Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 7

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Hindi translation credits: Akshata

Part 7:

“Hmm, dude lucky. This girl is saying about her village and her memories..!”
Laksh’s Indian friend says who was listening to the voice record which was recorded by Laksh when Ragini is talking in the car.

Laksh: hmm..? that’s it..? didn’t she say anything about me..?

Adarsh: no..? and btw, what you want to listen..?

Laksh smiles: I thought, she was saying something. I feel that she likes me.

Adarsh: then, ask her only know…! Dude, these kinds of things should be known by self. No one should say them.

Laksh: I know..! problem is language..!!

Then he gives Laksh two books. One is Hindi-English translator and other is English- Hindi translator.

Adarsh: now practice, and make say it yourself.

Laksh opens the book and starts practicing.
Laksh: kyoo…

Adarsh laughs. “It’s not like that..!! it’s..”
He makes Laksh practice.

Laksh returns from work at evening 6. Actually he has to return at 6 eveyrday, but for whom he has to come..? but now, Ragini is there in house. So, he can’t stay more time in office. He was waiting for evening time to meet her.

By the time Laksh returned to home, Ragini was running behind Rockey. She was laughing widely. Laksh mesmerizes looking at her. ragu was wearing a black skirt and white shirt.
“Rockey ruko..” she was saying.

Ragini’s face is reflecting happiness. She is happy after many days…! Her happiness was gone with her daadi’s death. And, it was again back after meeting this cop.
Laksh also gets happy to see her happy. She was not like this on 1st day they met. But, she has changed a lot now.

Rockey looks at Laksh and it shouts ‘bow’ and runs at him. Ragini too runs behind it and she suddenly collides with Laksh. Both hold their heads.
‘ouch..’ laksh says.

‘Rama..’ Ragini says.

Both look at each other and smile.

Ragini: Aap kab aaye..?
(when did you come..?)

Laksh then opens the English to Hindi book and checks what she said. He gets.
Then he checks what he has to say.
‘myy abi aya…’

Ragini laughs with his accent.

Laksh scratches his head and gives her other book.
“this is for you. Hindi to English translator book. So, you can feel convenient to talk to me.”
He says. Ragini takes that book and understands what he said.

Laksh sits happily in sofa playing with Maltese pup Rockey.

Ragini: Aap naha kar ke aajayiye. Humne kuchh khas banaya hai..!
(do bath and come. I have prepared something special..!)

Laksh looks at her with one closed eye asking her to repeat again. Then Ragini looks into book.

Ragini: bath do come. I do spechal i..iii….

Laksh laughs. ‘ok madam. As you order..!!’

Laksh goes into his room. Ragini gets busy to trace out what he said in book.

After a while, Laksh comes out from bath. Ragini stands and smiles,
She says,
“go..! naw weee eaht..!”
She mean to say, “go..! now we eat.”

But she mean, “chalo, abb ham kathe hei” (we shall eat now)

Laksh laughs and he grabs his book, he tries to say..
“kaayaa.. kaaaashhh… baannaya..?”
(Kya khas baat hai..?)
(what’s the special)

Now Ragini laughs. But, she understands.
Ragini serves him chiken biryani.

Laksh: wow..! looks cool..! what’s this dish name..?

Ragini: Yeh chicken biryani hai. Hume bahut pasand hai..!
(it’s chicken biryani. I love it..!)

Laksh smiles and puts one spoon in mouth and shouts, ‘aahh..’

Ragini shocks: Kya hua ..?
(what happened..?)

Laksh: omg..! it’s hot. Spicy..!
He drinks water.

Ragini narrows her eyes sadly as she thinks Laksh was saying that he didn’t like it. laksh observes her face expressions. He soon searches for translation word, ‘excellent’ in hindi.

Laksh struggles to say: adbuth…! Athi adbuth..!

Ragini laughs listening his pronunciation. She corrects him. Later Laksh eats silently. He felt it spicy because, he never ate spicy foods. (generally Americans don’t eat spice much)

Slowly eating and eating Laksh also likes that taste. “umm…yummy..!!” he says.
Ragini smiles as she understood.

Later a while, Ragini sits at one corner and she is stitching something. Laksh sits beside her in few inches gap.
He now, holds the book struggles to say in Hindi.

Laksh: Tum kaun ho Ragini..? Kya hai tumhari kahani..?
(who are you Ragini..? what is your story..?)

Ragini then looks at him. Her eyes get moist as soon as she remembers her daadi.
Laksh turns on the record to record what she is saying.

Ragini: Hum kaise bataye aapko Laksh, Aap hume samajh nahi payenge.. fir bhi, Hum batayenge.
(How should I tell you Laksh, you can’t understand me.. but, I will say)

She takes breath, and Laksh switches on the recorder.

{here the dialogues will not have translation as they are very big. But, imagine she said in Hindi}

(“Laksh, I don’t know my parents. Daadi was everything for me. My parents left me at childhood. I was studied in a small school in our village. Daadi used to look after cattle and sell the milk. She became sick at my 15 years and then I stopped my studies and started helping her. my village was a beautiful village. My friends, our cattle, the ice capped mountains we see, the temples we visit.. that was all my world”)

Laksh observers passion in her eyes when she is saying about her village.

(“I was very happy. For two years or three years chote papa used to visit us. Sometimes, swara and chachi too. But, suddenly Daadi maa’s death.. and my chote papa happened to bring me here.. later… we met..!”)

Her eyes are forming tears, she is not ready to see at Laksh because, she doesn’t like if he observes her feelings. But, Laksh already understood that she is feeling sad.

She continues telling as however Laksh can’t understand.,

(“I was happy I’m going to come into new world. I thought I will see my parents in chote papa and chachi. I thought, swara would become my best friend. But, I have become only a maid to them. I was only a maid to them..!!”)

Ragini wipes her tears. Laksh looks on.

“Hume humare Maa aur papa ke alawa kaun pyaar karta hai Laksh?”
(“Who loves us truly except our parents Laksh?)
She becomes silent. Laksh understands that she has completed telling.

Ragini is looking out of window and slowly the snow is falling. She is looking at that snow.

(“But Laksh, I really love your nature. I thought my life was an end when those goons caught me. But, you came suddenly as magic. I find such kind of feelings in your eyes towards me, in the way my daadi looks. With love..? I don’t know but, I loved it. I love the way you look at me. After my daadi, only you saw me like that. there is some kindness in your eyes towards me, there is lots of patience in your smile. How can a police man be this much soft..??”)

Ragini completes saying in Hindi and looks at Laksh in smile. Laksh too smiles sitting beside her.

“Even I want to tell about me.”
Laksh says, but she can’t understand. Observing his face expressions she thinks that he is also going to share something.

Laksh opens an album and shows Ap and Dp. ‘mom’ and ‘dad’
Ragini takes that album to her hand. Then she looks at small boy who is cute and looks at Laksh.
‘yes, that’s me.’ Says Laskh in smile.

“I remembered only few things of my childhood. I remembered mom doing prayers in that puja room.. putting flowers, lighting some lights, burns fire on camphor.. she cooks many things. She used to talk to me in Hindi. I remembered few words,
‘maa’ ‘papa’… (Laksh smiles a little) may be I would have know Hindi very well, if she continues talking to me further. But, it was an accident…”

Ragini looks at him as Laksh saying something. She didn’t understand whatever Laksh said, but she understands a word, ‘accident’.

“We lost her. then dad became sick. I was only 8 years old then. Dad was always busy in his business works, but when she left world… he became alone. I remembered little glimpses of my parents whenever they laugh and spend their loving times. They were my best friends. But, dad also being sick…..”
Laksh stops telling further.

He looks at Ragini who was looking at him.
“I became alone at my 8 years age Ragini. From then, an American friend of dad has become my guardian. I never came to know about India or cultures. If my mom was there, she would have said me everything. But, I didn’t change anything in this house.. that puja room of mom. That office room of dad. Sometimes, I feel my mom is ringing that bell, camphor fire(harathi),.. dad signing on files. Mom preparing… it’s called something Ragini.. I forgot it’s name… kee…keee..”

When Laksh was trying to say, Ragini says.. “kheer..?”

Laksh: yes. That..! I just have memories of small things. And later I have studied very well. Became a cop. That was really not easy thing you know.

Laksh looks at Ragini. Her eyes were curious to know what he is telling, but bechare.. she can’t understand anything.

Laksh continues,
“I never had any girl friends, while my friends were busy with them. Ragini, I wanted to marry a girl who was just like my mom. But, I never found such girls around here.”

Ragini was still looking at him. She didn’t understand a bit what he said. Laksh understood that she didn’t understand.

Laksh: Ragini, I felt I saw a girl like my mom again after seeing you. I don’t know but I felt very emotional. I felt very close to you. I was very happy after many days when you are with me. I wanted you to stay here with me forever, but.. you will go away to your family one day right..! I will be selfish to wish like this, without knowing what you are thinking..!

Ragini smiles when he says that. Laksh amazes Ragini understood what he said..?

Ragini: Laksh, aap chinta mat kijiye. Hum aapke liye kheer bana denge.
(Laksh, don’t worry. I will prepare kheer for you)

{haha, lol guys. Laksh said that much big story and Ragini is thinking that he asked for kheer}

Laksh presents a smile as if he understood something. Ragini goes into her room to sleep.
She thinks,
“Laksh, aapne kuchh aisa kaha jise hum samajh nahi payenge, par fir bhi hume aisa kyu lag raha hai ki aapne humare dil ki baat kahi hai..? Aap ne kya kaha Laksh..?
hmm, pahle hume english seekh leni chahiye..!!”

(“Laksh, you said something which I didn’t understand, but why am I feeling you said something that near to my heart..? what did you say Laksh..? hmm, let me learn English too..!!”)

Ragini thinks and takes the translator book. She tries to pronounce each and every word.
“Yeh bahut mushkil hai..!!”
(“It’s very hard..!!”)
Ragini says and falls on bed.

There Laksh tries to learn Hindi. He scratches his head.
‘why this language is this hard..??’ he thinks.

Now both hearts are maybe in the feeling of love..??? will this language barrier will make this couple together..?
“Feelings don’t need language”

Precap: the same precap as in previous episode.

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