Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 9

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Hindi translation credits: Akshata.

Part 9:

Laksh is driving the car too fast to catch the goon.
‘Control room..! control room..!!’
Laksh is talking something in walkie talkie.

Ragini’s heart is ready to vomit from her mouth with unbearable speed of Laksh. Her tummy starts doing break dance. She closes her eyes.

Laksh looks at Ragini once and removes his eyes soon.
He says fastly,
“Sorry Ragini, this is our duty..!”

Ragini doesn’t understand what he said, she just looks at him. His eyes are very sharp and keen; his lips are showing seriousness instead of smile. His hands on steering are so strong, which has held steering with strong grip. Due to that, his muscles were bulged at his shoulder place.
Ragini who was scaring with the speed becomes stuck for a while. She was sitting beside a dangerously handsome man whom she has never seen in her life. Laksh was not only smart in smile but he is even smarter in that determination too..!!
He is seemed to be as the one man army… the strongest person on this earth..! Ragini smiles unknowingly. Laksh moves his eye balls aside to see her getting aware that she is looking at him. Ragini bends her eye lids in smile getting shy. Laksh too smiles but, gets busy in his work soon.

Ragini leans to the seat in a smile forgetting the situation in which she is. Laksh’s small smile is enough to make her infinite happy.

Laksh gets the Goon’s vechile which is going in front of them.

“Vechile num XXxx.. is ahead to us.. over..!!” Laksh informs in talkie. The goons see the cop car from their side mirror, and they start shooting on Laksh’s car. Laksh puts his hand on Ragini’s head and pushes her down. Ragini is not afraid but smiles when his hand touched her head.

The firing continues, Laksh turns the steering in semi circle, and car turns too in speed. Ragini looks at Laksh who’s hair is waving while the cool wind touching both of them. Laksh peeps out of window and he too fires the goons. He fires the vehicle tire to stop them.

The bullets were over in their guns, the run towards Laksh with axe and other weapons, Laksh comes out of car and fights with them. Ragini just keeps looking at Laksh amusingly.

“Woh bahut bahadur hai..!!”
(“He is brave..!!”)

She thinks. Suddenly a tiny cut happens at Laksh’s hand. Ragini shocks now. she comes out of her imagination. She gets worried looking at bleeding hand of Laksh. Ragini doesn’t think anything but runs out shouting, “Laksh’

Laksh looks at her suddenly, a goon beats him. He falls down. Ragini then understands her mistake and keeps her hands on mouth. Laksh wipes the blood drop from his mouth and stands and gives one kick to the goon he falls. Other police just arrives and arrests them.

Laksh looks at Ragini who was looking at him concerned. Ragini comes near Laksh and about to touch his hand to see the wound,
He just shouts a little,

“Have you gone mad..? why did you run from the car..? if something would have happened…???”
Ragini keeps looking at Laksh innocently. He holds her hand tightly and takes her to the car. Ragini sits silently.
Laksh was driving the car to home. His eye brows are shrinking in anger.

Ragini tries to remember the word which people usually say when they are anger. She tries to recall hard..!! she gets something in mind and she is not sure about it’s correct meaning..?

She says in confusion only,
“Love you..!”

Laksh stops the car suddenly and looks at her. She then looks at him.

“Sach mein, love you..!!”

Laksh’s frowned eyes becomes normal, his eyes become amazed.

“What.. what did you say..?” Laksh asks again.

“Hume maaf kar dijiye, Hume sachme nahi pata tha ki hume aise bhagna nahi chahiye. Par hum pareshan the”
(“I’m really sorry, I don’t know that I shouldn’t run like that. I was just concerned..!)
Ragini says.

Laksh keeps looking at her. He didn’t understand what she said.

“Love you Laksh”
Ragini says again. She is thinking that she is saying sorry to him. Instead of sorry she is saying, ‘love’

Laksh smiles. He moves a little near to her. Ragini scares and moves back.
“love you too Ragini.”
He says looking into her eyes.

Ragini: nahi, nahi.. Aap humse maafi kyu maang rahe hai..! sab thik hai..! Hum hi galat the..!
(No, no.. why are you telling sorry to me..! it’s ok..! I was only wrong..!)

Laksh smiles and slowly keeps hand on her cheek. Ragini becomes dumbstruck unaware what Laksh is going to do..?
What did she say..? and what he understood..??

Laksh moves closer to her. Ragini closes her eyes in fear.

“Laksh, aap kya kar rahe ho..? ruk jayiye..!!”
(“Laksh, what are you doing..? stop..!!”)
She says and turns her head other side. Laskh moves back.

She opens her eyes only when she feels the car was started. She looks at Laksh, who has a small smile on his lips and he is driving car very peacefully now. Ragini takes breath and sits properly again. Ragini keeps thinking, what word she said that Laksh has reacted this much..??

After reaching home,

Ragini ties a bandage to Laksh’s wound.

“yeh itna khatarnak kaam hai Laksh..? aapko apni jindagi daav par lagani padti hai..? hum bahut dar gaye the.!! dekhiye, aapko chot lag gayi..!!”
(what is this dangerous work Laksh..? you have to risk your life like this..? I was scared really..!! see, how you got wound..!!)

Ragini is saying, Laksh is just looking at her.

Ragini feels however Laksh can’t understand her words so she says,

“Laksh, aap hume is tarah se mat dekhiye. hume sharm aati hai.”
(Laksh, don’t look at me like that. I’m feeling shy.)

Laksh smiles even though he didn’t understand,

“Ragini, you have just missed my kiss. I understood that you said ‘love you’ without knowing it’s meaning. Otherwise,…”
He says and stands… Ragini keeps looking at him.

Laksh: otherwise my lips have been landed on yours by this time..!

Laksh’s expressions were naughtily while he is saying those words.

Ragini thinks,

“Angrezi bhasha kitni bakwaas hai, hum unhe samajh hi nahi paate. hume sach mein janana hai ki unhone abhi kya kaha..!!”
(What is this bakwass English language, I can’t understand him. I really want to know what he has said just now..!!)

Laksh: so, it was only imagination. So don’t worry. Good night..!!
He says and walks into his room.

Rockey is looking at them innocently.

“Kya tukur tukur dekh rahe ho..?? so jaayiye..!!”
(what are you seeing..?? sleep..!!)
She says and runs into her room.

Ragini takes the translator book and tries to find out the meaning of word she pronounced, ‘love you..?’

She searches and finds the meaning as ‘pyaar’

Ragini’s whole face turns red.

“Humne kaha ki hume unse pyaar hai..??”
(I said love you to him..??”)
She shocks first, later feels awkward and then shy. She keeps blushing.. and blushing.

Laksh was busy in checking her words remembering them and trying to find…
“Hmm, so this Indian girl is trying to say ‘sorry..!’ haha, innocent girl..!!” he smiles.


It was already 10 days that Ragini and Laksh are staying together. But, there was lot of difference in their friendship. On first day, they both behaved as strangers. But, now they are very best friends. They have broke the language barrier between them. Laksh really didn’t wanted Ragini should go back. That’s why he was not serious in searching her identity. He loved her acquaintance. His lonely life has got one friendship. A girl who cares for him, who waits for him, who talks with him all the day even though he can’t understand her. he can just simply lost in her butterfly eyes for hours together.

Is he loving her..??

Of course he is..!!

A man who has a feelings heart can love her. and he is such a man..!!

Ragini was doing some gardening work in the backward. Laksh was grilling the chicken on the grill.
“Ragini, chicken is ready..!!” he shouts and looks into backward.

She was putting some seeds. Yes..! when they went to Indian mall last time she brought some seeds. She should know what she is going to do. And she talked for a long time with that middle aged Indian uncle.
“I’m also Indian actually, but I was born here. Got job here. So, I’m American with Indian blood” Laksh says and Rockey barks.

They both go near Ragini to see what is she doing. Ragini is trying to dig the soil. The hair keeps falling on her face disturbing her. Laksh sits beside her on knees and tucks her hair behind her ear.

“How cute she is..! all the innocence has submerged in her deep eyes. Whole silence of the universe has evolved from her breath. All the honey in this earth has hidden in her lips.”
Laksh was thinking looking at her.

“Yeh khatm ho gaya hai. ab yeh paudha do din ke andar badh jayega..!!”
(This is finished. Now plant will grow within two days..!!)

Ragini says covering the soil. By this time Laksh has learned Hindi a little.

“kaunse beej aapnr rakhe hai..?”
(what seeds did you keep..?”)
Laksh asks in his way of accent.

Now, Ragini takes her turn to speak in English.

“Eggplant(brinjal), tomato.. ladies finger…”
Laksh keeps moving his head.

Ragini: but, this is ‘Tulasi’ seeds. A sacred plant. You take care this always. ok…?
She struggles to say.

Laksh finds concern in her eyes while she is saying it. he holds her hand.

“chinta mat karo. hum dhyan rakhenge..!
(“Don’t worry. I will take care..!!)
Laksh tells in struggle.

Ragini smiles and looks at the seeds she kept in soil.

Laksh’s day was starting with the coffee she serves. She prepares breakfast for him. By the time he comes home she surprises him with a Indian dish. And, he takes her to different places for every weekend. His weekends were always boring. Now, something different. Ragini also becomes friend to Laksh’s friends. But, she fumes in anger when any girl hugs Laksh(even though it’s a friend..!) Ragini used to surprise always, Laksh has grown up in US, but still he never went to date with any girl. He is always with the words his mother said.
That US cop and this Indian girl are actually liking each other. But, they didn’t expressed their feelings. But, they both forgot….
Ragini has to go back one day..!!!

Precap: Nayagara… Statue of Liberty..!! RagLak parting time..???

From Astra’s creation box.

So guys, you all said your favorite scene of bahubali2. Mine is,
The scene before interval… when Amrendra bahubali escorts Bhalla, and Bhalla is coming in the horse cart. The way Bahubali deals all the army and whole army welcoming… and back ground song… “Mahismathi samrajyam…” the anthem keeps playing..!!! I got goose bumps for that scene. I was fascinated seeing whole army discipline. Aswa sena, soola sena, gaja sena, khadga sena.. one by one bows to the emperor.
And other scene is convo between bahu and kattappa, when bahu says about lovely birds, kattappa says that he wants to eat them..!! haha, I laughed like hell there..!!
And, my favourite song is, .. “Orori raja..” which comes during the boat travel of bahu and devasena. And, other song, when bahu and deva are banished from the fort.. a emotional song plays, ‘dandaalayya..!’ wow, I love that song..!!
My favorite dialogue is,
“Until you are beside me who can kill me mamaaa..!!” the dialogue of bahu.. and other dialogue is,
“You did wrong devasena, you shouldn’t cut the fingers of man who touched woman, but… his head..!!!!”
I wanted to stand and whistle for the dialogue.. but I don’t know how to whistle…

And finally… my favorite character is.. “Amarendra Bahubali..!!”

Well, I keep talking like this only if I start.. hehe,
Don’t forget to comment about today’s episode… and do you think the US cop and village girl can be together..??

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