Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 12)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 12)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Sanky was feeling restless by reminiscing Swara’s crying face so he thought to go her room back to check her..,

And he came into Swara’s room..,

After coming there, Sanky saw Swara who was sitting in same position on bed, with hiding her face in her knees and her body shaking was indicating that she was definitely crying.

Yes she was crying as first time in her life someone scolds her and that too this much rigidly..,

By noticing that, Swara was sobbing silently, Sanky fists tightened his nails which digging his palm and was cursing himself for her this situation…her crying sound making his heart ache…Without realizing the fact that Swara was forcing him to go crazy day by day..,

Then he walk slowly towards her and sat besides looking at her shaking form for some time in a thought of how badly he hurt her,

And after some couple of 2 minutes, he took step forward for consoling her and put his arms around her form the same way she was sitting and hugged her.

Swara was aware of his presence in the room but she didn’t make a move to stop him as he hugged her..,

Swara remained in the same form with sobbing silently.

When She wiped off her tears and looked at his face then he released her and was about to talk with her but she turned her face by remembering his drastic behavior towards her and get off from the bed and stand in front of window with looking outside blankly…,

Then Sanky realized that she was angry on him..,

And after shaking his head by noticing her cute anger, Sanky goes to her and stood behind her with wrapping his arms around her waist and kissed her fairy cheek softly..,

Sanky (guilty) : SORRY Swara, I shouldn’t have talked to u like that.. It was not your fault..,

With saying this he turn her towards him by cupping her fairy, pinkish cheek with his hand.

Whereas Swara looked at Sanky with all upset and straight face.

She got tears in her eyes as she heard ‘SORRY’ word from his mouth at very first time.

Sanky pulled Swara more closer and kissed her teary yet elegant eyes, then pecked her lips softly yet passionately, kissed her forehead and then placed her face on his shoulder with hugging her in his arms..,

Sanky (more guilty) : I’M REALLY VERY SORRY SWARA that I was harsh with u and insult you by throwing sari on your face which ended up making to flow your pearls from your beautiful eyes…. But u really doesn’t know my state of mind when I see somebody lusting at u, U ARE ONLY MINE..!!! No one has a right to see u the way I see, no blo*dy creature in this universe can dare to even imagine to do those things which for only me to do, only and only me..!!!

Swara saw Sanky’s possessive side as his voice grew more and more ragged.

Swara : Sanky….what happened…?? Was there something wrong..?? Did somebody say something bad about me which you heard and got hyper..,

Sanky : NO…

This was his answer only as he gritted his teeth angrily remembering that watchman’s dirty gaze on his pure innocent girl.

Swara saw that and placed her little, soft hand on his cheek.

Swara : Tell me na Sanky….don’t u trust me..??

Swara said this to Sanky..,

Whereas Sanky watched her the way she behaved so maturely, asking him for his tensions with sharing trust.

Sanky took her hand and placed sweet wet kiss on her palm and said that,

Sanky : uhh No….it’s just that I don’t like the way people see u with lustful hungry gaze, I thought it may land u in trouble some day when I will not around u..So I don’t want u to reveal your skin much in front of people …r u ok with it..??

Sanky told Swara this with cupping her fairy cheeks with his hands, hiding the truth partially..,

Whereas Swara nodded in a ‘YES’

Sanky smiled at Swara as well and kissed her temples and hugged her more tightly.

After breaking the hug, he goes to bed and takes saree, coming towards Swara..,

And handover it softly in Swara’s hands and told her that..,

Sanky : Do accept this small present from me..!!

Whereas Swara roamed her hand on saree in excitement..

By noticing Swara’s expressions Sanky asked her that,

Sanky : Do you liked it..??

Swara replied him with still roaming her hand on saree..,

Swara (happy) : haan, very much…!!!

Then Sanky gets more happie by seeing Swara’s glad, beautiful face..,

But suddenly something strike to Swara’s mind and she asked Sanky with doubtfully..,

Swara : but how do you know about girl’s liking, means how did you manage to buy this beautiful saree within just some minutes only..,

Sanky : I didn’t give any heed to girl’s liking stuffs uptil now, it’s just that I asked there for ‘Most expensive, designer saree of their mall..!!’

Swara : ohhh..!!!

Sanky : Now stop asking any further explanation and wear it, I eagerly wanna see my beauty in saree..!!!

By listening it Swara made sad face in disappointment..,

Sanky noticed it and asked Swara with caressing her fairy cheeks sensuously by his thumb..,

Sanky : What happen, did I ask something wrong..??

Swara : No.

Sanky : Then what’s the matter..???

Swara : it’s just..just that, I don’t know how to wear it..??

Sanky : Don’t worry..!! Google the videos then…!!

Swara : I have tried for that attempt earlier when Mumma was not at home, but I failed in it as I was unable to understand from it

Sanky raised her eyebrows and asked Swara..,

Sanky : So..??

Swara : So, I’ll wear it when Mom will come from school…Okey..??

But Sanky was so adamant and stubborn..,

And actually he was not at his fault; he was very habitual of to get fulfill his every wish at the spot only..,

Sanky : No, I don’t know about anything, You are wearing it now only as I wanna see you in saree, Manage it by yourself anyhow..!!!

Swara : Sanky, you are behaving like child

Sanky : Swara, don’t divert the topic..,

With saying this, Sanky pulled Swara by her waist towards him and asked her..,

Sanky : tell me, you are wearing it or not…??

Swara (nervously) : I..I…saiddd naa.. I’m unna..unable.. to.. to do.. ittt..!!

That was it for Sanky’s patience; he gets mad and left Swara and said her..,

Sanky (cold tone) : Ok then ice-cream date is cancel and you will be closed in this room until someone will not come and opened it…!!!

Swara gives Sanky open-mouth look in shock on his statement..,

And before Swara could able to understand anything further, Sanskar goes from there and locked the door from outside..,

After coming in sense, Swara came towards the door and bang it with asking Sanky..,

Swara : Sanky, you are behaving weirdly…open the door..,

Then Sanky who was standing outside, near door only replied back to Swara that..,

Sanky : I have said na Swara, wear saree and then I’ll open it..

Swara : Can’t u just understand, I don’t how to do it..??

Sanky : Stop giving lame excuses to me babe..!!!

Swara : I’m not giving any excuses, I’m saying truth only,

Sanky : No, means no, I’m not going to open the door until you won’t wear the saree…!!!

Whereas Swara gets frustrated and said..,

Swara : Sanky, how can u locked me in my own bedroom..???

Sanky : I can do anything Swara and now only get it in your little brain as early as possible..,

Just then Lucky called Sanky from back with shocking state by seeing him outside the Swara’s bedroom..,

Lucky (shocked) : Sanky….???

Sanky turned and was startled by seeing Lucky so sudden..,

And asked Lucky with nervous tone..,

Sanky (chocked voice) : Luck..Luckky…ummm …when…when u came..??

Lucky : now only and what are you doing outside Swara’s bedroom..??

By listening Lucky’s voice Swara banged the door..,

Swara : Bhai see, your friend unlocked me in my bedroom..,

By hearing this from Swara, Lucky see towards Sanky with questioned and confused look..,

Whereas Sanky starts thinking about what to answer Lucky…,

Swara banged the door again and told Lucky that..,

Swara : Bhai plzz let me free, I’m feeling suffocating here..,

By listening Swara, Lucky step forward to unlock the door with avoiding asking Sanky anything at this time..,

But just then Sanky stopped Lucky from opening the door by holding his hand..,

Then finally Lucky asked Sanky that..,

Lucky : Sanky why you locked her in her room and moreover why are you stopping me now from opening the door, let her come outside na..!!!

Sanky : It’s her punishment Lucky..!!

Lucky asked Sanky with confused expressions..,


Swara : Bhai stop discussing, first open the door na..!!!

Lucky : han..!!

With saying this Lucky was about to made an attempt of opening the door but one more time Sanky stopped him from doing it and said..,

Sanky : what han..??? I said na, it’s her punishment for eating my whole chocolate cake which I asked Mishthi aunty to made for me..,


By listening Sanky, first Swara gets confused but after some couple of secs she correctly got his intentions of diverting Lucky’s attention by dragging him in another topic…

Swara : Such a lier…!!! Bhai he’s lieing..,

Sanky : No, I’m not lying..,

Sanky : You know na Lucky, how much she is esurient for chocolate stuffs then also you are not believing me..???

Lucky gets rely of Sanky immediately as he was sure about habits of his little sister..,

Then he asked to Swara that..,

Lucky (slight cold tone) : Swara, after Mumma warned u then also u ate his whole chocolate cake..,

Swara : no, I didn’t bhai..!!

Sanky gets jerk after listening Swara..,

Then Sanky said to Swara that..,

Sanky (shocked) : How big liar Swara u are..!!!

Lucky then asked to Swara that..,

Lucky : Swara not more lie hunnn….!!! see I’ll open the door, if you will yourself accept it coz I know u always did it..!!!

Swara (low voice) : hmmm…yes…!!

Sanky said to Swara that,

Sanky : what..?? What you said, we didn’t listen it, say loudly Swara..,

Swara gets frustrated because of Sanky’s behavior and then she said…

Swara (little bit louder) : haan, I ate your whole chocolate cake which Mumma made for you specially after you asked her.., Now satisfied..!!!!

Then Sanky said to Lucky that..,

Sanke : See, what I told you buddy..!!! arey I know her habit, wherever chocolate is there we’ll found Swara there only..!!!

Then Lucky asked Swara with shocking..,

Lucky : How can you do this Swara..??? how many times Mumma warned you about it at yesterday evening…!!!

Sanky said to Lucky that…,

Sanky : Now don’t open the door Lucky, she has to be punished..,

And kept continuing with…,

Sanky : And how many times I ignored her such antics…!!! Now I’ll teach her lesson for making mess with Sanskar Maheshwari..!!!

Swara : Bhai..!!! sorry na plzzz..,

Lucky said to Sanky that..,

Lucky : see dude, she’s asking for sorry forgive her

Sanky said to Lucky that..,

Sanky : Lucky don’t get trapped in her innocence, she is such a DEVIL…!!!

Swara gets shocked by listening Sanky..

Then she told Lucky that..,

Swara : Bhai your friend is calling me devil,

Then she asked to Lucky with cutely

Swara (innocently) : am I devil Bhai..????

Sanky said to Swara that..,

Sanky : yes, you are…!!!

Swara said to Sanky that..,

Swara : no, I’m not

Sanky : yes, you only..!!

Swara : no, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not..!!!

Sanky : yes, you are, you are and only you are…!!!

Swara asked for Lucky…,

Swara (fake crying) : Bhhhaaaaaiiiiii..!!!!

Lucky said to Swara that..,

Lucky : yes I’ll do something Swara..!!

When Lucky was about to opening his mouth for making Sanky understand to let Swara come outside then only Sanky spoke in an attempt of shutting Lucky up his mouth.

Sanky : Lucky don’t take her side.., Sunny Leone’s movie has been released before two days, let’s go for it..!!!

Lucky : okey..!!

Swara (anger voice) : I didn’t expect this Bhai from you at least..,

Whereas Sanky starts to laughing on Swara..

Because of that Swara gets more angry and said to Lucky that..,

Swara : Bhai, if you will not open the door na, then I’ll tell Dadaa that now a days you are dating his secretary..!!!

Lucky gets little scared because of Swara’s blackmailing..,

And Sanky noticed Lucky’s slight fear..,

Sanky kept his hand on Lucky’s shoulder and said to him that..,

Sanky :don’t worry buddy..!!! it’s common yaar, not to be afraid from uncle..!!

Lucky : No dude, if dad will comes to know this na, that I’m dating his secretary then he’ll definitely kick me out of this house..

Whereas Swara giggles by sensing that how correctly she threatened Lucky..,

Sanky : don’t worry buddy…!! You came to my mansion then..okey??

Swara felt that her plan got failed so she asked to Lucky that..,

Swara (innocently) : Bhai plzz.., I promise, I’ll not tell anything to Dadaa, but plz open the door na..,

By listening Swara, Lucky said to Sanky that..,

Lucky : Waise…Sanky let her come outside, she is innocent kitten yaar..!!!

Sanky (stern tone) : nooo…,

Lucky said to Sanky that..,

Lucky : Sanky..!!

Sanky said to Lucky that..,

Sanky : no means no only…,

Swara : Bhai..

By realizing Swara’s many times pleading Lucky ignored Sanky completely and opened the door quickly..,

Swara comes outside..,

She hugged Lucky immediately by seeing him in front of her..,

Swara : thank you bhai, I know you love me very much..!!

Lucky replied back to Swara with caressing her hair..,

Lucky : yeah, yeah..!!!

Whereas Sanky was watching both of them with wide opened eyes in shocking state in a thought of how easily Lucky ignored him..,,


Precap :

Lucky : Sanky rush the car more fast, police is coming near to us now..,

Sanky : no, I just can’t..!!

Lucky : but why..??

Sanky : Coz Swara will get scare by max speed

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