We fell in love in just 7 days (episode 2)


After 7 years …
Its yuvraj and soumya ‘s engagement
Soumya makes yuvraj wear ring .
Yuvraj starts finding his ring for soumya .
He finally gets it and makes it wear to soumya .
Everyone claps .

Soumya goes to Pankaj
Soumya – see papa yuvraj gave me this
Pankaj – hmm
Soumya – why are u not happy ??
Pankaj – your would be husband cant do anything
Soumya – papa not again plz be positive
Pankaj – he asked for money from me for his bussiness
Soumya – what !! again he did it
Soumya is teary eyed and leaves from there .

Soumya goes to yuvraj .
She returns ring to yuvraj .
Yuvraj – what is this soumya ??
Soumya – why did you asked for money from dad again ??
Yuvraj – i don’t have any hestitation for asking anything from anyone
Soumya – yuvraj i m giving you 7 days if you are not succesful in your bussiness then i will leave you
Yuvraj – ok its my last chance and i m ready
Soumya – u should have 5 crores
Yuvraj – in 7 days i will be having 5 crores thats my promise .

Next day
Yuvraj welcomes guest in his home in mumbai .
He gets a call from soumya .
Soumya – u have to handle my guest meet me at this cafe and plz come soon i have my shoot .
Yuvraj – ok i m coming in 5 min

After one hour
Yuvraj – sorry i know i m late but there was traffic
Soumya – ok come now

At cafe …
Soumya – you want to get married at this time only ??
Yuvraj – why ?? Any problem ??
Soumya – every hotel is full
Yuvraj – bcoz after 7 lakh years this time has come for marriage
Suhani – before 7 lakh years dinousours came
Yuvraj turns to see there .
Soumya goes to suhani with yuvraj .
Soumya – he is yuvraj he will give you a room
Suhani – ok
Soumya – yuvraj are you sure u will handle her ??
Yuvraj – of course soumya
Soumya – now bye suhani and yuvraj i have to leave And wait this is my second no. If you need help Suhani call yuvraj
She gives phone to suhani and leaves.

Yuvraj sits opposite to suhani .
Yuvraj smiles looking at suhani .
Yuvraj – do you remember me that 20 20 cricket
Suhani – no
Yuvraj – no ok now lets go

They leave .
They sit in car .
Suhani takes some pills with water .
Suhani takes yuvraj bluetooth.
Yuvraj starts finding his bluetooth
Yuvraj – you have seen my bluetooth ??
Suhani makes big eyes .
Yuvraj just smiles weiredly .
Yuvraj gets a call from anuj .
Anuj – i have found a hotel in bandra
Yuvraj – it is really far from here . Ok now bye
Anuj – bye

They reach a petrol pump.
Yuvraj – u hate u to go from here as i have e imp. Work
Suhani just waves him bye and comes out from car .
Yuvraj leaves .

Precap – YuvAni moments ….

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Yuvraj soumya got engaged,oh no.still yuvraj is unsuccessful.soumya has challenged him 2 b successful in a week,otherwise she will break up with him.but will yuvraj b successful in a week?how does soumya know Suhani?Again yuvani met.wow.but suhani doesnt remember him or is she pretending 2 b not recognizing him?thanku 4 a quick update.waiting 4 more yuvani moments

    1. Avanikamdar

      U will know everything day by day and thanks for comment

  2. A.Tejaswi

    Wow!!!Nice episode.Waiting for yuvani moments….

  3. interesting… update soon

    1. Avanikamdar

      I will update soon and thanks for comment

  4. Ohho soumya will never change.always behind money.iam really excited about love track between yuvani.bcz love track in movie was very fresh and new.so if it happens between our yuvani it will be more interesting.i just cant wait to see those lovely moments.ur selection is superb.all d best.

  5. NAPSHa J

    nice epi.. do update today itself.. :p

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thanks… I will update today itself

  6. Aqsxxh

    Very interesting Avani 🙂
    I love it x
    Like Napsha said please do update today x
    Btw, why the number 7?
    I am very curious…

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thanks dii i will update soon …

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