Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 8

I was so soon right..!! hehe, what to do guys, I have happened to see bahubali movie, and I was busy in listening to the songs… and I forgot TU…

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Hindi translation credits: Akshata

part 8

“Laksh..Laksh..” Ragini calls slowly when Laksh is sleeping. Laksh turns other side covering himself in comforter. Ragini pulls the comforter.

“Laksh, kripa karke jaldi uth jayiye”
(Laksh, plz get up naa)

Ragini this time hesitatingly keeps hand on his bare shoulder as he is wearing a vest. As Ragini kept hand on him, Laksh thinks it as a thief as usually and grabs her holding her hand. Ragini shocks with his sudden action and she slips and falls on him. Making herself completely land on him. Laksh opens his eyes suddenly feeling weight on his body. Ragini’s face is correctly on top of his face and she was closing her eyes tightly. He was holding her hand.
Ragini slowly opens her eyes feeling heavy breath on her face. Her face turns completely red as she was very close to Laksh and he was looking at her very differently. Ya.. ya.. just as the heroes in moves when they are about to do romance. Now, she becomes even more embarrassed remembering such scenes.
Laksh is sure about her feelings and he smirks looking at her. Ragini becomes even more uncomfortable with his looks. She tries to get up from him.

Laksh too wakes. Ragini turns other side being embarrassed.

“I’m sorry Ragini…”

“aap ko daftar ke liye der ho rahi hai .. to..”
(You are getting late for office.. so..)
She says bending her head.

“What..?” Laksh asks.

Ragini then takes out one paper. She translates hindi words in English.

“office late…wake..!”
She struggles to say something.

Laksh laughs, but he understood. “teek hai” he says as American (just imagine when foreigners speak hindi)
Now, Ragini laughs.

After a while… Ragini is doing pooja in puja mandir. She was putting flowers at idol’s feet. She gestures Laksh to do as same. He feels strange. Then Ragini gives aarathi. She takes aarathi and asks Laksh to take, and he is about to keep hands close to fire, Ragini holds his hands and makes him take slowly.

Later Ragini serves kheer to Laksh. Laksh eats it a lot.
“Wow Ragini. It’s yummy..!”

Ragini: my pleasure. Thank you..!

Laksh looks amazed at her, ‘thum.. English..?’

Ragini amazes: you Hindi..?

Both laughs.

Rockey comes in run to them. Ragini pours kheer in his bowl. Rockey is drinking it.

Ragini: kaisa tha Rockey..?
(how is it Rockey..?)

Rockey shouts ‘bow’ and licks it’s mouth. And drops it tongue out.

“aww.. Rockey aap kitne pyaare ho..!”
(aww.. Rockey how cute you are..!)
Ragini hugs it. Laksh smiles.

Laskh: ok, I have to go to work..
Ragini: hum bhi aayenge
(I will come too)
Laksh: no, I can’t stay home today. It’s not holiday. (he thinks she is asking him to stay at home)
Ragini: nahi..nahi. hum bhi aayenge
(no..no. I will come)
Laksh just looks at her. Then Ragni takes out the book and translates,

‘I.. you come with..’ she again struggles to say something…

Laksh leans into her face to try to understand what she said. Ragini moves back,

“jaane dijiye, aap kabhi nahi samjhenge..!”
(leave it, you won’t understand ever..!)
She says in pout.

Laksh laughs,
“oh, you wanna come with me..? do come..!! get ready fast..!!

Ragini grins. She understands that he said to come. She rushes to the room, she selects one of the most prettiest dress in which she looks more pretty. Till now, she never wanted to be pretty, but now she always wanted to be..! Especially in eyes of Laksh.

Ragini gets ready in black jeans, red checks shirt. She let her hairs free. She kisses herself in mirror. And gives flying kiss to her and laughs.

“Ragini, come fast..!” Laksh calls from out. “aari..!” Ragini shouts and comes out. Laksh who was wearing shoes, looks at Ragini descending the steps.
He looks at her from top to bottom. “she is se..” he beats his head, ‘what am I thinking.?’ He brushes away his thoughts.

“hum taiyar hai”
(I’m ready)

Ragini is looking at Laksh expecting praises.

Laksh: Ragini, you can’t understand what I say.. so I will say what am I thinking..(he takes breath) I want to grab you and kiss you…!!

Ragini smiles(she didn’t understand. She thinks Laksh said beautiful)

Ragini: thank you Laksh..
She is blushing..

Lak: ragini, don’t dare to blush more. I will lose my control…
He says and turns to door to go out..
Rag: ha, hume pata hai. aapki pasand humesha hi sahi hoti hai Laksh
(ya, I know. Your selection is always perfect Laksh)

Laksh scratches his head did she understand or not..?

Raglak both goes to Laksh’s office.
{Actually the outer people are not supposed to come inside police places. But, for story I’m making it different.}

Laksh’s friend meets him.
“hey lucky, is this is the Indian girl whom you said about..?”

Laksh nods his head. Adarsh gives shake hand to Ragini,
But Ragini keeps namaskar. Laskh laughs.

Adarsh says,
“Ragini, tum mujhe nahi jaanti.. par main tumhe jaanta hoon. use tumhare baare main bahut kuchh bataya hai mujhe.”
(Ragini, you don’t know me.. but I know you. He said me a lot about you.)

Ragini smiles and looks at Laksh, Laksh looks at both of them not understanding what they are talking.

Adarsh continues saying,
“tum chinta mat karo hum tumhare chhote papa ka ghar dhund lenge. tumhe us jagah ka naam yaad hai?”
(Don’t worry we will find your chote papa’s place. Did you remember the place name..?)

Then Ragini’s thoughts follows,

“Oh ya.. It was not her actual place to stay. She has to go back right..!!” Ragini remembers this after many days.
Now, what’s her place name..? It’s Pittsburg.
Hurray..!! she remembered it..!! she has to say it..?? if she says and says her chote papa’s name.. it’s over..! she will be returned..!!


She has to miss Laksh forever. Ever and ever. No..!!! she can’t stay without Laksh. She is not going to say that place name…!!”

Ragini’s thoughts run like that. she doesn’t wanted to go back. So she pretends as if she is remembering the name…
She closes her eyes tight and tries to say the name…

“ha, koshish karo.. koshish karo.. tumhe yaad aa jayega..!”
(yes, try.. try.. you will remember..!)
His friend is saying.

Laksh looks at her struggle.

Laksh: Ragini, leave it. dude, don’t make her struggle. She will say when she remembers.

Ragini smiles as she understood.

Laksh: Ragini, you stay here. I have some work inside.

Ragini nods her head. (whatever he may say.. she nods her head always)

Laksh takes his friend aside.
Laksh: I have recorded what she said now, tell me…

He starts the record. His friend is listening to it.

Ragini looks at them.

“ab yeh kya tarkib nikal rahe hai..? hum bhi sunenge..!”
(What are they planning..? let me also listen..!!)
She thinks and goes there.

Ragini listens to her own voice from the mobile. She was telling about her childhood. And next, she said something which is personal. Which only Laksh has to listen. Now, Ragini feels tensed that his friend is going to listen it…
She runs near them and she takes the mobile and presses some button and record playing stops.

Laksh: Ragini..

Ragini: aap hum par najar rakh rahe hai Laksh..?
(are you trying to spy me Laksh..?)

Adarsh: nahi Ragini, woh sirf yeh samjhne ki koshish kar raha hai ke tum kya bol rahi thi..
(No Ragini, he just wanted to know what you said..)

Ragini turns to Adarsh,

“kripa karke apne dost ko yeh samjhaye ke, jazbaat sirf kisi ek ke liye bayaa hote hai,aur koi dusra use sun nahi sakta..!”
(plz tell your friend that feelings are expressed only for one, and no other can listen it..!)

Then Ragini turns to Laksh,

“Laksh, aap humari aankho mein dekhenge… to aap hume samajh payenge..! dobara aisa kuchh mat kijiye..!”
(Laksh, look into my eyes… you can understand me..! don’t do such things again..!)
She says with little tears.

Ragini goes away giving mobile to his hand.

Laksh: dude, did Ragini just say that she said something which only I have to listen..? she was hurt because I was asking your help..?

Adarsh smiles and holds his shoulders,
“you are understanding her this much Laksh..! you have to understand this also..! she is right dude..!”
He says.
Laksh looks at Ragini.

Laksh smiles. He can easily scan her feelings now. bcz, the truth is filled in her eyes. Her eyes always speak what’s in her heart. She is very pure as the water.
‘How can we find such a pure soul in this 21st century..?”
Laksh thinks.

He is about to go near Ragini, but the station gets alert with some information.
“attention plz..! a goon has escaped from……” something.. something..
Now, Laksh has to take the charge.

“I will go in the west direction..!!” Laksh says and about to go..
“what about to Ragini..?” Adarsh asks. “She can’t come to the operation place..!!” Laksh says.

Ragini understands Laksh is going somewhere.
“Laksh, hum aapke saath aayenge, chahe aap kahi bhi jaaye..!! hume kabhi akela mat chhodiyega..!!”
(Laksh, I will come with you where ever you go..!! don’t leave me alone..!!)
Ragini holds his hand. Laksh looks at her.

Laksh holds her hand and takes her out. Ragini sits beside him. Laksh puts on her seat belt. They both look at each other.

Laksh: can you handle this Ragini..? you have to be brave..!

Ragini: hum pakka thik rahenge Laksh. kyunki, aap humare saath hai..!!
(I will be surely alright Laksh. Because, you are with me..!!)

Laksh smiles and starts the car…

Precap: again same precap… :-p

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Bahubali was awesome movie guys, if you have also seen it, do share your favorite scene and your favorite character..!!

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  7. Princesskrisha

    Amazing part astra di n my fav scene is devsena walking on bahubali shoulder n bahubali cutting senathipathis head n his dialogue if someone disrespect women he has no right to live.my fav character is devasena n amarendra bahubali (bahubali dad).today’s part was nice di. I too love bahubali movie di

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    1. Astra

      haha, ya.. i was late.. thanks a lot abi..!! even i love that song. my favorite scene is the interval scene.. when bahu escorts bhalla.. the way whole army welcomes and mahismati anthem at back… i got goose bumps for that scene…

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