Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 27)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 27)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

So sorry guys..!! I aware about the fact that I’m too much late but can’t tell you dears now a days more busy in hectic schedule of college…let it be..!!


Swara’s pov continued while brimming her eyes with tears.,

You were most precious trophy I had Sanky but I was the best game you played..!!

And maybe this thing is very normal for you being a great playboy in these kind of heartbreaking games but someday it’s gonna make sense.

But on other hand in all these I’m regretting hardly for being just a tool in your championship game but still at some corner of my heart have feeling that loving you was not a bloomer but thinking that you will love me back was..!!

Because this one sided love is causing as a most painful curse for me.

But for what reason I should blame you because it’s me who risked loving you even if knowing that this thing only is going to be happened with me as a result of my all true feelings for you.

Nevertheless most deplorable thing was I felled apart right in front of your eyes for you but you don’t even bother to take one glance of me at least.

Still also I can’t able to hate you I’m just disappointed, you turned into everything you said you’d never be.

Even then I love you. You are simply not aware about this but it doesn’t matter to me at all because I always used to wish while thinking about you every time that if you could able to love me back the same I do.

I know you are not the only one in the universe but you are only in whom I saw my whole universe always..!!

That’s why the hardest thing I ever did is walk away still loving you.

Because I conscious about the fact that don’t let someone that’s long gone continue to control ourselves it’s time to let go.

And if you make me miserable more than you make me happy, it doesn’t matter how much I love you, I need to let you go.

As I heard, if you love something to let it go, if it comes back to you it’s your, if it doesn’t, it never was and according to this I let you go but still also you don’t come back to me in the form I want…And this nothing but simply indicating that we were not made for each other Sanky..!!

And really no matter how painful this thought ‘You are not mine’ can be, not having you in my life would be more worse than anything..!!

And with this I have lost somebody that wasn’t even mine..!!

I think love can sometime be magic. But magic can sometimes only…just be an illusion..!!

A flower knows, when its butterfly will return, rain knows when rainbow will return, sun-down knows when its rising will return, and if the moon walks out, the sky will understand, but now it hurts, to watch you leave so soon, when I don’t even know if you will ever come back to me or not..!!

But then also I’m still hoping even if I really don’t able to perceive actually WHY…???

I never realized he had no heart, to even think of anyone’s attached feelings…It took years of knowing him…several months of having a crush on him…some number of weeks of being involved with the guy…numerous days of falling in love with him…few hours of enjoying great s*x with him…measurable minutes of watching him sleep and just seconds to sink in his actual reality of using someone for his own satisfaction of all kinds of desires…!!

I always drew him in my world, I draw him all the time but I engulfed or can say get stuck in big confusion while able to recognizing actually where to draw the line…!!!

Swara’s pov ended.

Her tears were not able to stop from her elegant eyes which were nothing but the significance of her unbearable pain.

Swara was still involved in her thoughts of thinking about Sanky when she heard bang on her bedroom’s door.,

Lucky (from outside) : Swara for today you please manage to go with alone to college or maybe get Ragini with your company as I’m going with my gf to college.

After bouncing Lucky’s husky voice on her senses, Swara hardly managed to wrap up her vigorously broken phase.,

On other hand with not able to getting any response from Swara, Lucky again asked for her.,

Lucky (while banging the door) : Swara are you listening to me..??

Swara tried to being act as a normal with handling and controlling her miserable state.,

Swara (low voice) : no problem Bhai you can go.

Lucky became confused while noticing Swara’s understandable mode.,

Lucky : Swara today won’t you bothered me by your so called lecture on giving more importance to my gf…??

Swara with wiping her all tears.,

Swara (painful voice) : You should give her importance as she is giving you place in her life.

Lucky became more confused by Swara’s unexpected talks.,

Lucky : Swara you are behaving as you stumbled in heart related matters, is it that kind of thing..??

After capturing Lucky’s each and every word Swara automatically get engrossed in remembering her all hurtful thoughts while becoming unaware about surrounding environment.

But when Lucky one time again called for her then she came out of her all kind of thinking and answered him back.,

Swara : Bhai I’ll come with Ragini, you are free to go with your gf as she must be waiting for you.

Lucky said while shrugging off his shoulder.,

Lucky : yeah okay, but take care I think you are not fine..!!

Swara overwhelmed on the act of getting realizing her condition by Lucky easily…And with this thought she got emotional.,

Swara : Yeah I will and Love you Bhai.

Just then Lucky gets call from his gf…he takes his mobzi from his trouser’s pocket and replied back to Swara while picking up the call.,

Lucky : Love you too my little kitten…Okay bye..!!

With saying this Lucky goes from there while talking to his gf on call.

Whereas here Swara takes her mobzi back from table’s drawer and gets lies on bed while seeing pic of Sanky and her with each other while reminiscing their all beautiful moments with together.


Precap : Sanky’s pov..!!


I know this was short update and may be was lots of bored too but please do let me know your views in any kind of form…Can surely ensure then will anyhow manage to give next update may be at tomorrow itself with based on your response and wants for next chappie…!!!

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    awesome loved it

  11. Amazing Sanswa! ??

  12. Vyshu10

    Aww….emotional. After reading the last 2 eps…i m getting worried for u

    1. Sanswa

      Ohh babyyy so sweet of u..bt m fine?..don’t wrry..n epiz r jst my planned thoughts nt related 2 me at all..m practical girl..m studying in 3rd yr comp engg..n d going on semester is imp 4 me all kinds of preparations..so while handling dis all things m feeling dat m distracted from my writing plot..which I rly don’t want..so m trying 2 adjust all thing in well manner bt still hv lots of troubles while managing dis..dats y m just unable 2 rite anything..
      Bt soon gonna able 2 justice aid my riting..n 2day at 5am I just hurriedly rite d thing I came into my mind..n somehw I finished in jst half hr something n post it..bt den realized it wz bored I think..bt next also gonna rite at n8..bt will improve myself in DAT update..
      Omg..I don’t knw wat I tell u at above..I just rite which m facing nw dayz..
      Extremely sorry if u bored for all dis..
      N thank u so much 4 everything

      1. Vyshu10

        Oh no..no need of tq or sorry. I m glad u shared this…now i m bit relieved that u r doing ok or atleast i believe so. Don’t worry abt the updates….. We will wait. And dont u dare to call it boring…ok? Especially when i now know that u r younger to me….now i have rights to scold u. The eps r amazing.

        U must be having sem xms too…DBMS n all. Concentrate on studies for now.

  13. Swarna01

    After reading dis part i really dnt understand what is the prblm of swara. Agar boldegi toh kya jayega atleast he will realise dat. God. Mature swara kid sanky(first ff where is sanky totally confuse man). I can’t see them lyk dis n pls yaar upld swara u my need, breath n addiction.

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    Didn’t askd u in lst chappy as mentioned not to talk abt dat so jus hope u r fine nw…
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  17. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Goshhh!it’s beyond awsm.. Swaras pov is painful..Swalak bonding is very nice..Keep going dear..

    Now coming to you,what the!!why are taking to much tension.. You can post once in a week..If you will take too much tension then you health will become deteriorated.. So plz give rest yourself..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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    Awesome as always

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    Awwwwwwww missed u dear 🙂 hope ur doing well tc dear 🙂 emotional part dear and u r best in penning it down fabulous.

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