard right or wrong.

“You slept with somebody??” Bhai asked in cold tone with serious expressions holding tightly on his face.

I cringed at my brother’s tone. Somehow, my hands became sweaty and I felt really nervous.

Okay, you could do this. No need to rouse suspicion. I did what I did best.

I rolled my eyes and gave Bhai a look with replying, “I’m not you, I don’t sleep around at parties.”

“Oh yeah?? Then why are you blushing?” Nick cut off me with providing smirk to me.

I gave Nick a glare. I was about to open my mouth and tell him to shut the hell up when a familiar voice echoed through the hallway. “Shonaa..!!!!”

I was thankful that my bestiee knew when to come when I needed her the most…but then I cursed silently. This was the part where I had to explain everything to her.

OMG.., I turned around and saw her running down the hallway. She gave a narrowed look with asking. “You have lots of explaining to do.”

I groaned slightly with asking Ragini, “Can this wait until…like, never?”

“You promised!” Ragini said with folded her arms and waited for me to explain.

“Okay, fine.” With saying this I turned towards the guys who was, surprisingly, still standing beside me.

I eyed them with asking seriously, “Don’t you both have anything to do???”

Understanding the unspoken gesture, Bhai just shrugged and began to walk away as Nick followed him, throwing a sheepish smile over his shoulder.


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