Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 20)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 20)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

In Swara’s bedroom.,

Heavenly admirable couple swasan were sleeping within each other embrace very peacefully with cuddling into one another tightly.,

Just then Swara slightly struggled onto Sanky’s chest…and as soon as she little bit lifted her head…her senses caught wall clock with blinking and squinting eyes…and she felt a jolt of shock course through her body with getting realization of timing..

Swara (murmured with surprise) : OMG..!! How can I sleep till 12:00 pm..

And with muttering this she was about raising up her body forcefully from Sanky’s tight grip just then she felt pang of pains in between her thighs..And then she realized that Sanky was still inside her fully..,

With struggling her all anguishes her eyes captured the sight of deep sleep engulfing Sanky..,

And just within fraction of some seconds Swara forgot all her physical pains, worries regarding late time sleeping, tensions of completing her daily morning stuffs, questions about reaching college at right time..,

In brief she was just lost all her senses while admiring image of Sanky’s closed eyes peaceful face..,

With quietly staring him Swara plants a kiss on his forehead while caressing his cheeks..,

And when Swara was engrossing in her pleasurable act then her trances broke by Sanky’s mobzi’s ringing sound.,

Then with slightly stretching her arms she caught his mobzi from side table..,

And after noticing caller id she hurriedly shakes Sanky for waking him up.,

Swara : Sanky get up fast..Your mom’s call is there..

After listening his mom’s name Sanky quickly opened his eyes with jerk and looks at Swara..,

Swara with handing over his mobzi to him..

Swara : Take this..

Sanky took his mobzi from Swara’s hands and lifts call while lying in same position..,

And gets busy with talking to his mom while forgetting all over surrounding..,

Whereas Swara found herself lost in appreciating his infinite love for his mom which was clearly reflecting through his unseen happiness, eyes, expressions, tones of voices, gestures..,

After disconnecting the call Sanky put his mobzi on side table and unknowingly looks at Swara back..,

He felt amazed due to the way Swara was watching him.,

In amusement he waves his hand in front of Swara…but was no use…then he slightly shakes her with calling her name..

Sanky : Swara…

Swara then came to her senses and starts roaming her eyes here and there in embarrassment..,

Sanky with noticing her weird behavior.,

Sanky (raising eyebrow) : What..???

Swara lowered her gaze with nodding her head in ‘NO’

Swara (low sounding) : nothing..

Sanky with pulling Swara towards him more..,

Sanky : okay, then let’s sleep..!!

Swara widened her eyes in shocked yet surprised.,

Swara (yelling) : what…?? Have you seen the timing..??

Sanky spread his gaze on wall clock..,

And replied with nothing expressions..

Sanky (chillness) : yeah it’s just a noon..!!

Swara (over expressing) : it is not ‘just’…it is ‘much more’..!!

And again continued while struggling in Sanky’s tight grip..,

Swara : leave me, you sleep as long as you want..,

Sanky with taking his hands back from Swara..

Sanky (plainly) : go then..!!

Swara (with giving death glare) : Don’t act over smart Sanky..!!

Sanky while making ‘Don’t-know’ look,

Sanky : Now what..??

Swara (with stretching every word) : I SAID LEAVE ME SANKY..!!

Sanky with shrugging off his shoulder..,

Sanky (suppressing his laugh) : Swara I think you have gone mad…What’s your problem yaar..?? I said na you are free to go wherever you want..!!

Swara gets frustration while noticing Sanky’s silent laugh and fake unknowing look.,

And she starts to hit on his bare, hard-tone chest by her tiny yet smooth hands while lying on him..,

Swara (annoying tone) : you are making fun of me…!!

Sanky starts laughing loudly while bearing soft torture from Swara’s hands.,

But after some couple of minutes, he Asked while holding Swara’s hands in protest..

Sanky : Okey cool, I’ll free you then…First give me kiss..!!

Swara turns her face after releasing her hands from his..,

Swara (displeased look) : no, I won’t…you are such a jerk…

Sanky pulled Swara some more close on to his chest such as other second she was fully lying on him..,

Sanky (smirk) : I would more love to complete my sleep with you then..!!

Swara quickly gave peck on his cheek.,

Swara : Now make me all free..I have lots of stuffs to do..

Sanky with frowning..

Sanky : am I kid..???

Swara : Don’t know ask your mom..!!

Sanky gets annoyed and draw a comforter till their necks with still holding Swara tightly.,

Sanky (closed eyes) : You have no choice Swara..!!

Swara then with no option left starts to lean towards Sanky’s lips…Sanky with closing eyes could able to felt Swara’s breath on his chin…With sensing hotness of her breath he opened his eyes…His gaze caught Swara’s nervous view…With this both gets engulfed in beautiful eye lock while looking towards each other without blinking…both could able to feel some electric sparks shiver run down their spines…a different feeling was growling in their stomach…they both were staring each other with having an passionate eye contact…And without breaking any trances they starts to lean towards each other’s lips…once they could feel each other’s hot breath…they closed their eyes slowly…And their lips met…it was gentle yet slow kiss…With feeling each other’s lips…as time passes Swara made herself comfortable with caressing his cheeks by her hands…Whereas Sanky was pulling Swara more towards him with one hand on her bare waist and other one is busy while caressing her hairs…With more engrossing in his actions Sanky turned kiss into needed one…both of them lose their senses and was kissing each other more passionately…their lips were moulded perfectly on each other…tasting its essence with their tongues…Sanky was kissing Swara’s lips hungrily…while she was trying her best to match with his some moves…With engrossing in kissing Sanky was pressing her curves onto his strong chest mercilessly…With forcing her to let out faint moans into his mouth…he bites her lower lip hard…and other second he could able to feel metallic taste of her blood…he then licked her lips thoroughly in continuous manner while soothing her pain…soon he started giving soft bites on her juicy lips with making her gasp…And taking this as a chance he entered into her mouth…And starts to explore her mouth with caressing inside it by his tongue…Soon he began to lick her tongue passionately…After some couple of minutes he slowly came onto her lips back with sucking them hungrily…and after some more minutes of licking juices of her rosy lips he broke the kiss with panting heavily..,

After breaking the long lasting kiss both rested their foreheads against one another with breathing more heavily..,

And after getting somewhat relax Sanky pulled Swara into bone crushing hug with kissing on her neck then her bare shoulders while tightening hug..,

Sanky (pulling Swara more close into hug) : Will you be like this in my arms forever for letting me feel you deeply…??

Swara : YES..!!

Swara (with struggling in very tight hug) : Now please let me go…it’s already too late..,

Sanky broke the hug and placed a kiss on her forehead..

Sanky : You are free to go now..!!

After saying this Sanky pulled out his big long length tool from Swara’s core..,

Swara let out slight heavy moan in pain with holding her breath..

Sanky realized her condition and again hugged her for making her calm with caressing her hairs softly..,

And after sensing her relaxed nerves he asked her with tenderly kissing on top of her head..

Sanky (still hugging) : Are you fine…??

Swara with gasping out of breath..,

Swara : hmm..

Sanky smiled and broke the hug..,

Sanky : Now I’m feeling sleepy…!!

With saying this he pecks Swara’s lips passionately and covers himself inside quilt from head to toe.,

Swara after capturing his image in her eyes starts to go from bed with covering herself in sheets..,


Precap :-

Swara (to Sanky) (serious tone) : Don’t dare to touch me..!!

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