We fell in love in just 7 days (episode 5)

Hii frnds . I m back . Sorry for the delay but i will try my best to update soon .

Yuvraj is angry and he is checking something in his phone .
Suhani is with him.
They both are walking together.
Yuvraj phone rings .
Anuj – yaar yuvraj you have to come her .
Yuvraj – why ??
Anuj – ara u kept a party for soumya na so everyone is calling you here to see management
Yuvraj – ok i m coming .
He hangs up the call.

He looks at suhani .
Yuvraj – you know what i was checking in my phone ??
Suh – no
Yuv – you are a drug addicted person .
Suh – no since 7 years i didnt did it . It is from last 15 days
Yuv – every drug addict say this only .
Suh – it takes 21 days to be addicted
Yuv – u can die also just bcoz of it
Suh – i know

Yuvraj and suhani looks at each other .

They reach the party venue .
There is a heart shape couch like to sit . ( just like in movie )
Yuvraj to his staff.
Yuv – i and soumya will sit here. This couch will go up and music will start then flowers and fireworks .

He thinks to do it practically .
He calls anuj to sit with him.
Anuj behaves like a girl.
Suhani starts laughing seeing it .
Anuj – suhani ji then you cone here .
Suhani – no
Anuj – plz come

She goes and sits on that couch with yuvraj .
They smile seeing each other .
Anuj shouts to start the music. Dj starts music but dj and the person who was going to pull couch also understands to start .
Couch goes up .
Yuvraj starts shouting .
Suhani is laughing seeing this .
The couch moves left to right as the crane man misunderstood anuj . Bcoz anuj is waving hand to crane man to stop it .
Yuvraj holds suhani ‘s hand tightly .
The couch stops .
Suhani and yuvraj shares an eyelock .
Zehnasseb instrumental plays in bg .
Flower petals fall on them .
Suhani removes it from yuvraj eyes .

Precap – party for soumya …

Hope you enjoyed it guys ….


  1. Bhargavi

    Suhani a drug addict…sounds good..very interesting …plz end this soumya yuvraj love story soon….update asap

  2. Radha

    Ofcourse we enjoyed a lot dear.this is too good.but ehenever u have tine try to update regularly dear.eventhough it is short no problem.

  3. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    i rly missed ur ff.bcz of ur ffs i started 2 know yuvani n even started watching yuvani scenes on tv.shocking that suhani is using drugs n yuvraj found it.hope yuvraj will help her to get rid of drugs.though yuvraj planned d couch thing 4 soumya its with suhani that it happened.so romantic it was

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