We fell in love in just 7 days (episode 3)


In evening .
At shrivastav mansion .
Yuvraj and anuj are talking .
Menka comes there .
She is wearing simple dress .

Anuj – menka plz guests are there wear something good
Menka – i don’t have time
Anuj – in my life i have only seen 2 girls only who dress according to there own
Yuvraj – means ??whom are u talking about ??
Anuj – yaar i m talking about menka and suhani
Yuvraj – suhani is sister ??
Anuj – yes she is sister of soumya and bhavana
Yuvraj – really but here no one talks about her
Anuj – bcoz before 7 years she ran away with money
Yuvraj – but whose wedding
Anuj – on the day of marriage of rajat and her cousin diksha dont you remember ??
Yuvraj – ohh yaa yaa . Ok i have some work i have to go
Anuj – ok

Yuvraj leaves from there and goes to soumya .
Yuvraj – soumya suhani is your sister
Soumya – yes
Yuvraj – why didn’t you told me and tell everyone that she had came back
Soumya – it is not needed to tell anything to anyone . She ran away before 7 years papa got heart attack bcoz of her .
Yuvraj – ok fine
Soumya – it doesn’t matter yuvraj just focuse on money
Yuvraj – hmm

He leaves from there

At birla house .
Yuvraj calls suhani but she doesn’t receive his call
Yuvraj goes to find her .
He goes to the guest house where she is living .
He opens the door of her room and calls suhani.
He finds her sleeping peacefully.
He smiles and wakes her up .

Yuvraj calls anuj and scolded him for not finding perfect room for suhani .

Suhani – there is not a problem here
Yuvraj – i saw a mosquito there and the guest house was unhygine
Suhani just smiles .

They are in car .
Suhani – you remember we met flying filders ??
Yuvraj – yes
Suhani gets a call and speaks with them in chinese .
Yuvraj sees her and smiles weiredly .

Yuvraj gets hiccup .
He starts speaking soumya , soumya .
Suhani – my name is suhani
Yuvraj – i know but if we get hiccups we should speak the name of the person who is remembering us .
Suhani – then you should speak my name bcoz i m thinking about you only since i had sitted in car .
Yuvraj gets more hiccups when he speaks suhani .

Suhani – hiccups come bcoz of u r haveing less water in your body but you don’t have water to drink in car. You can also have medicine but it is also not available on car .
Suhani turns the stearing of car .
Yuvraj shouts what are you doing ??
Suhani – third is to give shock
Yuvraj doesn’t get hiccups again .
Yuvraj – are you a doctor ??
Suhani – no i m not a doctor .
Yuvraj – u have eaten something ??
Suhani – yes
Yuvraj – sure ??
Suhani – yes

They reach birla house .
Suhani shouts for one wet towel
Yuvraj holds her by waist and keeps his hand on her mouth .
Suhani removes her hand
Suhani – what are you doing ??
Yuvraj – dont shout
Suhani – ok give me a wet towel
Yuvraj – i will give you towel wet it later
Suhani – ok
Yuvraj – but why you want ??
Suhani – bcoz by keeping wet towel on stomach we will not feel hungry
Yuvraj – i asksd you na that you had eaten something or not

They reach a restaurant
Yuvraj – at this time it is only open
Suhani – its ok
She orders food and starts eating food .
Suhani – bhavana di and jiju where are they ??
Yuvraj – they are in lucknow they will come soon
Suhani – ok

They reach birla house .

Precap – YuvAni moments ….

Sorry guys i know that its lil bit boring but in next episode sure you will like YuvAni moments .

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Surprising that suhani is soumya’s sister.Why did suhani run away with money?loved suhani saying that yuvraj should say her name as she is thinking of him.all yuvani moments are good

  2. A.Tejaswi

    Nice episode.Its a bit mysterious.Can’t wait for yuvani moments….

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thanks dii…

  3. Aqsxxh

    This is really cute Avani x


    I love your sense of mystery… its got me addicted and waiting for more! i loveedd it!

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you dii and i m waiting for your ff plz post it soon

  5. I likrd it very much and its not at all boring.ur just too good yaar.u dont know how much i luv this movie.i am imagining yuvani in movie scenes.i like it a lot.love u loads.pls ols update nxt update asap.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thanks dii i will try to post soon

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