Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 22)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 22)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Swara came out of room with crying and running followed by Sanky calling her continuously.,

Swara who was more immersed within her all hurted feelings and repeated recalling of Sanky’s words in her mind got fumbled on downstairs and was about slipped but Kyle hold her at the nick of time.,

Sanky witnessed Swara in Kyle’s arms by his wide opened narrow eyes with standing far away from both of them.,

And while capturing this unbearable view the pang of jealousy started burning inside him which was not allowing him to watch this sight silently.,

So he was about stepping towards both of them while firming in anger but just then he realized that he and Swara would not able to handle the upcoming delicate situation if now he will come in front of Kyle.

That’s why while holding his mere patience he unwillingly stands at his place only with looking towards both of them by bloodshot eyes.,

Whereas here.,

Kyle was still holding Swara firmly in his arms,

Kyle : Swara are you okay..??

Swara with trying to standing on floor.,

Swara : yeah…!

While Kyle was giving support to Swara.,

Kyle (confused) : Swara these tears..Are you crying..?? ohh whether you got hurt..??

Swara quickly wiped her tears..

Swara : I’m okay.

Conversation between Swara and Kyle was not audible to Sanskar that’s why just noticing front scenario through eyes Sanky was helplessly controlling his rage which was growing more due to tremendous jealousy by seeing Swara touched by other guy.,

While here Kyle asked with noticing Swara’s condition.,

Kyle : I’ll help you till couch.,

Swara looks towards Kyle and unwillingly nods in affirmation by sensing pain at her ankle.,

Kyle help out Swara while walking up to sofa.,

Swara sits on couch with silently wincing in pain.,

Kyle sat beside near to Swara and asked.,

Kyle : I think you got hurt at your leg..,

With saying this he was about to touch Swara’s leg..,

Just then Swara hesitantly takes her leg back.,

Swara : nothing..just..small sprain at ankle..,

Kyle : but Swara…

Swara cut off Kyle..,

Swara (while touching her ankle) : I’m fine..

Kyle : okay..take care..bye..see you at college..,

Swara simply nods in return..,

Swara : bye..!!

As soon as Kyle went from there Sanky came towards Swara and asked with clearly reflecting his jealousy through all his gestures while holding angry and annoyed expressions.,

Sanky (rough voice) : What that Kyle was doing here when your family members are not at home..??

Swara didn’t see towards Sanky and just ignored his question while still holding her ankle in pain.,

Sanky confusedly looks at Swara by noticing her silence and continued himself with sitting beside her on couch.,

Sanky : I know there is nothing like that in between you two but still I don’t like any guy roam around you..!!

Swara just gave him discontent look with still ignoring his any kind of utterance..,

Sanky (furiously) : And how that bastard dare to touch you Swara..??

Swara finally spoke with getting irritation from Sanky’s talks.,

Swara (annoyed tone) : Why it’s bothering you..??

Sanky lost his patience…He hold Swara’s right arm…And answered with looking into her eyes.,

Sanky : COZ YOU ARE MINE ONLY…And I have only right to touch you..!!

Swara removed Sanky’s hand from her arm and replied with causing her brow to furrow.,

Swara (stern voice) : About which right you are talking Sanky..?? As per my information neither is you my hubby nor even boyfriend then how come I belong to you..???

Sanky : Don’t you remember our relation..??

Swara (slight hyper) : Oh..No..Not at all how will I able to forget the biggest mistake of my life..??

Sanky Raised his eyebrows and asked.,

Sanky (with stretching each word) : BIGGEST MISTAKE..??

Swara (hurted voice) : yeah…I TRUST YOU IT’S MY MISTAKE…I submitted myself to you it’s my stupidity… I expect some kind of respect in return it’s my foolishness..,

Whereas Sanky was just listening Swara shockingly..,

Swara’s eyes brimmed with tears..,

Swara (reflecting pain in her tone) : I hoped for some good result of our relation it’s my un-wisdom…I believe to get changes in your thinking it’s my silliness…I wanted you to be my guy it’s my madness..,

While listening Swara’s all painful talks Sanky was just feeling like that someone stabbed knife into his heart..

Swara now burst out into crying with unable to hold her all hurted feelings..,

Swara (within her sobbing) : …And in all these my whole wrong faiths I just lost myself…I lose my self-respect…Now I’m feeling like to hate myself to the core…I’m all feeling disgusted only..!!

With hardly speaking out everything which was she feeling right now…Swara hides her face within her palms while breaking out into miserably crying..,

Sanky’s heart started aching with noticing Swara’s anguish and listening her crying…but he was just beyond surprised and speechless too…for unable to predict anything.,


To be continued..,

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