Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 21)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 21)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Sanky : Swara curtains…

Sanky yelled when he felt the sun light penetrating through his closed lids.,

Then Swara who was just came out of washroom after taking calm yet bubble bath…Answered Sanky while going towards window…

Swara : yeah…!!

And she closed curtains neatly with covering all sides of window.

Sanky turns his head and again asked with closing eyes..

Sanky : Swara this one also..,

Swara then goes towards opposite side after shaking her head.,

And she closed curtains of that window too.

Sanky points out towards the sunrays by his index finger with closing eyes.,

Sanky : Swara closed it precisely…light is disturbing me from this side..!!

Swara saw towards Sanky with disbelief look and covered the side of window by curtains which Sanky pointed out..,

After that she asked Sanky with slight frustratingly.,

Swara : is it fine now..??

Sanky smiled with closing eyes..

Sanky : it’s perfect..!!

Swara then goes towards dressing table and starts to comb her hairs while lovingly looking at Sanky’s sleeping image from the mirror..,

After completing her all stuffs..

Swara asked Sanky while going out of room..,

Swara : Sanky I’m going downstairs..You better get up till I came back..!!

Sanky just hummed her in replying while comforting himself under the quilt..,

Here Swara came into the kitchen while talking with Ragini on mobzi.,

After sometime Swara goes to her bedroom back..

Then she asked Sanky while putting tray on near side table of bed..,

Swara : Sanky get up baba…here it is lemon water and your cappuccino too.

Sanky didn’t listen moreover hides himself more under the comforter.

Swara narrowed her eyes with shocking and pulled out quilt from him..

Swara (fake anger) : Sanky you better get up fast..!!

But Sanky behaved like stubborn..He snatched comforter from Swara’s hands and again covers himself inside it..,

But finally after some half an hour Swara succeed in waking Sanky up..!!!

Just then door bell rang so Swara stepped out of bedroom after giving lots of orders to Sanky like not to sleep again…and gets freshen up fast…not forget to drink lemon water…and lots of much more…Which Sanky barely listened with making weird faces.

After opening the door Swara gets surprised after seeing the person in front of her..,

Person : Hi Swara…!!

Swara : ohh hello Kyle…come…

Kyle with coming inside of house..,

Kyle (slight annoyed tone) : Swara how many times I have called you few hours ago…But you didn’t pick up my call..!!

Swara (with trying to lie) : woh…I was in sleep that time..so..,

Kyle with settling himself on couch

Kyle : fine..!!

Swara (pick up eyebrow) : Was there something important..??

Kyle : Not that much but I was just about inform you that I’m coming to your house for returning your notes..,

With saying this he handover Swara’s notes to her..,

After that Kyle was about saying something just then both Swara and Kyle heard guy’s calling with Swara’s name..,

Kyle looked at Swara suspiciously as he was confirmed that it was not Lucky’s voice.,

Whereas Swara felt lots of nervousness as what to replied Kyle if he asked about it.,

Kyle (confused) : Swara whose voice was that..??

Swara fumbled on expected question of Kyle..,

Swara (choked voice) : No..Nothing…you make yourself comfortable here..

Swara somehow managed to avoid Kyle’s question.,

She called their maid Shobha aunty..,

Swara : Shobha aunty serve some snacks to Kyle..,

Then after turning towards Kyle she said..

Swara : Kyle I’ll just come..,

With saying this she hurriedly goes towards her bedroom.,

While Kyle felt something fishy after noticing all around scenario..,

Swara came in her bedroom..,

Whereas confused Sanky looks towards her while asking..,

Sanky : Swara where were you…I was calling you from long…and where is my shirt..??

Swara then goes to at near side table..,

Then come towards Sanky and handover his shirt to him..,

Swara : Sanky can’t you look carefully…it was there only..!!

Sanky replied while taking his shirt from Swara’s hands..,

Sanky : Swara this time I really tried my best for that …but couldn’t…don’t know how you found it…?? Do you have sensor of my all stuffs..??

Swara : No..I think your all stuffs having enmity with you and that too very strong and deep..!!

Swara answered Sanky while searching all other stuffs of him as she knew what will be his next firing question now…!!

Sanky : that was hilarious Swara..!!

Sanky replied while wearing his shirt..,

But just then Sanky noticed Swara who was searching something while roaming all around in room…like back of the door…under the bed…at dressing table…and all other places where people usually don’t put their daily stuffs..,

Sanky (questioningly) : What are you searching babe..Strange you also couldn’t able to find your all stuffs by yourself just like me…Then who usually helped you Swara in this matter…Like how you quickly got my all stuffs just like super girl..and…

Swara (irritatingly) : stopped it Sanky..,

Swara interrupted Sanky’s blabbering by getting frustration from it.,

Sanky makes pout..

Sanky (low voice) : why are you shouting..I was just asking you that what are you searching for..??

Swara realized that she got hyper…then she answered Sanky while still busy with her searching task..,

Swara (calmly) : I’m sorry for yelling at you…hmm…I’m just searching answer of your next questions…!!

Sanky (confused mind) : You are getting me wrong Swara…why will I ask questions to you…I’m not question bank…moreover I’m just unable to getting what are you actually talking about…ok…let it be…I won’t disturb you…you carry on your non-understandable work..!!

With saying this Sanky starts buttoning his shirt..,

This time Swara didn’t reply back to Sanky and with ignoring his talks she make herself engross in searching of Sanky’s all other stuffs..,

Just then Sanky called Swara while still buttoning his shirt..,

Sanky : Swara where is my jacket..???

Sanky slowly started asking that questions for which Swara was waiting and ready with all of her answers..,

Swara came towards Sanky while holding his all stuffs.,

And she placed that all stuffs of Sanky on table in front of his sight.,

Swara : here it is your jacket on this table..,

Sanky while folding his sleeves.,

Sanky : Where is my mobzi..And yeah wristwatch too..??

Swara : That are also here on this table in front of you…just take some efforts to spread your glances on it..!!

Sanky saw his mobzi and wristwatch on the table in front of him and then he takes his wristwatch to wear it…And while wearing wristwatch he was about asking something Swara again…but just then Swara shut his mouth by her hands..,

Sanky (pointing out to Swara’s hand with question look while making some suppressed noises) : eh…uh…hh..mm…

Swara points her index finger near to Sanky’s side table and said..,

Swara : see here it is on this table your car keys…And mobzi’s charger…glasses…earphones…And your shoes are also here at down of this table..,

After saying all this in one go Swara takes her hand back from Sanky’s mouth..,

Sanky noticed his all stuffs on his front side table and then with overwhelming on Swara’s act he kissed on Swara’s cheek..,

Sanky (smile) : thank you for helping me as usual in finding out my all stuffs..!!

Swara was about replying back to Sanky but just then she noticed that Sanky was buttoned his shirt in incorrect holes and with watching it she shakes her head and gave disbelief look to him.,

While Sanky gave confused gesture in return.,

Swara said while unbuttoning his shirt from inappropriate holes..,

Swara : Sanky your hang over na…Should take care while drinking this much..!!

Sanky while resting his hands around Swara’s neck..,

Sanky : Sware why to care when you are always there for it..!!

Swara while buttoning his shirt in proper holes..,

Swara : Sanky should I ask something to you..?? But be specific while dragging words in your answer..,

Sanky with pulling Swara close towards him by her waist.,

Sanky : sure..!!

Swara completes herself with buttoning his shirt in accurate holes and then she asked Sanky while looking into his eyes..,


Sanky’s expressions turned into frowning as he couldn’t able to predict answer of this question in an appropriate manner…but still he preferred to fight with all his feelings and thinking while finding out correct answer of it..,

Swara noticed Sanky’s as usual very confused state to which she hated every time while confronting it..,

So now also Swara decided to ignored this most confused state of Sanky..,

Swara told while removing Sanky’s hands from her waist.,

Swara (sad voice) : let it be..!!

With saying this she starts to go from there in disappointment but Sanky held her wrist and began to answer her..

Sanky : You are the one to whom I want to see before falling into deep yet peaceful sleep…and want to capture your prettiest view at the instant of opening my eyes after landing onto earth from the dream world.,

Sanky came towards Swara while holding her wrist..

Sanky : I think, you are the one who is reason behind my smile…The fact of my solutions….And answers of my problems..,

Swara was just shockingly yet surprisingly listening Sanky’s each and every word which was giving peace and great pleasure to her heart.,

Sanky stands in front of Swara while holding her both hands in his..

Sanky : you are un-removable habit of my daily routines…Need of my peace… Hope of light in my dark life…Pleasurable music of my broke heartbeats…Addiction of my nerves…Most beautiful sight of my eyes…Treatment of my all kind of pains…glue of my all broken feelings..,

Swara was just getting overwhelmed on Sanky’s answer due to which tears of happiness started coming in her beautiful eyes.,

Sanky started caressing Swara’s rosy lips by his thumb sensuously while looking into her tearful eyes..

Sanky : And not to forget that you are satisfaction of my all kind of desires…You are the one who is arouse of my lust..,

Swara was now started feeling uneasy while listening Sanky’s words.,

Sanky wrapped his hand around Swara’s waist and pulled her towards him such that she immediately landed on to his chest.,

Sanky continued himself while roaming tip of his nose on Swara’s cheeks passionately..

Sanky (huskily) : You are the main cause of my un-ended thirst..,

Swara began felt uncomfortable due to Sanky’s words.,

Sanky kept going on with his answer while giving lingering kisses on Swara’s earlobe..


Swara’s all good feelings and happy emotions are totally vanished and she felt humiliated yet insulted due to Sanky’s last sentence.

And with flow of her all disgusted feelings Swara pushed Sanky while unable to bear his touch on her body.

Sanky felt surprised due to Swara’s this unseen behavior.,

Sanky moved forward towards Swara..,

Sanky (confused yet cold voice) : What’s wrong..??

Swara said while stepping back..

Swara (serious tone) : DON’T DARE TO TOUCH ME..!!

Sanky gets annoyed because of Swara’s unexpected words and un-noticed behavior…And he got stand on his place only due to shocking mode.,

Swara (painful voice) : I truly got my answer that still also I’M NOTHING BUT THE WAY TO SATISFY YOUR ALL TYPES OF DESIRES, s*xUAL NEEDS…am I correct Sanky..??

Sanky couldn’t able to perceive the reason behind Swara’s sudden changed gestures and talks..,

But still he preferred to answer her question back while noticing her tears brimmed eyes..,

Sanky : YEAH..KIND OF..!!

That was it for Swara, her all positive hopes of getting Sanky in her life as her soul mate were broke at the instant when he indirectly confirmed the fact that ‘SHE IS JUST HIS s*x TOOL’

Swara got hurted very badly and soon tears made their ways from her elegant eyes…were started roaming down her cheeks..,

And Swara quickly runs from her bedroom…not wanted to show Sanky her broken heart state..,

Whereas Sanky got more confused on Swara’s such kind of sudden changed behavior but at the same time he became panicked too after remembering her teary pale face..,

Sanky also left Swara’s bedroom and goes behind her for asking the reason of her this painful condition.


Precap :-

Swara asked Sanky break up from the relation of ‘FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS’

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