Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 23)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 23)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Unable to watch Swara like this all broken Sanky hugged her with her same shaking form for making her relaxed.,

Sanky (while rubbing her back) : Swara what are you saying all this…I’m just unable to getting anything…Moreover why are you crying..??What happened so sudden that you seem to be all shattered..??

Swara didn’t reply anything and was just letting out her quite silent crying..,

While Sanky was still trying to console Swara while caressing her hairs.,

And then after couple of minutes when Sanky sensed that Swara has been stopped her sobbing…he broke the hug.,

He wiped her all tears..,

Sanky (soft tone) : Don’t cry Swara, it’s hurting me like hell and I’m requesting you, please clearly tell me the reason behind all this.,

Swara now discontinued her all crying and with making herself calm by taking one deep breath she asked Sanky with teary eyes.,

Swara : Sanky, I want freeness from all these unbearable stuffs before it will become hard enough to come back again.,

Sanky (confused mind) : What does it mean..??

Swara stopped for a while with looking into Sanky’s eyes while he does the same.,

Her heart wanted to melt again in those browny eyes but this time she forced to stand strong and with giving herself some emotional strength she continued.,

Swara (hurtful voice) : I mean, I want break up from this ‘FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS’ relationship..!!

Sanky felt jolt of shock course through his body due to this sudden decision of Swara…He was not able to believe on his own ears.,

Sanky (surprised) : What..?? Are you kidding me..?? Swara if it is a joke then please stop because when it comes to you then all matters are serious for me..!!

Swara (plainly) : I distinctly come to know for what particular terms your seriousness actually stands for.

Sanky (stern voice) : Swara, I hate the fact that first you pushed me then warned me for not touching you and when I was about asking reason behind all this unexpected behavior of you then I found you with your ‘Ex’…And when I was curious related his surprise presence then you simply ignored me for long and when you suddenly started respond then you ended up with crying…What a mess..??

Swara (confidently) : Yeah right, everything is messed up only and now I wanted to clear it anyhow by breaking all connections with you..!!

Sanky (doubting) : Whether enquired about Kyle’s presence causing to this sudden decision of breaking up with me..??

Swara (raising eyebrows) : Why Kyle is still revolving inside your mind..??

Sanky (cold voice) : Don’t know but the single thought of any guy in related your matter always forced me to be afraid of losing you..!!

Swara (roughly) : Sanky your confusion is never going to end…So keep this aside coz the thing that really matters is everything is supposed to be pack up in between we both now.

Sanky held Swara’s both hands in his.,

Sanky (calm voice) : Swara please drop this decision…As I never been so scared of losing something in my entire life then again nothing in my life has ever meant as much to me as you do.

Swara takes her hands back from Sank’s hold.,

Swara (hesitantly) : Sanky it’s kind of like im..impp..impure relation which now exists in between we two…and in return this relation will give insult only through all of society.

Sanky (with stretching every word) : Impure…Society…Insult..??

Take some pause and again kept continuing with

Sanky (soft tone) : See Swara, I don’t care about all these things I believe is that no relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.

Swara : You are not understanding that we will never be together without any commitment…and COMMIT is the thing that you hated actually..!!

Sanky : Why to need of any commitment as the good relation is when someone accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future and this is the thing that you actually followed through me…You handled me like this only by all way.

Swara : This is the thing that I actually want to say that both should get involved in cherishing the beauty of relation and that Beauty is to understand and to be understood Sanky..!!

Sanky : Yeah, I accept the fact that I always get understood by you very well whereas you are always mystery for me to get understand but I’ll definitely tried for it Swara…I’ll struggled for every task just for you to be stay in my arms always…I want our relation where everyone is like ‘damn they are still together’.

Swara : No…Never…Now I would rather be alone with dignity than in a relationship that requires me to sacrifice my self-respect.

Sanky : That means, through this I should get the fact that you are not loyal with all promises which you made with me.

Swara : Staying in a situation where you’re unappreciated is not called loyalty it’s called breaking your own heart.

Sanky : Swara, I don’t know what my mistake is that you are behaving with me like this but give me second chance at least…I’m habitual of you now…How will I able to handle myself without you then..??

Swara : I’m a very patient person Sanky and I already gave plenty of second chances to change your thinking and the way of feeling about me but I have my limits, I’m not a saint.

With saying this she slightly turns her face from Sanky.,

Sanky kept his head on Swara’s lap and continued with looking at her face.,

Sanky (pleading) : Don’t do this to me Swara…I really will not able to live without you now…How will I get my all things without any efforts…Who will handle me with all care…How will I survive with all my s*xual needs without your touch…Who will scold me against drinking…How will I relaxed my all nerves without your presence..,

Whereas Swara was unwillingly listening Sanky without looking at his face.,

Sanky hold Swara’s right hand in his with still in same position and kept himself going on.,

Sanky (calm voice) : For whom I will bring plenty of chocolates for asking sorry…Who will forcefully make me drink lemon water at morning…How will I get peaceful sleep without you…How will I able to make myself free from headache after drinking without your massage on my head…Who will close curtains for me at morning against light disturbances…How will I entertain myself without your silly jokes..,

While Swara was still avoiding to look at Sanky but her eyes started filled with tears while sensing Sanky’s sad condition.,

Sanky left Swara’s right hand and with slightly lifting up he hugged Swara while hiding his face in the crook of her neck.,

Sanky (soft tone) : Who will help me for coming out of all my sadness…How will I make myself calm without keeping my head on your lap…Who will drag peace in my slumber..,

Swara was not responding to the hug…Was just tightly closing her eyes with holding her all tears but her tears were being adamant they were started roaming down from her cheeks after failing up her attempt.,

Sanky tightened his hold more on Swara and continued himself after closing his eyes.,

Sanky (sensuous voice) : Swara I want you in my arms while closing my eyes at night…Overall I really need you Swara I don’t know specifically for what but I desired you for all myself.

Swara again made herself strong with making her heart all understand and she wiped her tears…Then with slight forcefully she freed herself from Sanky’s grip.,

Whereas Sanky one more time again became surprised with noticing Swara’s this kind of ignored behavior.,

Swara with looking at all around while avoiding Sanky’s questioning gaze.,

Swara : No Sanky, now I will not put myself in a situation where I am not sure of where I stand in your life actually.


To be continued..,

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