Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 28)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 28)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Maheshwari mansion.,

In the elegantly furnished yet palatial and deluxe large bed room of Sanky…Sanky himself was positioned like intoxicated creature on a huge black leather couch with lots of attitude and style just like a king of vast areas while holding his mobzi in his hand…having a serious expressions on his fair complexion face with reflecting slight pain and frustrating look through his browny dark yet spark filled eyes.

Sanky’s pov started.,

I’m angry on all the situations which forcing me to leave the habit of Swara which seems to be somewhat tedious task for me..!!

Because with taking glances of my all surrounding conditions I could able to admit the fact that I’m craving for her badly..!!

And I don’t know why but I want her in my life and this thought surprising the hell out of me..!!

I’m really longing for Swara…I’m MISSING her gorgeous charm…her cute killing smile…her melodious voice…her sweet without break non-stop talks…her overwhelming innocence…her madness about chocos…her peaceable lap…her placable nature…her merciful caring approach towards me…her favorable support to me…her intelligence of finding solution of my every problem…her scolding to my every weird act…her angelic magic to vanish my all tiredness…her scrumptious prettiest face…her graceful feminine incredible beauty…her delicate form…her stunning slender figure…her warm hugs…sheer tortured kisses…her always needy smooth touch…!!!

And last but not least thing which has prominent truth that I’m having strongly hankering for spending my nights with her because this separation ending me up to badly missing out that blissful yet pleasurable night experiences with her..!!

I thought she was not less than the drug for me but now in spite of with getting apart from her I’m groaning at the realization of I’m getting crazy for her totally…not just insane for my desires…but also mad for her company…maniac for her one beautiful mesmerizing view…yearning for her shadow in my life…tossing about in agony of her presence within my tight embrace..!!

But now at this phase all I could able to do is to applied break on all of my sentimental feelings while reminiscing that sudden terrible incident when she asked break up with me but even though at that time with not losing control on myself at her this unexpected shocked demand I acted as calm and nevertheless tried to handle the things by my own understandable nature but while not giving little heed to my any kind of talks yet swirls emotions she hurted my ego with disconnecting all links with me.

And that’s why I think, long depth of remembering her getting covered by me while thinking much more about her..!!

But now as my head is starting to pound so hard due to continuing this reminiscing yet missing session related to her, all I wanted to do is to clear this all mess but how can I alone manage this as I needed her as usual while solving this more complicated trouble in which I got entangled within my heart feelings and mindful thoughts but don’t know why she is not at all ready to respond me in any way…??

Sanky’s pov ended.

While recalling all incidents one by one related to Swara as a consequent Sanky ended up to threw his more expensive mobzi on floor with getting frustration from Swara’s unbearable ignorance.

With unable to handle himself by his own Sanky searched for support and certainly his all around roaming eyes socket noticed bottle of alcohol on front side table then automatically his stumbled foot made their way for catching up that bottle and as a result he picked up the bottle for opening it and gets settled himself on bed in lazily manner while playing a role of mind exhausted creature with revolving an air of disappointment around him after pouring the wine in the glass.

Sanky’s lips curled up into an annoyed small smirk as his eyes turned into reddish while reflecting pang of his heart due to his and Swara’s separation.

With unable to bear this anguish Sanky started taking swig of alcohol from the glass while unwillingly gets dragged in his thoughts.

With continuing the journey of his thoughts while racing up to finished the tank of alcohol from the wine bottle Sanky’s expressions started molding according to the form and pattern of his thoughts.

Sanky’s pov started.,

I didn’t know why I was being such an ass.

Being with Swara made me feel weird always and gave me the alien type thoughts I never had to deal with before, because every time she was beside me, all I wanted to do was to keep the big smile stay on her face with unaware about the actual reason behind it.

And all things would go like this only…nothing could get out of control…This was always act as only friends with benefits anyway.

It was just s*x and I always thought to keep it that way if that day Swara didn’t ask break up with me.

But on the day we separate I could able to notice the flash of pain in her elegant eyes as I felt myself stiffen.

It wasn’t as if I or she was rejecting each other…but it was just more complicated to predict anything about that braking up.

Wasn’t this just about s*x anyway..??

What is this strong physical attraction..?? Can’t help it, I just need satisfaction only..!!

I sighed.

Why was this so messed up..??

And why did it feel so wrong seeing the hurt in her beautiful eyes at the day we get apart from each other..??

And why the separation with one ordinary girl matters to me a lot..??

Wasn’t I used to seeing the girls beg for me..??

Haven’t I always turned them down easily without another glance..??

Wasn’t I known as the player boy who threw like chicks trash so simply..??

While debating between the emotions of my heart and the thoughts of my mind I currently also kept on repeating in my mind that I always want her for her body, only her body, as I drank half wine of glass in one swing only.

I knew that ‘Friends with benefits’ wasn’t the right thing while behaving with Swara…but damn it, I just unable to catch the accurate selective approach for matching up with her innocence.

I wanted to curse myself to force her always to be in this weird relationship.

But now at this stage I’m just behaving like fool who don’t know how to react on all this surround able things as big mess is cooking up inside me and around environment is still ended up to maintain dense silence.

While coming out of her house at that day I just looked at her, feeling utterly empty…I didn’t know what I was supposed to say to her, I was rarely able to sense that my all peace was in her embrace and all I could just to ask her for letting me to stay there only.

And I actually did it…I begged her for the habitual thing of my life…but she behaved like heartless with neglecting my all restless condition.

I know Swara you may not be pushing me away but you’re not fighting to keep me either.

I always asked for your hand for all my needs but you just ended up to flipping me so easily out of your life.

And through your rude yet negligible behavior towards me you sprinkle the drops of truth in the fact that sometimes the person we want most is the person we’re best without.

And If you start to miss me Swara then remember the thing that I didn’t walk away you let me go because I fight for our this weird relationship at that day as you were just being stand as numb in front of me.

At that day’s morning you said you would be with me forever, who knew forever ended that day only.

But I think it’s not your fault for not being there for me always, it’s my fault for thinking you would be.

From childhood I was alone only with surrounding number of servants to me but when I started spending my time with you the concept of loneliness was vanishing through the nerves of my brain slowly but with asking breaking up from our relationship you made me gets dragged in thinking of sometimes it’s better to be alone, nobody can hurt you.

From the day we got separate I always caught myself getting ready to send a text to you of asking if you’d like to hangout today but then I realized we’re not in a relationship of ‘Friends with benefits’ anymore.

We used to talk for hours Swara and look at us now.

Sometimes I get this urge to talk to you, and then I remember that you’re a different person now, it’s just sad because I miss you a lot.

And sometimes it’s not just about missing you it’s wondering if you’re missing you too.

Sometimes even though we’re having a good time, I can’t help but to stop and think about how much I’m missing out those beautiful old times of ours.

I think of you Swara that’s why I called you every time but you don’t replied me till now,

And because of your this unexpected behavior I just can’t able to talk to you right now,

I miss you,

I just can’t admit right now,

I need you,

I just can’t show you right now,

I really like you Swara,

And I just couldn’t able to tell you right now because you are not in any mood to take glance of me at least.

As usual every time I think of you near about at 2:30 am when I couldn’t able to get sleep without you and I always wish you were there to hold me like you used to do.

Can’t tell you Swara…I don’t know what’s going on with me…whenever I tried to keep myself busy with things to do, but some time I pause, I still think of you.

I wish Swara, you were here or I was there or we were there or we were together anywhere…!!!

But still there is no more us.,

No more kisses,

No more hugs,

No more our pleasurable nights,

No more good night texts,

No more hours of talks,

No more our dates,

No more long drives,

No more stupid fights,

No more sorry’s

No more making up,

And no more chances..!!

Your absence has been so long Swara that I think your presence no longer matters.

But there is one pain I sometimes feel which I don’t know you sensed or not because it is caused by the absence of you.

I touch you Swara with my spirit yet passion, and in turn I feel like you caught the way near to my soul by your touch with your heart…just that’s why this all is going to be so painful to get sensed.

You’re my first liking Swara,

You’re my first strong need,

You’re my first wish come true but what the f**k this shit I wasn’t expecting you specifically to be my last heartbreak.

Because from childhood days my every close person always ended up to play with my heart feelings and you also did the same but this is not your defect Swara I think my heart is made to be broken only..!!

And just because of this I feel like shit for being helpless for myself…!!!

Sanky’s pov ended.

While feeling totally fidgety due to all around happening Sanky broke the glass of wine in frustration with slight blood oozing from his fist.,

And he just made his way out of his mansion with holding wine bottle in his hand while taking swing of alcohol from it.

Within couple of minutes he reached to his car and after finishing the wine bottle he threw the bottle at that place only and with sitting inside the car he made his way towards bar with restless condition while holding frustrating look.


Precap :- Sanky felt pang of jealousy growing inside him while noticing Swara and Kyle with together once again and this time he gets more mad due to this..!!

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