Feelings from a touch….OS – last part

Pragya was puzzled on how to reply to Abhi now. Pragya ” Oh this scar! I think I drew it by mistake. I didn’t expect that you really have it! So sorry for that” Abhi realised that she was lying as she never told all this by looking at him. He knew she is scared to tell him the truth and that’s why she is avoiding eye contact with him. Abhi in a stern voice, ” Really? So it’s just by mistake?” Pragya ” Yes…and oh I just only remembered that I have something on at this timing and I have to leave now!” With that she rushed out of the drawing room.

Abhi, What is she thinking? It’s so obvious that she is not telling the truth! I have to stop her now! He also went out of the room and blocked Pragya. Pragya ” I am already running late! Please give way if not I will be late!” Abhi kept walked in front of her and pinned her against the wall.

Pragya ” What are you doing? Just leave me and I have already said it’s a mistake! And I even apologise to you for that. Then what else do you expect from me?” Abhi ” I expect the truth from you! Not lies and I can see you are very bad at lying too!” Pragya ” You are a rockstar and this is not the way you should behave…Just move away from me! What if others see?” Abhi ” I know I am a rockstar and I can be a hard star too if I am not getting what I want! And why do u care about what others think?” Pragya ” I am not a celebrity like u who can cover up everything….I am just a simple girl with simple dreams and goals in life…and I don’t want anything unnecessary things to happen in my life!”

Abhi moved behind hearing that and said ” Wait! So u think that talking to me will create unnecessary problems? How can u even think like that?” Pragya ” No I didn’t mean like that! Ok fine let me just tell u the truth before you just jump into any assumptions. I saw you in the accident that day and helped you. That’s how I remembered your facial features and your scar too!”

Abhi ” It’s so easy to tell all this instead of lying to me! But seriously if u think talking to me will create unnecessary problems, then I am sorry about it. Actually I wanted to Thank you for saving my life and I am very grateful to u for that!” Upon hearing that, Pragya ” No! I should be sorry for telling like that..I didn’t mean it and…” Abhi ” And….” Pragya ” I know u will find me but I don’t want it to happen!”
Abhi ” Why?” Pragya ” I was scared…that I will fall in love with u!” Abhi ” What? Fall in love?”
Pragya ” Yes! I had dreams of falling in love with u after the accident! And it came worse after meeting u at the grocery shop when u were searching for me”

Abhi couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Pragya was keep on sobbing after telling all that. Abhi ” So that’s why u had strange feelings too?” Pragya looked at him and asked ” How do u know about that?” Abhi ” U were keep on mumbling about the feelings just now while painting…and I was wondering when will u stop that mumbling!” Pragya ” Yes I also feel something strange whenever u are beside me!”

Abhi ” I felt it from the moment u touched and caressed my forehead to relieve my pain! That feeling made me in search of u….” Pragya ” So both of us have feelings for each other?” Abhi ” Yes and It’s love…The feeling of love!” Pragya ” But how is this possible? I am a simple girl and u are a rockstar!”

Abhi ” That’s just my profession and I am also a simple guy with simple dreams of my life partner. And if its u who had saved my life, then y not?” Pragya ” So….you…” Abhi ” Yes I love u too! Did u get that?” Pragya ” I don’t know what to say now!” Abhi with a witty smile ” U no need to say anything! U can say it in actions too!” He moved forward to kiss her but she moved aside and Abhi ended up kissing the wall.

Pragya bursted into laughter seeing that and said ” U have to wait for that to happen!” Abhi ” This is not fair!” With that he ran behind her to get her and that’s how feelings from touch continued in their life!

This is a short story of simple feelings that happened from touch. The touch is the lovely touch of love……


So how was it? I really don’t know so all your comments will give me an idea…If it’s not nice tut mir leid for that…haha no more sorry! I shall tell it in different languages from now onwards….

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  1. sana (abhigya)


    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Sana!

  2. Suha

    really a super super superb ss!! waiting to c u with another os

    1. Maya

      No more OS Suha! Frm tmrw onwards its my ff!?

  3. Loli

    Love it….suga waiting for ur ff….pls post it ya…if you are free…

    1. Maya

      Sure loli! It will be out frm tmrw! That i can assure u!

  4. sheerapthinisd

    Vow maya

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it wow Sheera!

  5. Krish

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeee diiii………….waitng fr ur ff………badly….

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Krish! Haha seeing all ur excitement for my ff, I have just uploaded it! May be it will be out by tonight!?

  6. hahaha prags is too bad in hiding hersrlf just lyk uuu nd evn in lying but my sweetheart is tooooo smart enough to get the answers tht being a rockstar r by being a hard star u knw wat I loved tht line haha HARDSTAR flngs from touch of love given by magic of love(IB) is tooooooooo lovely to bear nd yaa their proposal is wat which drove me crazy nd diz is wat I love frm uuu tht evry simple girl in her dreams vil get her prince charming being a Cinderella nd sme happens in reality too just lyk abhigya haha mee toooo dreaming nw hahaha but wanna become reality only after my goal nd u just nailed it S-SIMPLE
    ROCK ND ROLL b back with a bang dr I vil b waiting lv uuuuuuu miss ur magic till then haha smarty using other languages but dont worry dr evn we can google it then I vil deal with uu haha joking dr MAYA ROCKZZZ

    1. Maya

      I didnt even think of my name’s meaning to be like that! It was so lovely! ??! And actually u no need to wait that long as I have alrdy uploaded the ff! Hope u will enjoy that!

  7. Maya I really felt it is a touching os and seriously to tell it was superb and eagerly waiting for your next os sure definitely you will cmn with a new one until then I will support you and keep flying with high colour s

    1. Maya

      For the time being I am not sure about OS but my ff is on the way! So if u have read that before…may be it will be interesting! And tks for ur support Sonika!?

  8. Wow it was awesome I loved it

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Monesha!?

  9. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it Superb Reshma!?

  10. Vaishali

    awesome awesome awesome awesome dii it was unbeleivable lovely dii only u could write ike this love u loadzzzzzzzz

    1. Maya

      So sweet of u vaishali to tell like that! Love u loads also! ??

  11. superbbb yarrrr

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it superb Nannu!?

  12. simply awesome lovely..very nice to read it…

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it lovely and nice to read Nasima!?

  13. Maya

    Just to inform u all, I have already uploaded the ff- Will you be without me? today and hope u all will enjoy it! Its a bit with….ok i shall not tell what is it about…I leave it to u all to read and hope its interesting…

  14. Nice yaar really amazing yaar

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it amazing durga!?

  15. So sweet and lovely ff…Maya …I’m waiting for ur next ff..dear…hope u will post soon…

    1. Maya

      I have already uploaded my ff! But i am not sure about its arrival Adhya!?

  16. Awesome os da sweetu lovd it to the core n suga inaiku nan sema busy da thts y i cant reply u on fb

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it to the core Pavi! ?Theriyum that u r busynu…I have replied to u there freeya irukula poi paaru da!?

  17. Wow! AWESOME! AWESOME! akka.i am waiting for ur ff akka.my best wishes for ur new ff akka.i don’t know i could com regularly or not coz i have class from today,i am sry for that akka but i always love u akka.

    1. Maya

      No worries Sandhya! Its not my new ff dr! Its my old ff that I am continuing as i was not able to write due to my busy schedule!

  18. Cutiepie Achu

    Very very very nice…no words to say

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it nice cutiepie Achu!?

  19. Unexpectedly expected this awesome OS! seriously loved it! So gonna add new short form FF! Fantasticly Fantastic! So AA,BB,DD,FF,MM,SS! Ahm so i should add short forms alphabetically! should come up with CC next time ?? Till then seriously this is one of the different OS! and this one is bookmark for me! A painter and A rockstar ???? you are awesome! ??????

    1. Riyashri

      And Somiya Di add me in your team in creating short forms !!
      I hav found something ….Incredibly Incredible !!! ???????Specially for My Amazing Maya Di !!!

      1. okay ?? So let’s team up and that short form is incredible! just like suga! ??

    2. Maya

      Omg! U two are teaming up to come with short forms! ?????ya i know what is CC…convincingly convincing! Lol ????. You see I never let u think! Haha i helped u alrdy!??? Btw Happy Short forming to both of u all!???

  20. Lovely akka superb???missing u a lot come back soon wit ur ff☺

    1. Maya

      Sure will come back with that Saranya!??? Love u too for ur lovely comment?

  21. awesome….

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Sugan!?

  22. VarshaVenkat

    Nice kiss by abhi to wall….lol…..n love at first sight for prags n abhi…..super base…..loved it to a core……

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Varsha!?

  23. Riyashri

    100000000………Gomen’nasai !!! Using your own trick !!?????? No sorry for the late comment !! Incredibly Incredible !!! ?????????????Maya Di Love u Soooooooooooooo Much!!! ????????I Have created Feelings for U not through touch …..But through Your Amazing Talent and through This Website ???????!!! ?????
    As Always This Writing of yours was Awesome to the core !!!

    1. Riyashri

      That’s not through this website …..it’s thanks to the website …. Very sorry Di !!

      1. Maya

        Haha u are always correcting when i say there is no need for u to do! Its ok …I am also like u…and ya I saw ur PM but the funny thing is when I want to reply ur msg is gone! Strange..I will try to txt u again when i am free…but i am still wondering whr is ur msg gone!! Btw so sweet of u for ur lovely words!?????? Love u sis for that and all the best for ur future ventures!

    2. VarshaVenkat

      U speak japanese??

  24. Awesome

    1. Maya

      Glad tat u find it awesome Abhigya! Hope u are feeling better.

  25. Hey suga super yaar i am egarly waiting for ur ff..

  26. Hey suga super yaar i am waiting for ur ff..

  27. Hey suga super cool…

  28. Its super cool suga..
    And i am waiting for ur ff also suga….

    1. Maya

      Its out Lakshmi as in the ff! Hope u will like it! ??

  29. waaaaa it is soooo amazing

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it amazing ino!?

  30. Fantanstic suga…

    1. Maya

      Tks Lakshmi ????

  31. It’s superb….

  32. Wowwww!!!!! Its awesome

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