Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 10)


Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 10)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

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After listening about last approach from Lucky, Swara became sad in a thought of ‘Sanky is just like Fourth perspective’,

And she realized that ‘SANKY HATE COMMITMENTS..!!!’

With thinking this her heart aches in a pain..,

And before Lucky will catch her condition, she decided to move from his bedroom..,

When Swara started walked from bedroom, then Lucky grabbed the chocolate out of her hand again and looked at Swara with a funny expressions.

Whereas Swara ignored him with thinking about all stuffs related to Sanky and was about to open the door then Lucky called her,

Lucky : Swara..??

Swara turned around with a frown on her prettiest face and asked Lucky while avoiding eye contact with him,

Swara : What..??

Lucky asked Swara that,

Lucky (confused) : Till now, I haven’t answered your question, then why are u going without getting it..??”

Swara’s frown deepened as she stared at Lucky confusingly.

Swara (confused tone) : What do you mean…??

Lucky : Well, I just told you the perspectives of a guy’s mind towards a girl. Don’t you want to know ‘How girl will get, if he’s serious with her or not..??’

Then Swara asked Lucky while looking down,

Swara (uninterested tone) : How..??

After asking this Swara waited for Lucky to continue

Lucky : If he’s serious about girl then he will be ever-ready to do the things for her one smile only which he even didn’t like to..!!

Swara frowned at Lucky with asking confused mind..,

Swara : What is that supposed to mean..??

Lucky replied to Swara with a smug smile.

Lucky : It’s for me to say and for you to figure out…!!

Then Swara gave him a suspicious look and goes towards her bedroom with more confused expressions.


While sleeping Swara’s mind drifted back to the answer of seriousness from Lucky,

And she kept on thinking on that about some couple of minutes for getting its actual mean..,

And she got what Lucky actually wanna say to her..,

And soon started reminiscing about ‘What Sanky did for her without his liking..!!’

As per her awareness, Swara got nothing which Sanky did for her by ignoring his dislikes.

And then she told to herself with sad face that..,

Swara (herself) : Sanky always do what he liked and wanted to..,

And according to answer she made conclusion that..,

Swara (herself) : Means, Sanky is not serious about me..!!!

With thinking this one lone drop of tear rolled from her fairy cheeks..,

At that time only, her attention caught by her mobzi’s ringing sound..,

But she was not in a mood to talk with anybody, so she completely ignored her mobzi..,

And slept by struggling in comforter with pressing pillow on her ear so that she will not get bothered by her mobzi’s continuously ringing sound..,

At midnight Swara wake up for drinking water..,

Then she noticed her mobzi’s blinking light..,

And Swara thought to check her mobzi for getting to know who was calling her at that time..,

And then she saw 5 missed calls with 1 msg from unknown number..,

Then she opened the msg for reading..,

“Hey, sleeping beauty..!!! Sanky here, I have called u literally 5 times Swara, I never called anyone till these times without my mom, you must be in deep sleep right..?? That’s why I’m messaging u now, oh man..!! I know u must be worried that after full 2 weeks I have contacted u.., ‘I’M REALLY SORRY Swara’ for that, but please don’t be angry on me, actually from 2 weeks ago, my step-dad informed me that my Mom was not well and she was asking for me continuously, so I urgently have to rushed to America towards my Mom and till this time I was with her only and just now came back after she getting cure, during that time, I was too tensed and worried for Mom as u know na she is my everything yaar, that’s why didn’t manage to inform or contact you as my condition was hell by seeing Mom like that, I’m feeling better now in a thought of Mom is all fine, but Lucky was known about this all and even he himself came with me till airport by seeing my flattered condition, This buddy naa..!!! I could definitely go to marry him if he was a girl. U know what Swara, my mobzi was stolen by thief at airport while coming home, so new number with new mobzi, called and msg U FIRST ONLY..!! I eagerly wanna see u yaar..!!! So coming morning at your house for meeting you and Lucky, then after that I’ll take you to your favorite ice-cream parlor for melting your anger as I can imagine that 2 weeks means too long time naa..!! And I know very well that you will definitely gonna kill me now, so for my safety only small date with this SANSKAR MAHESHWARI, babe..!!! Okey good night, have sleep well..!!”


(Past-Revelation of SANSKAR)

Sanskar’s Mom-Dad (Annapurna-Durgaprasad) divorced due to caught in huge fight by so much misunderstanding..,

And they got separated when Sanky was 8 years old and his big brother Aadarsh was 12 years old..,

After they get divorced, custody got by Sanky’s Dad.,

When Aadarsh was 13 years old, then he demanded at his birthday from his Dad as a present for studying at London..,

And ‘Durgaprasad Maheshwari’ allow him for that as he would believe in fulfilling each and every little wish of his son’s.

Then Aadarsh left for London when he was 13 years old and got settled there only after completing his study while handling his Dad’s business at London, after marrying with Parineeta..,

After divorce, DP made himself to get very much busy in his work only.

And such that his office and business is became his everything…!!

Whereas Sanky’s Mom moved on and re-married after 10 years of divorce..,

But DP never re-marries as he wasn’t able to think about anything without his business..,

Whereas Sanskar who was innocent child at that time when everyone get snatched from him..,

And moreover Sanskar loved his Mom very much; he was too much closed with her..,

Sanky shattered and broke badly when his Mom left him..,

At that time he was needed special heed of any close person of him for soothing his pain..,

But unfortunately no one was there for him..,

So that wounds and that pain are still present inside him as a bad memory..,

From childhood to uptil now Sanky rarely got time from his Dad to get spend..,

So uptil now Sanky’s life spent around number of servants only..,

And when he became to understand the things then Sanky decided to do all the stuffs which were going to help him to heal his wounds and lesser pain of his ache heart.

Moreover ‘Sanky having intensive fear from inside that if he’ll love somebody and then that person will left him at sudden like what happened with him at childhood then he will not be able to bear this heavy burden on his mind and one more severe attack as well as deep pain inside his heart.’

(Past-Revelation end).


At present..,

After reading message Swara thought that..,

Swara (herself) : First time, ‘He is giving me an explanation and that too this much long’ and when at that day in auditorium hall, I asked him for which purpose that Eleana was calling him repeatedly then how sternly he replied me with cold tone that,

Kept continuing with..,


Swara kept thinking with more confused mind and shocked expressions that..,

Swara : And what’s this…??? Very first time ‘HE IS SAYING ME SORRY’, but as per Bhai told me that ‘He doesn’t like to say SORRY to anybody without his mom-dad’..,

After thinking above all, Swara remembered the answer for seriousness which Lucky told her..,

And she compared these two things with each other..,

And after some couple of minutes, she caught perfect match in between that both.

And again one more time Swara started dancing with her teddy and jumping on floor until one more time Mishti will not check her and warned her to sleep..,

Then Swara slept with grabbing most beautiful, sweet smile on her fairy face in a thought of ‘SANKY IS SERIOUS ABOUT HER..!!’


Precap : Sanky buy sari for Swara and throw it on her face with demanding her to wear that.

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