Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 25)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 25)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Hello guys..!! Here me with continuing this…!!
Extremely SORRY…*holding my both ears…for my stupidity of asking something from you which I really don’t deserve.

I really felt very bad with seeing some of you pleading but believe me it was not my intention to play with your feelings.

I was just gotta flow with my wishes and asked response for my very bad writing…Let it be..!!


It has been passed whole single week after that swasan separation..,

Swara’s condition was really bad…She was just crying with remembering all…In this whole week she rarely attend college.

Whereas Sanky was not at all saw college after that break up, he spent his whole week with sitting in bar while drinking and just drinking…He was feeling pain but least did he able to understand actual reason behind it.

Ragini felt very bad for Swara…She was feeling totally helpless with seeing Swara all broken.

Whereas when Lucky was handling drunken Sanky then in intoxication condition Sanky muttered all from start to end which happened in between him and Swara but he didn’t able to bring Swara’s name on his lips with noticing Lucky..,

And when Lucky was curious about to know that girl’s name then Sanky just simply avoided to answer him.



“Je T’aime”means ”I Love You”


“Ne dis jamais je t’aime” means “Never says I Love You”.

So let’s start..,

‘Never say I love you’ ko French mein kya bolte hain..??

:- “Ne dis jamais je t’aime”.

Yeah just like in Ranveer’s tone “It’s so s*xy to sound” (uff naughty me).

Urghh…Swara kicking me out of my area…okay going jaan…!!!



Swara’s POV started..,

Bhai threw Valentine-Day party at our house..!!

Actually Bhai kept this party for his new so called girlfriend…Shanaya..,

Me, Sanky and Rags were also there..!!

Sanky was really seemed like changed person the change that I always wanted to see in him..,

And the great proof of that changed Sanky is nothing but he was with me in this love celebrated night.

Seeing him revolve around me in this party, I impatiently wanted to say that three magical words to him on this very special moment and has wish of listening something very pleasurable from him in return..,

But with noticing his so strong stubbornness now I feel like……

Ne dis jamais je t’aime je t’aime
Ne dis jamais je t’aime
Kehna na yaar pyaar hai
Ne dis jamais je t’aime

Phir dil niklega haathon se
Karle khud pe reham
Neendein phislengi raaton se
Karle khud pe reham

Ne dis jamais je t’aime je t’aime
Ne dis jamais je t’aime
Kehna na yaar pyaar hai
Ne dis jamais je t’aime

Dard mein royega tu
Yaar bhi khoyega tu
Kehna na
Keh dena na

Muft mein kaanton ki sej pe soyega
Tu kehna na
Keh dena na

Saansein tham lengi saanson mein
Tujhko meri kasam
Dhaage uljhenge dhaagon se
Karle khud pe reham

Ne dis jamais je t’aime je t’aime
Ne dis jamais je t’aime
Kehna na yaar pyaar hai
Ne dis jamais je t’aime

Mudke na dekhna wahan
Jo chhod di gali
Phir saamne bhi aaye toh
Tu mod de gali

Ne dis jamais je t’aime je t’aime
Ne dis jamais je t’aime
Kehna na yaar pyaar hai
Ne dis jamais je t’aime

Kaante bikhrenge raahon mein
Bachke rakhna kadam
Armaan niklenge raakhon mein
Karle khud pe reham

Ne dis jamais je t’aime je t’aime
Ne dis jamais je t’aime
Kehna na yaar pyaar hai
Ne dis jamais je t’aime

And why won’t you say it Sanky….??

Swara’s POV ended.


Swara’s POV started..,

Despite the fact that Valentine-Day was yesterday, I woke up with the most fluttering and happy feeling ever.

Words couldn’t describe how light hearted I felt this morning.

It was as if I was flying on cloud nine while an unknown girl wearing a white cloth draped across her shoulder played a beautiful tune on a golden Harper, and then god was waving at me while I flew further up the sky with the most heavenly smile, even though I might have looked like a wasted chick.

I had s*x with Sanky before, but hell, I’ve never wakened up so happy like this.

And it wasn’t like he said he loved me or anything (though I would not mind if he did), it was just a night of great pleasure.

I didn’t even know why I was grinning like an idiot early in the morning,

It was, after all, just s*x….No wait….let me correct this….IT WAS NOT A s*x BUT WAS BLISSFUL AND PLEASURABLE ‘LOVE-MAKING’..!!

Last night was really freaking amazing.

Sanky’s body stirred beside me and I suddenly closed my eyes, not wanting him to catch me watching him sleep (as weird as that sounds), but I heard him let out a small laugh as one of his arms tightened around my waist.

“You’re already awake aren’t you..??”

Sanky huskily asked.,


I answered him with a small smile, my eyes still closed.

I added.,

“I’m still asleep.”

He ran his fingers on my bare skin from my waist to my hips.

I didn’t say anything and merely enjoyed the lovely feeling of his touch on me again before I opened my eyes.

I was surprised to see him gazing at me with a meaningful glance, intrigued by the way the swirls of emotions danced in his eyes.

I reached my hand and placed them on his cheek with a grin, running my thumb along his small dimple.

He grabbed my hand in his and kissed my palm without leaving his eyes away from mine.

I kind of thought that it seemed such a tender and lovingly gesture, but I didn’t want to think too much on the possibility.

So instead I closed my eyes and inhaled his masculine scent and said,

“This is nice.”

“What is..??”

Sanky asked confusedly..,

“Sleeping in bed, lazing around, you know…while naked.”

I whispered while unable to hide my blush.,

He chuckled lowly.

I didn’t expect an answer from him but he surprised me when he said,

“Yes, it kind of is.”

Okay, he might have said ‘kind of’, but he also said ‘yes’, which quite startled me at one point.

He was the same who being college’s popular guy with having nicknamed ‘a great playboy’, a guy who supposedly said he hated the thought of relationships with commitments, the same guy who always hurted me unknowingly, who once didn’t like the thought of cuddling after s*x and here he was, the exact same guy who just agreed that him lying on bed with me in the morning was nice.



He asked me at my stunned face.

He frowned slightly. “Did I say something wrong..??”

I shook my head, maybe a little too fast and propped myself up with one of my elbows as my head settled on my hand.

I didn’t want to look into his eyes, so instead I looked at his second best feature….no wait, his third best feature, which was his lips.

I couldn’t be looking even further down now could I…?? Well not now.

“I’m just surprised you agreed that the thought of cuddling with me is nice.”

I answered him truly.,

His frown deepened.

I never knew a frown could look so cute on this charming guy…OMG..!!
It was also the one of reason to go crazy at him.

“Why would you be surprised…??”

He asked with causing his brow to furrow.

I finally looked up and met his eyes.

“Well you’re…you…I mean…You’ve always hated cuddling after s*x. I never thought you would agree. You, of all people.”

His gaze softened as a small smile tugged on his lips.

This even surprised me more, because he (again, of all people) looked shy.

Oh goshh..!!! Sanky and that too ‘Shying’..,

Sanskar Maheshwari looked like he was embarrassed, and by me…really just coz of ‘Me’..!!! (Yet again, of all people).

“A lot of things have changed with me.”

He looked down as his cheeks flushed slightly that I had to hold back my laughter at his sudden shyness.

“And it’s mostly because of you, I guess.”

I was stunned, yet again.

And he was really embarrassed one more time.

He was trying to avoid any eye contact with me, which I found quite amused.

Who was this shy guy..?? And where was the arrogant and confident guy I knew of..??

It was funny seeing him fidgeting under my gaze, and to top it all, I wasn’t even did anything to make him look this nervous.

“Sanky..?? Are you okay…??”

He ignored me and continued with his unusual rants.

“I mean, I never thought I could be this attracted to you. You, of all people.”

What was up with this ‘of all people’…??

I then realized what he just said and it was my turn to frown at him.

“Wow, thanks…!!”

I barely could able to express.

He looked up at me sincerely, but only for a split second before he lied on his back and stared up at the ceiling above us.

“I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, you were my best friend’s younger sister, and I was this dickhead who thought about getting laid all the time. I knew I shouldn’t have been involved with you in any way, but you intrigued me. I wanted to get to know you more.”

My amusement was slowly fading at his serious tone.

He did look kind of embarrassed to say all of this, but he also looked distant and serious.

His sudden outburst was shocking me even more that I suddenly felt my heart rate quickening.

Where was he going with all this..??

“I guess I kind of underestimated everything,” he continued on.

“I thought that having a s*xual relationship with you was going to be easy, but man was I wrong. It got even more complicated and I think I was the one that made things worse. I was blo*dy f**k to take advantage of you-well, not that I was. I mean…maybe I kind of was. I…look…I’m not really good saying all my feelings out so…uh…..”

He took a deep breath before continuing again. “Well I had the thought of liking you more than my s*xual needs, and it really surprised the hell out of me, but…but the thought of not having you in my arms scared me even more.”

I stayed silent, too surprised to form any words, as I lied back down and also stared up the ceiling as his voice filled the room again.

“I know I’ve changed a lot these past couple of days. And I have to admit, I feel like a better person. I don’t know…I think I feel happier.”

He chuckled lowly. “Look at me, I feel like a grown up, admitting all my feelings. And I’m embarrassed. I don’t know why I’m so embarrassed…I mean, I’ve done a confession for you in front of college. And now when there’s the two of us, I feel more nervous. It’s funny isn’t it…??”

I didn’t join him as he laughed at himself, I was too shock to do anything. It was the same feeling when I found him holding a bouquet of lilies in front of college. But somehow this felt more intense…maybe because we just had s*x last night, I don’t know.

He turned his head to look at me but I didn’t dare to move any muscle.

I could feel his eyes on me as I kept on staring at the ceiling.

And suddenly, I felt his fingers through mine, slowly grasping my hand so softly.

I bit my lip to stop myself smiling like a fool.

“I like you Swara. I…uh, really do. Eh…Like…really, really like you…Really, really…. really….Really.” He squeezed my hand slightly. “I mean Really…!!!”

OMG..!! Well that’s so many ‘REALLYs’ in one sentence only.

He took a sharp breath before saying the words I never thought he would say in a very shaky and nervous voice. “I think…no, I know…I-uh I…well I…Ehh….”

He stopped suddenly before he continued with a more steady voice in a rush. “I’M-IN-LOVE-WITH-YOU..!!”


Was I really hearing things..??

I finally braved myself to look at him, and when I did, I couldn’t help but to break into a grin.

He was watching me with scared eyes, a small smile and a face of a lost puppy.

He looked really very cute and…So not him.

And that’s why I laughed, very loud might I add.

It started as a soft giggle, and when he frowned at me, I began to bark out a huge laugh at his expression.

I didn’t know exactly why I was laughing.

I might be laughing at him because he was acting like this, or maybe I was laughing because I was so happy that the only thing I could do was to laugh it off.

Sanky looked at me as if I was crazy and kind of mad, and I wouldn’t blame him, because technically we both were naked under the comforter and he just confessed his love for me.

Oh my god..!! He actually said it..?? He did, didn’t he..??

Oh my god..!! Oh my god..!! Oh…my…god…!!!

I couldn’t stop grinning and laughing that I had to close my mouth with my hand.

Flying to cloud nine was nothing.

This was a huge free fall.

“Uh, Swara…???”

There was a doubt in his voice and I couldn’t help but to laugh louder than necessary.

And when my laughter finally died down a little, I glanced at him.

He was still looking at me with a huge frown on his face.

He still looked like a scared puppy though, which was why I grinned really wide. I was the one who made him like this. Me..!!

Of all people..!!

“Sanky, you have no idea how happy I feel right now.”

I practically jumped on him.

I threw myself at top of him, cupped his face and kissed him with all my might.

He was tensed at first, too shocked to process my sudden interest to maul him,
But he accepted it after a while.

He reached around my waist and kissed me back with so much strength and power.

His kisses were always like this, but now I finally realized why they were so intense and wonderful.

It was always full of love.

Maybe I never realized this, or maybe even he himself never realized this, but the moment the thought of him loving me, those kisses seemed to be the cherries on the top.

I now know why I loved kissing him.

I now understand why kissing him was the greatest feeling.

It was because it was always full of love.

Never have I thought this was going to happen, and it felt pure bliss.

I finally pulled away but kept my hands around his handsome face, looking into his deep gaze as he looked up at me like he was proud of me, like he was happy I was in his arms.

“You’re in love with me…??”

I managed to whisper.

He nodded shyly with a small smile and squeezed my hips lightly.

“YES I’M..!!”

My grin grew wider.

I knew my cheeks were going to be sore by my nonstop smiling, but I didn’t care.

I was too happy to contain this very beautiful information.

“Do you remember that I slipped in ‘I love you’ the yesterday night at Valentine party…??”

He frowned for a while before nodding.

“I was meant it. I love you Sanky…Like in your terms…really…really…means with lot of REALLYs”

He broke into a foolish grin as I giggled.

This felt so unreal…so unlike Sanky.

I never thought he could…change…wow…!!

This was very overwhelming to me.

After all that we’ve been through..,

Sensing that I was suddenly silent, he rubbed my back and stared into my eyes with worry.

“What are you thinking…??”

I softly smiled.

“How everything turned out. How we’re now a cheesy couple. How…how happy I feel right now. It just seems my wish gets fulfilled.”

He flipped me over and was now hovering on top of me with a sly grin.

“I’m happy too, Wanted to see deepness of my happiness…??”

And with not bothered to get reply back he proceeded to do so.

He dipped down his head and captured my lips with his, sending me thrills of excitement and giddiness, a sudden shock of electric that showed me how realistic being in his arms was.

I sighed happily when we finally pulled away.

Then I added joyfully.

“This is the best Valentine-Day present ever…and the best birthday present.”

He looked at me amusingly.

“Valentine-Day was yesterday, and your birthday is not in another week.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Nothing can be top of this.”

“Ohh really…??” He raised his eyebrows with his trademark smirk.

I smiled to myself.

I guess his usual self was back again.

I answered him with a nod before he grinned and asked me by my ear with his husky voice.

“What do you say if we go and get some delicious and expensive chocolates…?? I mean enjoy our special moment with your most favorite stuff…???”

My eyes widened in excitement and I was practically cheering even though his lips was starting to kiss my neck.

Chocolate, oh god this is the thing that I love too much immediately next after Sanky.

I was about to say what a wonderful idea that was when he suddenly sucked my skin on a very sensitive area bellow my ear.

I moaned and arched my back, feeling very dazed so suddenly by his sudden touch.

I sighed again.

Sanky suddenly stopped and pulled away. Confused to this, I opened my eyes and found him looking at me with naughty yet serious expressions.

“Can we melt some chocolate and lick it off of each other’s body…??”

Sanky asked in a dazed tone as my eyelids started to drop.

He said it with such ease now that I felt the butterflies in my stomach go wild.

I bit my lip as he gave me a charming smile before he started giving me kisses.

I received them happily, because I knew, I was going to receive them for a long time.


I confessed to him with my heart out.

Swara’s POV ended.


Precap :- In front of whole college Sanky in sarcastic way asked party from Kyle for patching up with Swara, while giving hated look to her (Swara).


Yeah I know so much confusion is there..,

But can able to give you hint that whichever content is there in ‘POV’ is nothing but just a ‘MIRROR-IMAGE’.

Till next update do try of guessing for that mirror image..!!

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      Ya give me ur email id..plzz n don’t say thnxx plzz

    2. Sanswa

      Wat username shud I use 4 u??

      1. Swarna

    3. Sanswa

      Dea…give me another usrrnm….ur one is nt working….its kind of replicated….be fast

    4. Sanswa

      Dea…give me another usrrnm….ur one is nt working….its kind of replicated….be fast….plzz

      1. Sry 4 troubling u. I was waiting 4 ur rply then i slept. Sry. Sry. Another name is liky

      2. Sry sry another user name swarali de dena.

    5. Sanswa

      Dear plzzz open ur email and click on activation link….fast

    6. Sanswa

      Dea did u open ur Emil box n clicked in activation link which tellyupdates send u….¿¿…..plzzz do it or else my efforts will be all vain… Plzz do it widin 12 hours….fast….n later on inform me abt wats going on…whether its working or nt……¿¿¿¿

      1. Where r u? There are lots of trouble. God

    7. Sanswa

      Dea did u open ur Emil box n clicked in activation link which tellyupdates send u….¿¿……plzzz do it or else my efforts will be all vain… Plzz do it widin 12 hours….fast….n later on inform me abt wats going on…whether its working or nt……¿¿¿¿

      1. Are email Id n password dun?

      2. Swarna01

        Sanswa thank u thanku thank u so much 4 help.

    8. Sanswa

      Dea don’t b thnxx…afrerall its my pleasure…I hve msged u just check out..?

  37. thank u for continuing this. such a lovely ff ???? plz update soon

    1. Sanswa

      Thnxxx dea sooo much m glad u appreciate my efforts?

  38. When r U going to update next???
    U r seriously testing my patience??

    1. Sanswa

      Awwe dea…☺…don’t worry will soon update nxt…trust me…pinky promise?

      1. Yes u should!!!!

      2. Sanswa

        Hahaha..Aarohi..woaah girl wid power hunn..?
        Bt spare me m scaring from ur dis rowdy look?

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