feelinthisg its known as love – 21


Recap: naina entry ISHVEER romantic fight
Ishu serves food top every one
Rv has made a seat ready for Ishu but naina say over there seeing this Ishu gets angry on Rv as she thought he is ignoring her but even our ishu is smart she also goes and sits near shikhar and ignore Rv and continuously talks with shikhar unaware of fact that ISHVEER love each other shikhar felt something fishy…..

Seeing their closeness Rv was fuming laksh just wanted to pull rv’s leg so he said Rv Ishu and shikhar ki Jodi is so cute na
Rv fumes hearing this and says u take care of vaidhika if someone dates her na then I will say the same dialogue to u
Laksh smirks and eats silently
In kitchen….
Shikhar comes and sees Ishu arranging the things
shikhar: whitey
Shikhar:we’re u feeling jealous seeing naina with Rv
Ishu was shocked she saw him confusingly then quickly she cooked up a story
Ishu:flirty no see we all r friends ri8 and u saw Rv ignoring us so that is not correct na so only we should ignore him and he will understand his mistake
Listening this story our sweet shikhar thought that it is true and went to his room
Then she sees Rv did not drank the milk so she took milk to his room
She entered the room but found Rv missing but someone came from back and hugs her and takes her hand and kisses it
Ishu: Rv stop it come drink this milk
Rv: baby sorry sorry now talk to me I was feeling bad when u r ignoring me
Suddenly she heard vaidhika voice who was calling Ishu
immediately Ishu rushed from there

Next day…
Rv thought to take Ishu for long drive but again naina came and unwillingly Rv needed to take her for long drive
Ishu was very angry Rv tried to talk to her but she was not showing her face also to him naina saw this and was fuming
Here Rv went with naina to make him jealous Ishu went with shikhar

Precap- ISHVEER romance

Sorry for short and late update u all know right that my hand was burnt suddenly from that hand puss started to come so I consulted to doctors who told top take rest and not to use that hand I am sorry hope u all understand bye take care love all of u

Credit to: Tanvee

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  1. I don’t know y telly update wrote my story name so weird???
    My story name is this feeling is known as love??i hope you remember it?

    1. Hahah xx.

  2. Nice very fantastic story……but end naina part soon

  3. Awsomeee, luv it <3

  4. Yes dear I remember your ff’s title but don’t be angry on it your episode was awesome dear as usual and take good care of your hand get well soon ? god bless you my dear ?

  5. Amazing episode sweetheart! It was sooooo cute! I loved it! I missed the ff but I want you to get well first! I pray your hand gets better soon!

  6. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    oh sissy pls take care and how could i forget ur story , pls update fast if u can but pls dont hold much pain . k , i will pray for u chlm .

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hi tanvee kutty.ur episode was awesome.loved it.don’t worry dr ur hand will be fine soon.

  8. Nice episode. Waiting for upcoming episode


    Hey Tanu dear……you’re back ha ??? Where you were ??? I was waiting for your ff…..and now you know what that I need to say you’re just gorgeously amazing writer……now I wanna meet cause I don’t believe that you’re just in 6th std…..superb yaar !!!!

  10. Hi tanvee dear, nice epi. Take care of ur health

  11. Really superb epi.basically i love possesiveness part of ishveer u did that wonderfull dr.keep rocking

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