Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 11)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 11)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

At next day morning..,

It was holiday of college..,

Swara was playing with some neighbored kids in the lawn of her house when Sanky’s stylish and fancy, most expensive car stopped in front of her house..,

Swara didn’t notice that, as she ran in the ground to save herself from getting caught by the thief of the game.

When Sanky’s car stopped in front of gate of Swara’s house, then his eyes caught Swara’s image through the glass window of the car and he felt numb….he got stilled in his place….forgot to come out of the car..,

Swara was wearing a very short nude colored frock which color still failed to mix up with her pinkish and most fairy cum milky colored skin.

Her shiny, black hairs were opened and flowing with the wind as she was running here and there…,

Her sleeve less arms revealed her glowing most fairy and milky, whitish skin as she pointed one of the children laughing as he fell on the ground rolling.

Sanky noticed Swara as she bends down to help the fallen kid..,

And when she did that, the ends of her dress going up and revealing her most whitish and milky thighs just right down her panties, that view was just out of breathe taking,

Sanky narrowed his eyes at the sight with breathing heavily but soon dragged back to his senses without his will when his eyes fell on a nearby standing watchman who kept on looking at Swara like a hungry wolf…,

Sanky felt a jolt of rage course through his body and he got out of his car immediately…,

The watchman saw Sanky coming closer towards him with anger filled, red eyes which making watchman to get scared by unknown, stranger person who was staring him like he was that person’s prey..,

Sanky came with furious steps towards watchman and gave him strong punch on his face which was more enough for making him fallen on floor with slight blood flowing from nose..,

Sanky held his collar tightly and make him to stand straight..,

Sanky : Get out…u r fired..,

Sanky said in a king like tone while pushing watchman on floor with full force by leaving his collar..,

Whereas watchman was more shocked by this behavior of Sanky who was fully unknown to him to get recognize..,

Watchman (furious tone) : How could u beat me without my mistake and moreover who the hell is you who is dismissing me from my job..??

Sanky (rage filled angry voice) : How dare u to questioned on the most rich businessman’s son’s words..??

Sanky said this while replying back to watchman with so much attitude filled harsh voice with giving him wild lion look for keeping his eyes on Swara all the time with holding an expressions of strong disgust on his face..,

Then by receiving the watchman’s confused look Sanky said while dialing call from his mobzi to manager of his dad’s one of enterprise who was none other than Shekhar Gadodia..,

Sanky : Look how u will have to leave this job in anyhow condition..,

With saying this Sanky starts to talk with shekhar on call..,

Sanky : Haan ha, it’s ok uncle, no formality, I just called u to asked your watchman that he has been fired from his job right now..,

Whereas Shekhar told in very calm tone without questioning anything to his boss’s son that,

Shekahr (polite tone) : Don’t worry beta, I’ll told him to leave his job now only..,

After hearing this from Shekhar, Sanky kept his mobzi on speaker with holding it in front of watchman..,

Shekhar (harsh tone) : Bastard how dare u to ignored Sanskar’s order, get out from there and never ever show your face to me..,

Then Sanky make the speaker off and held his mobzi on his ears while passing victorious, evil smirk to Watchman who was giving him disgusted look..,

After gets warned by Sanky through his eyes watchman left from there with frustrate expressions by stamping his foot on floor..,

After watchman left, Sanskar Asked Shekhar..,

Sanky (calm voice) : Uncle make remind Dad through his PA that he promised me to give his 15 minutes to me tomorrow..,

Shekhar (soft yet polite tone) : haan beta sure, anything else..??

Sanky answered Shekhar with smile on his more handsome face,

Sanky : no, nothing uncle, bye..!!

With saying this while disconnecting the call Sanky gets remembered the whole incident after he arrived here..,

And again became angry by reminiscing all..,

Then with holding rage expressions on his more handsome face he reached to the Swara with long and furious steps into the lawn.

He grabbed her arm and picked her up mercilessly with a jerk whereas she yelped in surprise.

Swara (surprised yet shocked voice) : uhh…Sanky when you came, ouch.., and what r u doing..??

Swara was happy due to Sanky’s arrival but by noticing his act she became shocked at this sudden painful pick..,

But when she saw Sanky then she became worried after misunderstanding reason behind his way of taking her in his strong arms..,

Sanky (cold tone) : Shut up..!!

Sanky shut her up immediately from yelling..,

And moved towards the residence from lawn,

While Swara became panicked seeing him angry….she has not seen such virulence in his eyes uptil now..,

She was scared as hell so she kept silence.

He pressed her soft, delicate body in his strong yet rough arms with a jerk..,

Whereas Swara gasped in fear by seeing Sanky like this..,

He scooped her tiny frame in his rough arms and took her inside her house..,

While all the way Swara reluctant to keep her hands on him for support,

Sanky open the main door with a kick whereas Swara hidden her head in his chest at this sudden voice.

Luckily there was no one in the way who has seen them and that too while coming in this manner.

Sanky carried Swara upstairs like she has no weight and threw her on the bed and turned to lock the door of her bedroom.

Swara felt pain in her spine as her back hit the matris with such a force and she yelled in pain while rubbing her back.

He locked the door..,

Whereas Swara felt some more scared due to the click sound of lock.

And Swara starts backing off on the bed till her back hit the wooden plank of her bed.

Sanky stopped near the bed in front of Swara..,

Sanky (cold voice) : WHAT THE HELL R U WEARING SWARA..???, how can you used such a short dress..??

Sanky asked Swara in a dangerously low tone.

Swara was quite for some time, trying to understand what he is asking..??

Swara : Hun.??..Wo..I..,

Swara tried to explain Sanky after whatever she caught from his questioning statement..,

Sanky : Now get this..and get this very straight Swara…if I saw u in this sort of dresses ever….I’ll make sure that u will be imprison in this house for 1 month at least by asking from Lucky..,

Sanky threatened Swara by giving her warning..,

Swara (confused yet innocently) : But..but what have I done..??

With asking this she whinnied.

Sanky : U don’t know what have u done…??

He asked in a bitter sarcastic tone to Swara.

Swara (pure innocently) : No, I really don’t know…???

Swara was confused about what Sanky was talking..,

Sanky : U don’t know…..great….then can u tell me what exactly do u know..?? but actually that doesn’t matter at all…the thing that really matters is that u don’t know what is going on around with u….Do u even having any idea about that Swara???

Sanky shouted angrily at Swara..,

Swara’s eyes became teary as his words hit her badly.

She didn’t say a word as tears started rolling down from her more beautiful face.

Whereas Sanky’s heart melted by seeing her hurt.

And then he makes the dense and volume of his voice somewhat low in a thoughts of ‘if she doesn’t knows about these things then this wasn’t her fault apparently.’

Sanky : Let me make it simple for u Swara…if I saw u in these dresses ever…and some creep looking at u like a hungry wolf…then that person is gone for sure but I will not spare u also…,

With saying this Sanky made Swara clear about his anger which she never saw previous..,

Swara : But…what’s my fault in this..??

Swara asked this to Sanky in a heavy voice

Sanky : Don’t argue with me Swara… I don’t like to give explanation to anybody…and I don’t want anybody to see your those places which is only my right to see understand..??

Swara was quite for a moment after hearing this and looked at him with innocent wide questioning eyes….

While after some couple of minutes Sanky goes from her room..,

And Sanky left from Swara’s house in anger with maximum speed of his car..,

Whereas Swara didn’t understand what was her fault in all this, she hugged her knees to her chest and started sobbing silently..,

After some 25 minutes, Sanky again came into Swara’s house with same furious manner..,

And again kicked the Swara’s bedroom’s door for opening it which was slightly closed..,

Whereas Swara again gets scared by sudden voice and looks up her head from her knees towards Sanky who was standing at the door..,

Sanky takes the sari from packet of his hand and throws on Swara’s face in anger..,

And demanded Swara that..,

Sanky : Change that short clothes and then only come out of room or else stay here only, no need to move..,

Whereas Swara felt bad due to the way he throw sari on her face but she ignored it and asked Sanky that..,

Swara : Why to change these clothes, in fact you liked it such a short clothes..Right??

Sanskar ahead some steps towards Swara and said..,

Sanky : yeah I liked it, but not liking to reveal your skin in front of people.

Swara replied with confused look to Sanky..,

Swara : But at start u used to have no problem na..??

Sanky : I said na change clothes and wear that saree, now not force me to give any explanation, I’ll be waited for you in hall, coz as I promise , I’m taking u out at ice-cream parlour for small date and we’ll come back in some 20 minutes only before Lucky will come at house after dropping Aunty at school.

With ordering this, Sanky goes from there towards the hall side before listening any reply back from Swara.

Sanky was sitting on a sofa trying to calm down his nerves which was getting more high by reminiscing Swara’s choking on a sob..,

But he was unable to sit there as Swara’s that crying face was repeatedly coming in front of him..,

And in a guilty feeling he starts to curse himself for scolding that innocent creature without any fault..,


Precap : Sanky locked the Swara in her own bedroom and after locking the door from outside Sanky said to Swara..,

Sanky : Now stay there only until someone will come and will open the door for you.

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