Feelings from a touch….OS (1)


Feelings from a touch…..

Pragya was walking to a near by supermarket to buy groceries and was feeling something strange while walking.

She was not sure about her feelings. It was a long day for her at her work and it was very late at night too. To ignore her strange feelings she tried to walk as fast as she could.

Suddenly, she heard a loud bang sound. It was a luxurious car that was met with an accident. She quickly rushed there to see if anyone was severely injured. Pragya saw him. It’s him, Abhi the rockstar! He was bleeding profusely and was unconscious. Pragya immediately called for ambulance and also managed to call out some of the people there for help. She admitted him to the hospital and somehow managed to get the contact details of Abhi. She called up to inform Abhi’s family about his condition.

Pragya patiently waited for Abhi’s family to arrive there and after they had made their way, she just left from the hospital.

Abhi gained consciousness and was asking everyone for the girl who had helped him but nobody knew who she was. He was very upset that he couldn’t even thank her. After a few days, he was discharged from the hospital but his mind was always occupied by the thoughts of the girl. He was a bit conscious when she touched her head and felt tears from her eyes dripping onto his forehead. He really wanted to see her. She was crying when he was in pain. Why does she have to that? May be she was worried to see me in pain but for that why does she have to cry? He had no answers but he felt that he should meet her at any cost.

As for Pragya she was having the strange feeling again when she was passing by the place that the accident had happened. Why am I having this strange feeling again now? She looked around and saw Abhi at a near by shop there. So he is here now. But why? He is in a grocery shop? A rockstar buying groceries? That sounds very weird! She went closer there to hear the conversation of Abhi and some person.

From their conversation, she found that Abhi is looking for her but she was surprised as he did not have the need to come down all the way here to check that out. Pragya was about to tell him that she was the one helped him but then she saw her mum approaching her and quickly walked past Abhi to meet her mum. Abhi did saw Pragya passing him very fast but he couldn’t recognize her as he had only felt her touch before.

Pragya felt that she missed the chance to introduce herself to him. Abhi felt that it is very difficult to find her without even knowing how she look alike!

To be continued…….

Ok i shall stop here this…and will continue seeing all ur response…not sure whether is it interesting!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. its was awesome pls continue.. eagerly waiting for the next part…pls pls pls pls pls…..

    1. woow superb yaar.. cant waut to read next epi

    2. Sure will try to update nxt part soon vigan when I am free. No need to say so many pls! ??

      1. Glad Suha that u find it Superb!??

  2. Eager….is wat It makes me……eager to know wat hppnd……really loved it to d core di……update soon na…..I want this to b unique if u could do……….pls do it di……..

    1. Will try to make it unique…i am always trying so will see what happens when i update the nxt epi!?? Glad that u loved it Varsha!

  3. super…

    1. Tks Sugan!?

    1. Genius? Haha have to be kidding if i am genius i wouldn’t have faced what i had faced today!!???btw tks for the support Sonika!??

  4. diii its awesomeee continue di plssssss waitng fr te nxt part……………….

    1. Sure will continue Krish! ??

  5. Nice do continue

    1. Tks Sandy and sure will continue!??

  6. Superb superb superb??… Really loved it alot???.. Eagerly waiting for next part…

    1. Sure Nivi it will makes it way…just have to wait for it! ????

  7. Awesome suga pls do continue

    1. Sure Shara will continue it! ??

  8. Ohh maya akka again wit a os…superb akka waiting fr nxt part update soon???

    1. Will try Saranya! ???

  9. Maya Di , U just give Amazing Updates everyday or wait should I tell like the other way ………
    Yes this is right way ! Whatever you write turns out to be Fantabulous !!! Fantastic !!! Marvellous !!! Wonderful !!! in some way or other ! And this OS is one among them !! U hav asked a wrong question – whether this is interesting or not ?? I am very angry upon u for this ! Please Di ,Don’t ask this question once again !! It’s Very Interesting !! Infact My Pretty Di would always give The Best of All everytime !! Please do continue this as I am eagerly waiting for the next part !! And Di remember to correct the biggest mistake that u do always !! (asking whether it is interesting or not …..should I continue and all …) Sry for the late comment !! Have a Great Day ,Maya Di !!

    1. I am also angry on u for always saying sorry for the late comment! Sure will update the nxt part and love u for ur lovely comments??? and also will follow ur order of not asking the qn again??

      1. That’s great Di ! Very Sorry for asking sorry !! Here after I won’t ask sorry for late comments ..I hope My Di would apologise her Sister !

      2. Haha ur apology is accepted and always i apologize my sis for her mistakes…so no need to worry dr!???

      3. Forgive my sis*

  10. Superb

    1. Tks Abhigya! ??

  11. Awesome os da sweetu haan nee solra ovoru vishayathayum naan personala feel paniruken especially naan nethu unkita yara pathi keka nenaicheno andha personta apram en swt frnd unta ovoru dhadavaiyum un os pakrapa enaku cls ana yaro idha eluthirukanganu thonum ennu theriyala but i feel tht thr is somwht a spcl bond bet us

    1. Ennaku starting la irunthu appadi thaan thonuthu da athaanala thaan naan nee enna qn kettalum athuku othane ans panna try pannuven…theriyala but i feel u are someone spl to me too! ??

  12. Awesome yaar..just keep going…maya ..waiting for next episode

    1. Sure Maya will keep gg Adhya! ??

  13. Wow super it was really awesome

    1. Glad Monesha that u find it awesome! ??

  14. like always This got me like this ??????????? that’s so differemt and i m really desperate for the further story and so in that case you need to continue this ?? So AA, SS, BB, MM…..
    well AA= Amazingly Amazing
    SS= Spectacularly Spectacular
    BB= As you know Brilliantly Brilliant..
    MM= Marvelously Marvelous!

    You are always making me crazy with your stories ????? you… are……soooo….best……..

    1. Lol so many short forms??? but I love it! Hmm different not sure abt that but will try to make it different for sure! Haha welcome to the crazy world dr!???

  15. omg seriously I mean seriously girl tell me ur crrct name always telling ur dupe names but u lose nd I won I found out ur true name ya u heard me right I found ur asli naam u want to knw tht ya listen tik tik one tik tik two tik tik three girl wat r u waiting fr here listen ur name CRAZY u knw wat just nw I told u tht Ur a star in ur own writing naa c buddhu again u proved it my god I am gng on upside down thinking abt abhi reaction yaar plzzz update fastly I cant wait any more plzzz how will abhi find her my god girl ur AMAZING in all things lv uuuuuu a lottttt nd plzzz update as soon as possible

    1. How many times u call me crazy ani? Hehe u know it na no need to repeat yr…will try but give me some time so that i can make it different and a wonderful experience for u all….??

  16. Maya akka neenga unmaiyileye kathai ezhudhuradhula periya aalu akka, epavum pola kalakitinga akka.update nxt part soon di,i am waiting.(thupaki vijay dialogue)haha

    1. Haha periya aala? Seri nee ennamo solura but theriyala sandhya! Haha I am waiting too for my time to type dr!???

  17. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbbb yaar……Plzzzzz continue……

    1. Sure Reshma! Will continue???

  18. Haha happy to hear tht u too feel the same dr n suga nee enta edho maraikura la? Haan da naan unta adha pathi sollie aganumnu force pana maten as its ur personal

    1. Hmm aama da…aana naan atha pathi unkita fbla soluren…inga solla konjam kasthama irruku…naan atha pathi fbla soluren da…

  19. Hey suga asusal U rocked, now a days asusal i am late today also… Sorry dear… i had some work pressure these so that i am reading al the ff and os reading at late only,, so that i cant able to comment at correct time sorry to Tina & Emmy also for not commenting there ff…

  20. And ya suga pls update the nxt part dear….

    1. Not at all an issue Lakshmi! Y sorry for this whenever u all reply i will still come here n see so no more sorry pls! Sure will update the nxt part!??

      1. Thanks a lot Sweetheart…..
        now a days i am facing so many pressure in work…
        So much tension uff???….

      2. Take care lakshmi try to relax urself a bit too. Dont take too much of stress dr! It will only affect ur health.

  21. This is a short story or long

    1. Its a very short story will try to end it with 2 to 3 updates!

  22. Really awesome yaar superb episode eagerly waiting for next part plzzzzzzzz update asap yaar…

    1. Sure durga but i doubt i cant doubt today n tmrw as the site is under maintenance to add new cool features???

      1. I cant upload*

  23. Nicely done Maya… Awaiting the continuation of your story…. Take care!

    1. Tks trisha for the concern! Sure will continue with all ur support!???

  24. Sry sry sry sweetu pls enna manichiru da naan una hurt pananumnu edhayum kekala da n haan nee inga ethayum solla venam da

    1. Aiyo not at all hurt dr! I have texted u in fb alrdy freeya irukura pa poi paru..periya vishyamla illa..ithu ku poi sorry yelam solla theva illa pa…

  25. Superb

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  26. Cutiepie Achu

    Very nice…

  27. I think u should stop it here only…

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