We fell in love in just 7 days (episode 6)

Yuvraj is going in party .
Suhani – can i come with you ??
Yuv – yes

They leave for party .
Suhani takes piles again .

Yuvraj goes to soumya
Y – dont you think we should reintroduce suhani
Soum – no never you dont remember what she did before 7 years . With all money she ran away and dad got heart attack just bcoz of her .
Y – but she is in the car .
Soum – what ??!
Y – yes

They run to the car .
Suhani is dancing with rishi and all .
Diksha sees them .
Suhani you here says diksha .
Soumya comes and holds suhani hand and run from there .

Soum – plz yuv leave her at your home again

Yuv and suh leave .
Yuv – you are like a punishment for me suh . If you would have not come then soumya would have been said yes for marriage without any terms and conditions .
Suh doent hear him .

Suh – yuv i m humgry plz buy some samosas
Yuv – no
Suh – since 7 years i hadnt have samosas plz
Yuv – ok ( angrily )

He goes to buy samosas and it is raining heavily .

Suh starts eating samosas .

Suddenly car stops .
Yuv tries to start it but it doesnt not get open

Suh – give ne money i want more samosas .
Yuv – do you think we are on date ? We are locked inside cant you understand ??

Suh goes down and opens the car and comes out with yuvi .
Yuv comes out with umbrella .
Suh opens the car bonet and starts checking it

Yuv pov
I was angry on her but she didnt utter a word against me . If i would have said this to soumya she would have broke up with me .

End of pov…

Yuv sees suh hairs coming in between while she is checking the car .

Yuv admires her lovingly .
He puts her hair behind her ears .

Suh – do you have a laptop charger ??
Yuv – yes

Yuv gives her .
She goes to bus stand and and switch off it lights and puts battery of car their for charging .

Yuv – why what is the problem in battery of my car
Suh – it was dead soo charging it ..

Precap – yuv and suh talks about relationship …


  1. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    Felt sad when yuvraj blamed suhani.but she didn’t react and so he realized the difference between soumya and suhani.though short I found yuvani moments very romantic

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